How to Make a Witch’s Petty Cash Jar

Find out how to attract more spendable money by using witchcraft to create Witch's Petty Cash Jar.

In the world of business, petty cash is a term used for money that’s kept for small expenses paid in cash.

Nowadays, most expenses, bills and purchases are made electronically or even by cheque as cash seems to be less popular than it was before the 2000s.

If you’re a witch that uses cash often or receives cash or tips in your work or business, having a petty cash jar can be a great way to pay minor expenses such as for deliveries, fares, etc.

What’s the difference between a honey jar, spell jar/bottle and a Witch’s Petty Cash Jar?

Normally honey jars and spell jars/bottles for money or any type of spell work aren’t opened; once the ingredients are put into the jar and sealed, the seal must remain unbroken for the spell to continue to work.

For more about honey jars and money, check out the Money Drawing Honey Jar Spell.

For Witch’s Petty Cash Jar, the jar can be opened whenever you need to take a little bit of money from the jar.

Magick is worked on the petty cash jar to ensure that the money will be replenished and that the jar will never become empty.

This helps to ensure that there’s a constant flow of money coming in and out of your home that all your “petty cash needs” are met.

In this post, we’ll show how you can make a Witch’s Petty Cash Jar to pay for small expenses and keep money flowing back into the petty cash jar without depleting your funds.

How to Make a Witch’s Petty Cash Jar

Items needed:

  • Hermetic jar or a jar with a sealable lid (large enough to fit a folded bills and coins)
  • Money drawing oil *

* Substitutions for this oil can be: magnet oil, fast luck & money drawing oil, drawing oil, give me your money oil, nutmeg oil, prosperity oil, bring money fast oil, lodestone oil, money rain oil.

  • Money herbs or loose incense* (optional)

*Money herbs to use (one or as many as you want): basil, thyme, comfrey, patchouli

  • Money dusting powder (optional)
  • Lodestone and magnetic sand (optional)

To make the Witch’s Petty Cash Jar:

The best day to start the jar is on a Thursday during the new moon or waxing moon.

Begin by cleansing the jar with incense (sandalwood or money drawing incense).

Make sure to have some cash readily available as you create the jar – there needs to be money in it as soon as possible – even if it’s only $5.

Bless and consecrate the money herbs that you will add to the petty cash jar.

Add the herbs to the jar one by one depending how many herbs you choose to add to the jar.

If you wish to add money drawing dusting powder, bless and consecrate the dusting powder and add to the jar.

You can also add a lodestone and magnetic sand to the jar.

Coins added to the jar will be naturally attracted to the magnetic lodestone.

However, it’s important to care for the lodestone in addition to caring for the petty cash jar. (Lodestones need to be periodically cleansed to help keep them working.)

Take your cash that you want to add to the jar and anoint the bill with your chosen oil on each corner of the bill and the centre of the bill.

Do this on both sides of the bill. Fold the bill towards you twice and then add to the jar.

Repeat this process for each bill that you want to put in the jar.

When you add money in the future, anoint each bill in the same way before adding the money to the jar.

If you’re adding coins, dab oil on each side of the coin and massage the oil on to the coin on each side then add the coin to the jar.

After your cash and coins have been added to the petty cash jar, place the lid on the jar securely.

Take some oil into your hands and cover the jar top, bottom and all sides as you visualize money being added to the jar and never becoming empty.

Picture in your mind that you will always have the cash on hand when you need it.

Place your Witch’s Petty Cash jar in a place where you can see it but isn’t openly visible such as a corner in kitchen.

The jar should be placed in either the wealth corner of your home (according to Feng Shui) or in a corner of a room in your home that is often occupied and considered the “heart” of your home (this is often considered the kitchen or living room.)

If you often have cash on hand from such as a job that receives tips or run a business that gets cash payments, you can have a Witch’s petty cash jar at home or if you’re lucky enough, at your business.

The key to keeping a petty cash jar always full is to be mindful of what is taken from it and having the intent to replace money that comes out of it.

When working with a Witch’s petty cash jar, it’s important to not only feed it money, but also to feed it spiritually with intentions and oil.

At least once a week, feed your jar with the same oil by covering it lightly with the oil.

You can add more money herbs and dusting powder to the jar before anointing the jar with oil.

You may find that if you neglect your petty cash jar, that you may not have as much money being added to it as you did when you pay attention to it.

Comments or questions? Feel free to mention below!

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Find out how to attract more spendable money by using witchcraft to create Witch's Petty Cash Jar.
Find out how to attract more spendable money by using witchcraft to create Witch's Petty Cash Jar.
Find out how to attract more spendable money by using witchcraft to create Witch's Petty Cash Jar.
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