Learn Tarot: The Chariot Card Meanings

Learn the tarot meanings for The Chariot card. #tarot #learntarot


Whether you’re new to tarot or have been reading for a while, here’s some tarot interpretations and meanings for the Chariot card.

In this post, we’ll look at:

• Interpretation
• Astrology
• Numerology
• Keyword & Phrases Meanings of the Chariot – Upright
• Keyword & Phrases Meanings of the Chariot – Reversed

Let’s begin with the symbolism and interpretation of the Chariot card.


Learn Tarot: The Chariot Card Meaning

Interpretation of The Chariot Card


The Chariot is all about maintaining control in different areas of your life, to bring these together as you are the one to drive your life in whatever direction you want to go in.

When the Chariot comes up in a reading, will power may have a part in a situation or event.
The Chariot may suggest ambitions especially about climbing the corporate ladder or ranks in the military.

The Chariot may be seen in readings about competition, promotions or even sports.
In the Rider Waite Smith Tarot, The Chariot is often depicted as a charioteer in a chariot, part of his wheels in water and two sphinxes (black and white) that are under his control without the use of any reins or harnesses.

Maintaining control over the two animals requires pure will and strength of mind, to combine and work with the conscious and subconscious minds.
In some tarot decks, the chariot is pulled by horses, cats or other animals of two colours which can represent the two halves of the mind or two opposing thoughts that one may struggle with coming to a single decision, choice or idea to act upon.
The Chariot uses strategic planning and gains wisdom through critical thinking, combining intuition and rationality to make choices and decisions – using the left and right sides of the mind together.


This card can also represent travel by car, train or bus – any mode of transportation by wheels.

The Chariot can also represent a wheelchair or wheeled assistance device such as a scooter or assistance walker with wheels.


When the Chariot suggests travel, it will often mean that the trip will be short and there will be a return home again (round trip or going home again.)

The Chariot in the Rider Waite Smith Tarot has stars on his uniform to symbolize that he is connected to the Heavens with crescent moons on his shoulders which connect him to the astrological sign Cancer, ruled by the Moon.
Next we’ll see how the astrological sign Cancer is connected to The Chariot.

Astrology and The Chariot Card

All the major and minor arcana cards are associated with the planets and signs.
The Chariot is associated with Cancer which is ruled by the Moon.

The astrological sign Cancer is intuitive, sensitive and associated with the home or home life.

The Chariot will often want to go out into the world, but will always want to return home.
To make his travels more comfortable, his Chariot has a sheltered roof above him to create a little “home” while he is out on his travels.

When the Chariot is seen in a tarot reading for future predictions and timing, this may mean that an outcome or event may happen when the transit sun or other planet(s) are in the sign of Cancer or making an aspect to a natal planet in Cancer.

For more making predictions with tarot, check out the free mini e-book about timing predictions and tarot.


Numerology and The Chariot Card


The Chariot is the seventh card in the tarot.

The number seven is commonly known as the mystical or spiritual number and in some cultures and countries is considered a lucky number.

Seven is also associated with sensitivity, sympathy, strategic planning, self-analysis, knowledge of the self and the desire to acquire wisdom and spiritual knowledge.

In tarot readings about timing, the Chariot may represent seven days, seven weeks, seven months or seven years.



Now for some upright keywords and phrases for the Chariot:

Keyword & Phrases Meanings of the Chariot Card – Upright

• Will power to overcome obstacles or challenges from within or without
• Left and right mind thinking / balance
• Conscious and subconscious – working in tandem
• Contest / competition / sports – winning
• Ambitions / ambitious
• Victory/ conquest
• Corporate aspirations / “climbing the corporate ladder” / professionalism / building a career
• Unifying two or more elements, thoughts or ideas together
• Military service or work
• Focusing on a goal / being a go-getter
• Astral travel / inner journey work
• Car / bus / train / RV / Motorhome / Camping trailer / Horse trailer
• Travel by car, train or bus
• Machinery / learning machinery
• Moving to a new home
• Wheelchair (manual or motorized) / walker / scooter
• DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) / Ministry of Transportation / vehicle licensing bureau
• Finding direction in life
• Bringing opposites together for a single purpose (people, etc.)
• Intuition congruent with rationality
• Self-confidence to move forward with a situation

Keyword & Phrases Meanings of the Chariot – Reversed
• Lack of control in life
• Weakened will power
• Overly ambitious
• Defeated / conquered / lose a contest / failure
• Intuition conflicting with rationality
• Conflict between the conscious and subconscious
• Pulled in two or more directions
• Problems due to opposing ideas or thoughts
• Lack of professionalism / hitting the “glass ceiling” / problems with career or promotions
• Car problems / car issues (or issues with other vehicles / motor vehicles)
• Travel plans by car, train or bus cancelled or delayed
• Car or motor vehicle accident
• Problems or delays with moving to a new place
• Issues or delays regarding the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) / Ministry of Transportation / vehicle licensing bureau
• Wheelchair (manual or motorized) / walker / scooter issues, repairs or problems
• Confusion and inability to assess / merge the left mind and right mind for clear thinking
• “Spinning your wheels”
• Returning home
• Lack of confidence to move forward with a situation


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