Blue Moon Magick and Spells

Find out how to work magick and spells in your witchcraft practice by using the energy of the Blue Moon.

In magickal, new age, pagan and witchcraft practices, the blue moon can be connected with planning and working on long-term goals set between one blue moon and the next.

A blue moon is when there’s a second full moon in a calendar month or the third moon in an astronomical season with four full moons (compared to the usual three).

To find out the next blue moon will happen, check out the list of blue moons up until the year 2039.

In a year of two blue moons, the second blue moon can give a real powerful extra boost to any goals, spells or magick that was done earlier in the year on the first blue moon.

When working with a blue moon, don’t forget to take into consideration the astrological sign the moon is in.

The astrological sign that the blue moon is in (or any moon: full/new moon) will “colour” and/or influence the energy of that moon.

For astrological purposes, have a look to see when the next blue moon will be in your astrological chart (the house that it will be in and any aspects it may make to other natal planets in your chart.)

The influence and energy of the house that the blue moon falls in your natal chart may have an influence about what may be ahead, unfold or come to a completion in your life beginning over the next few months to 13 months (on average.)

Blue Moon Magick & Spells

Any magick and spells done during the blue moon should be for long term planning and goals for things that you’re willing to wait and don’t need immediate results.

These are the moons that require work and effort which can help to give more encouragement, motivation and energy to your magickal working.

The blue moon can add a boost to a previous moon/lunar magick or spell done earlier in the month or previous months, especially if you’re working continuously on a spell monthly or regularly.

Plan and set long-term goals for the blue moon; really sit down and come up with a plan.

This can be a magickal working plan and/or something realistic that you can physically do and work on.

Different types of blue moon magick and spells can be:

  • Money spells (these spells can be for long term and continuous flow of money over the next few months to two years)
  • Getting more clients / increasing business spells
  • Love / Marriage / Romance spells
  • Health / healing spells
  • Increasing psychic abilities spells
  • Banishing / closure spells (things that you want to slowly remove from your life or need extra energy to remove something. However, working with the dark moon would be better.) 

Generally, you want to work towards manifestation and bringing something to completion to achieve your desired results.

Some magickal practitioners say that once a spell is cast then you’re supposed to forget about it.

But, that’s not necessarily true.

Not literally, of course.

Yes, you should forget the spell itself, but actual work still needs to be done to help it along.

A spell at any new moon, full moon, blue moon or any moon phase will only be as good as the work you put into helping to create what you desire.

A spell can help open the roads (such as in crossroads magick or using Road Opener in your magick and spell work), but you still have to do the work.

Blue Moon Magick and Spells Journal

If you keep a book of shadows, grimoire or journal, you may decide to keep track of the blue moons and any magickal workings that you did.

If you’re into astrology, you can make a note of the house, astrological sign and any aspects that were affected during the blue moon and mark the date of each blue moon.

You can review your entries over the next few months after the blue moon to mark any changes, endings or beginnings that may have been triggered by the blue moon.

(This can also be done with solar eclipses and lunar eclipses which seem to often have a bigger impact.)

In the journal, you can also write down your goals and plans for the next year and review your goals and plans to help stay on track.

You can schedule magickal workings over the next year with certain moon phases to help with your long-term goal such as working with specific moon phases and moon signs to adjust your course of action and your plans to stay on track with your goal.

Don’t forget about tarot and divination for your blue moon magick and spells

Tarot and divination are amazing tools for a witch or magickal practitioner when it comes to planning mundane stuff and magickal workings.

If you read tarot or use divination, you can look ahead to chart your plan of action to see how you can be successful with your goal-setting and planning.

You may decide to get a tarot reading to help you with your goal planning for the next year and how to use the energy of the blue moon to your advantage.

This Blue Moon Tarot Spread is designed to help you get clear about your long-term plans and goals and how to work towards them, seeing what challenges may be ahead for you.

What goals do you have planned for the long term?

Remember, you don’t have to wait until a blue moon to make any plans or to set goals.

We have a brand new opportunity every month with a new moon and full moon to work on a cycle for the month.

This can be continued each month depending on what you want to work on and what you want to happen.

A blue moon gives us an extra opportunity to reach and plan even longer.

Find out how to work magick and spells in your witchcraft practice by using the energy of the Blue Moon.
Find out how to work magick and spells in your witchcraft practice by using the energy of the Blue Moon.

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