New Year’s Cleansing Spell

Get ready for the new year with this New Year's cleansing witchcraft spell

Time to get ready for the new year!

That means out with the old and in with the new.

There’s a sense of optimism in the air, hope for the future as we make plans for the upcoming year:

what we want to do, what we want to let go of and/or forget and what we can do to bring ourselves one step closer to realizing our dreams.

Each year should be a stepping stone that builds on the year before as we move forward.

Every year will have ups and downs (some years worse than others), but when we reflect back over several years, often we can see how far we’ve come since then.

Clear Your Home and Energy

Cleansing your home before the new year begins or shortly after the new year begins can be an great way to prepare for the upcoming year and to make sure any ‘negative’ energies don’t follow you into the new year.

Here I’ve created a New Year’s Cleansing Spell that can be done at the end of the year or within the first month of the new year.

As with any of the spells that I’ve posted here, feel free to take and use what works for you and to adapt/change what doesn’t work for you.


If there are items that you can’t find or easily get, feel free to look up alternatives online as substitutions.

The most important part of any spell is that it evokes a feeling from you to raise your vibration and spirit and to allow yourself to “get into the zone” and state of mind to perform magick.

That you feel comfortable enough and confident enough in what you are doing.

Intention is one of the most important aspects and parts of any spell work.

New Year’s Cleansing Spell

What You’ll Need:

  • Cauldron or fire-proof dish/bowl (for the charcoal/incense)
  • Charcoal discs (to burn incense) (available at The Witchery)
  • Loose incense of choice best suited for clearing/cleansing (I’m using New Year’s Clearing Incense by The Witchery)
  • Lighter
  • White tea light candle (in a candle holder)
  • Sage (or palo santo, sweet grass)
  • Abalone shell or fire-proof dish (for the sage/palo santo/sweet grass)
  • Feather
  • Ritual oil of your choice (depending on what you want to bring for the new year. The Witchery has a great selection of ritual oils.)
  • White Coarse Sea Salt and/or Black Salt (or you can make a mixture of both; if you can’t get black salt, sea salt will work well too)

This spell is done in four parts.

The first part is done inside, the second part is outside, the third part is done inside the home and the fourth part is done around the home.

New Year’s Cleansing Spell – Part I

At your altar or place where you’ll gather your items, anoint the top of the white tea light candle with the ritual oil of your choice.

This candle will be your intention for the year, something that you want to bring towards you in the upcoming year.

Send your intentions and wishes for the new year into the tea light candle, then light it and place on your altar.

Close your eyes and centre yourself for a moment.

New Year’s Cleansing Spell – Part II

Next prepare yourself to go outside your home to your backyard, your balcony or front yard if possible.

If the weather is cold, dress appropriately and take your time to prepare yourself and get ready.

**If you can’t burn charcoal or choose not to, there’s an alternative section after this one.

Gather the cauldron (or fire-proof dish), charcoal and loose incense for burning in the cauldron and go outside where you won’t be bothered or disturbed.

This may be best to do at night while most people are asleep and not around.

Light the charcoal in the cauldron or fire-proof dish until it catches, then add some of the incense.

Allow the smoke to rise from the cauldron.

As the smoke wafts, think of what you want to get rid of from the previous year, what you no longer want to carry with you, any relationships you want to detach from and/or those that you want to strengthen, and protection of your home and property.

Hold the cauldron by the handle or place on a fireproof surface safe and away from anything that may catch fire or be affected by heat/warmth.


I release all burdens and negativity from this past year;
I welcome abundance, prosperity, success and wealth
in money, relationships, work, friendship and recognition;
May my friends, family and I be protected and guided
by Spirit throughout the year;
So mote it be.

Allow the charcoal to burn thoroughly and safely until the incense is burned completely.

If the charcoal is still warm and you have a cauldron with a lid, place the lid on top and allow the cauldron to sit outside in a safe place that it won’t be knocked over.

If it’s in a fire-proof dish, make sure the charcoal can burn safely in an well ventilated area.

* Caution should be made about burning charcoal in an enclosed area that isn’t well ventilated. Keep outside until the charcoal has gone out completely.

** If you can’t burn charcoal or choose not to, you can go outside while burning an incense stick or sage/palo santo/sweet grass while reciting the outdoor part of the spell.

** If you can’t burn anything while outside, hold the sage or incense and imagine it being lit with the smoke in the air as you recite part of the spell.

New Year’s Cleansing Spell – Part III

After you have done the outside portion of the spell, come back inside, take off any outdoor clothing/boots/shoes, etc., and gather your sage (palo santo or sweet grass) and a feather to cleanse your home.

Start at the bottom floor of your home or the front door if you have only one floor.

Work your way counter clockwise on each floor with the burning cleansing herbs and get the smoke into every area (closets, bathrooms, entrances, windows/window sills), etc.

As you do so with each room, recite:

Out with the old,
in with the new.
Spirit, guide and protect me (us),
may love, abundance, success and wealth enter here.

When you’ve completed each room, return back to your altar in front of the white tea light candle.

Feel that your home feels cleansed and clear.

Allow the candle to burn out safely on its own.

* If you can’t stay around to supervise the candle, snuff out the candle and dispose of it in your usual manner that you do for candles.

New Year’s Cleansing Spell – Part IV

With the sea salt and/or black salt in a small dish or bowl, envision that the salt is pure and all impurities are removed from it, blessed by Spirit/Goddess/God.

With the bowl in hand, take a pinch to a small handful of salt and sprinkle some outside your front door, your back door, your window sills (on the outside of your home if you’re on a ground floor or in a house) and outside any door entrances that lead into your home (including along garage doors.)

This last step can be repeated throughout the year on a regular basis for added protection both physically and psychically/spiritually.

After all these parts are done, stand in the centre of your home, stomp your foot and/or clap your hands once.

Say aloud (or in your mind):




May you have a happy, successful, wonderful new year ahead.

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