What is the Evil Eye & How to Protect against Evil Eye

You’ve probably heard about the Evil Eye. Maybe you have an Evil Eye amulet.

But what’s the story behind the Evil Eye? Is it simply superstition or is there something really happening when someone gives that “look” or speaks ill about someone?

Is all Evil Eye intentional or are people sending “bad energy” without realising it?

It’s a fact that not everyone has good intentions and most beliefs systems teach that we shouldn’t “covet”, be jealous or harm others.

Yet as humans, we often get caught up in our emotions and feelings that we “project” onto others with or without realising the affect it may have on someone knowingly or unknowingly.

If you’re a HSP (highly sensitive person), you may feel more affected by the thoughts and energy of others who may be directing their thoughts or energy towards you.

In some instances, you may not know where this energy is coming from but you may definitely feel a shift or something projected your way.

Evil Eye is just one example of this that is sometimes projected towards others intentionally or unintentionally.

What is the Evil Eye & How to Protect against Evil Eye

In this post, we’ll explore the following:

  • What the Evil Eye is
  • Warning Signs of the Evil Eye
  • Names for Evil Eye in Different Cultures
  • Superstitions and Beliefs about Evil Eye
  • How to Protect Yourself against Evil Eye
  • Gods and Goddesses for Protection against Evil Eye (and Negativity)
  • Amulets, Talismans and Jewellery against Evil Eye
  • Where to place Evil Eye Amulets, Talismans
  • How to Wear Evil Eye Jewellery
  • What it means if Your Evil Eye Amulet / Talisman / Jewellery breaks
  • What to do with Broken Evil Eye Amulet, Talisman or Jewellery

What is Evil Eye?

Evil eye is believed to be when someone has ill intention, thoughts or wishes against someone. People who tend to be doing well, successful, happy may cause others to be envious or jealous which may cause someone to project negative thoughts towards someone.

Those who are pregnant and parents of young children may be cautious about the evil eye which may cause others to send negative intentions or wishes their way.

Some people believe that evil eye may be cast disguised as a compliment which may be rooted in envy or jealousy. In Slavic cultures, wishing someone good health may sometimes be a veiled curse when actually wishing harm on an enemy.

In certain countries, cultures, religions and spiritual practices, evil eye may sometimes be believed to be the cause of bad luck, misfortune, illness or even curses. Many cultures have their own names for evil eye, including methods, amulets, talismans and practices to ward off and remove evil eye.

Warning Signs of Evil Eye

There are beliefs that unexplained events that cause pain, suffering, problems or misery may be caused by Evil Eye, harmful spells, magick or intentions.

The following signs aren’t meant to alarm or cause panic, but when taken into consideration while remaining level-headed, these issues can be handled spiritually as well as rationally/logically at the same time:

  • Unexplained illness that is persistent, sudden or reoccurring, e.g. headaches, fatigue, exhaustion, general malaise.

While there can be a wide variety of causes, it’s always best to seek medical attention for any health issues. While seeking treatment or getting testing done for the symptoms, spiritual cleansing and protection may be done in the meantime.

  • Relationship issues that suddenly become worse, out of nowhere causing chaos, confusion, uncertainty, miscommunication, fighting, etc.

While there may be underlying issues or reasons, astrological transits or retrogrades that may be affecting a relationship, these factors would need to be taken into consideration also. Spiritual protection and performing magick to avert the evil eye from your relationship may help to clear the air or any negativity that may be affecting the relationship and magnifying any issues.

  • Work, job, business issues that seem to be getting worse.

If income or revenue seems to be slow, blocked or stagnant, or if there are issues with work or a job, this may suggest that a cleansing spell/magick or spiritual protection may be ideal. Take all factors into consideration, make the necessary adjustments to do what you can to improve your situation then address the issue from a spiritual perspective.

  • Having a string of bad luck, that you can’t seem to catch a break.

Now and then everyone has a period of time when it seems nothing goes right. In those moments, it’s important not to let your mind get the better of you and to avoid a downward spiral of negative thoughts. As the saying goes, that bad luck comes in “three’s” – but how you look at it can make a difference. In some instances, this may be a planetary influence or transit that causes life to become more difficult. The key is to be proactive, not reactive.

Focus on turning your luck around instead of succumbing to feeling that everything and everyone is working against you. When you regain your power, you get back in control. Even if the bad luck is caused by negative influences, you can have the right tools to cleanse and protect yourself.

Names for Evil Eye in Different Cultures

In Ukraine, Evil Eye is known as “Vroki” (Врокі) which there are amulets and protective charms to protect against it.

In India, the Evil Eye is known as “buree najar” (बुरी नजर) or “buree nazar”.

In Greece, it is known as mati (μάτι).

In Italy, it is known as il malocchio.

In Romanian, it is known as deochi.

However, the word “nazar” meaning sight, surveillance, attention, etc. as the eye shaped amulet (often blue and white, but also found in other colours such as red, green or purple), which originally is a term in Arabic, is commonly known in several languages such as Azeri, Bengali, Hindi, Kurdish, Pashto, Persian, Punjabi, Turkish, Urdu and English.

Superstitions and Beliefs about Evil Eye

While many people may be familiar with the evil eye that’s delivered by giving “stink eye” or a malefic gaze in someone’s direction, it’s commonly believed that evil eye can be disguised by means of a compliment which hides the jealousy or envy of the one who gives the compliment. Wearing an evil eye amulet is said to safeguard against these “compliments”.

Some cultures belief that those who are pregnant, newborns and young children are especially vulnerable to evil eye and measures may be taken to protect them from it.

Some people may believe that it’s unwise to share good news openly or to boast about success or wealth as this may cause envy, jealousy and therefore the evil eye from others. While some people may choose to share the news of their good fortune, wearing evil eye talismans, amulets or other means of protection from the evil eye may be beneficial.

How to Protect Yourself against Evil Eye

There are different ways to protect yourself against Evil Eye.

The most common and popular is Evil Eye jewellery, amulets and talismans (these are explained in detail further below.)

Another way to protect against Evil Eye is candles such as black candles or candles that are designed or “dressed” to protect against Evil Eye – for example this Evil Eye vigil candle.

Evil eye ritual oils are also available in online shops that are specially crafted and can be worn on the body or applied to ritual / spell candles.

Mantras may be chanted that work to protect against Evil Eye as well as spells, magick and petitioning to Gods/Goddesses for protection.

In Ukraine, a motanka doll is believed to protect against evil eye (known as “врокі” vroki – in Ukrainian) and illness. Vyshyvanka (Ukrainian embroidery) is also believed to protected anyone wearing the embroidered clothing. Embroidered rushnyky (towels) are also designed to protect newborns, bride and groom, the deceased and the home against harm or ill-will.

Gods and Goddesses for Protection against Evil Eye (and Negativity)

There are some Gods and Goddesses that may be called upon for protection against evil, negative / baneful magick, evil eye and negativity.

Calling upon, working with, petitioning or praying to a specific God or Goddess will likely depend on what you feel works for you and what resonates with you and your personal spiritual practice.

Depending on your spiritual practice, your tradition, background, ancestry (any or all of the above), you may be drawn towards one or more of the following Gods or Goddesses for protection (this list is inclusive of a variety of cultures and belief systems):

  • Durga (Hindu)
  • Shiva (Hindu)
  • Kali (Hindu)
  • Green Tara (Hindu)
  • The Morrigan (Celtic)
  • Hekate / Hecate (Greek / Roman)
  • Ragana (Baltic)
  • Morana / Marzanna / Mara (Slavic)
  • Baba Yaga (Slavic)
  • Odin / Óðinn (Norse)
  • Freyja (Norse)
  • Perun (Slavic)

Amulets, Talismans and Jewellery against Evil Eye

Nazar 🧿

The most well-known amulet against the Evil Eye is the nazar – a blue circle with a white centre with a black dot representing an eye.

The word nazar originates from the Arabic language. It is commonly found in the Turkic countries, Turkey, Cyprus, the Middle East and Greece, and has expanded across the world.


The hamsa is another well-known amulet which also goes by the name “hand of Fatima”. The hamsa can be found in Jewish, Christian and Muslim traditions.

This amulet is a hand which sometimes may depict an eye in the palm of the hand.

The origins of the hamsa are traced to ancient Carthage (modern-day Tunisia) and ancient North Africa and the Iberian Peninsula.

Mano fico (Mano figa)

The Mano fico / Mano figa is an amulet that has Latin origins and has a symbolic gesture of intercourse.

The imagery of the Mano fico / Mano figa is not only an amulet but also a gesture that can be made with the hand to ward off evil eye.

The Mano fico / Mano figa is the depiction of a fist with the thumb tucked between the index finger and middle finger.

Where to place Evil Eye Amulets, Talismans

Evil eye amulets are commonly placed on walls and can be affixed on a hook or nail on a wall, in a window or near/on a door.

Here are a few suggestions placing an evil eye amulet or talisman:

  • Bedroom
  • Living room
  • Entrance to house / apartment
  • Wall opposite to a door
  • Above or next to a door
  • Car / Vehicle / Motorhome
  • Place of business / store / shop
  • Office
  • Keychain
  • Purse / carry bag / backpack

How to Wear Evil Eye Jewellery

Evil eye jewellery can be fairly inexpensive or it can be more expensive, prices can range between $5 CAD and over $400 CAD.

This depends on the quality and material; jewellery made from 10K or 18K gold will be more expensive, while gold-plated jewellery will be less expensive. Silver .925 evil eye jewellery may be moderately priced.

Some evil eye jewellery may be made from plastic, while more costly jewellery may be made with glass, crystals, (genuine or lab-created) semi-precious or precious gems, cubic zirconia or diamonds.

There are different ways that evil eye jewellery may be worn. The choice of evil eye jewellery is based on personal style and preference.

Here are the main types of evil eye jewellery:

  • Necklace
  • Bracelet
  • Anklet
  • Ring
  • Nose ring
  • Body jewellery

Left or Right Side of the Body for Evil Eye Jewellery

There’s the belief that the protection from evil eye jewellery may depend on what side of the body that the jewellery is worn.

Evil eye jewellery such as rings and bracelets worn on the left side of the body is believed to protect the wearer spiritually, energetically, emotionally and their relationships.

If worn on the right side of the body, it’s believed to protect the wearer’s job, finances, material possessions and physical health.

What it means if Your Evil Eye Amulet / Talisman / Jewellery breaks

It’s believed that if an evil eye amulet, talisman or jewellery breaks then the evil eye amulet has done its job by absorbing whatever was directed at the wearer.

Some people believe that an evil eye amulet can only absorb so much energy over its lifespan and then breaks, while some believe that it breaks when it has thwarted a psychic “attack”.

More practical thinkers and skeptics would argue that evil eye items such as bracelets and necklaces simply are prone to breakage due to use or poor quality materials.

Why an Evil Eye amulet or jewellery piece broke is up to the wearer or practitioner to decide what their belief is.

Divination such as tarot or a pendulum may help to determine if the breakage is simply due to “wear and tear” or something else.

What to do with Broken Evil Eye Amulet, Talisman or Jewellery

There are different practices and beliefs about what to do with a broken evil eye amulet.

While some people may suggest if the amulet itself isn’t broken, but the string or rope that the amulet is on is broken (such as a bracelet or necklace), then the amulet may be placed on another string or rope.

However, there are others folks who believe that if any part of the amulet or rope/string for the amulet is broken, then the amulet must be thrown away.

If the amulet itself is broken or damaged, then many people believe that that amulet must be thrown away. Some people may even suggest that the broken amulet must be removed from the home or property.

Many people believe that a broken evil eye amulet or talisman means that the wearer is then vulnerable to evil eye and a new amulet must be purchased or acquired as soon as possible.

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