Dogs & Tarot Readings

Learn how to do tarot readings for your dog.

While cats are most commonly associated with psychic abilities, witchcraft and everything mysterious and mystical, dogs can also be just as significant in magick and even mythology.

Dogs have been associated with gods and goddesses throughout history and are known for their dedication, hard work and loyalty.

In Greek mythology, dogs are associated with Hekate, Artemis and Ares.

Plus there’s Cerberus, the three-headed dog, guards the underworld of Hades.

In Christianity, Saint Roch (also known as Saint Rocco) is the patron of dogs, who has a feast day of August 16 which coincidentally is also the Night of Hekate, a feast day for the goddess Hekate.

In the world of tarot, cats seem to be predominant in tarot decks with more “cat tarot decks” than dog tarot decks.

The Rider Waite Smith Tarot does, however, feature two dogs on the 10 of Pentacles, a dog in The Fool card and a dog in The Moon card, which can symbolize connecting to our basic nature, our instincts, loyalty and faithfulness.

There are a few dog tarot decks available such as:

Magical Dogs Tarot

The Wise Dog Tarot

These tarot decks that feature dogs are complete 78-card tarot decks that can be used for usual tarot readings like any other tarot deck which could be used for dog tarot readings which we’ll talk more further below.

Another tarot / oracle deck is The Original Dog Tarot: Divine the Canine Mind! that although isn’t a full 78-card tarot deck is geared towards the mentality and necessities of dogs.

The Original Dog Tarot is a 30-card deck that has 18 cards in the Major Barkana (aka the major arcana) and 12 cards in the Minor Barkana (aka the minor arcana).

While the Major Barkana and the Minor Barkana don’t include all the cards found in a standard 78-card tarot deck, some cards are the same in the Major Barkana as in the major arcana, yet the meanings have been adapted to be suitable for dog tarot readings.

The Minor Barkana don’t have the usual four suits found in a typical tarot deck (Cups, Wands, Swords and Pentacles) and instead have four suits called Leashes, Bowls, Bones and Biscuits.

Each suit in The Original Dog Tarot has only three cards which simplifies the reading, and with some assistance from your intuition and even your spirit guides, Akashic Records or any spiritual assistance that you call upon, can improve the interpretation of the cards and delve into the mind and needs of your dog.

Dogs’ minds aren’t complex as humans: they don’t overthink, contemplate or analyze a situation or philosophize something the same as humans do.

However, dogs think and feel and past experiences can sometimes hinder them or trap them in a repetitive cycle that their minds can be stuck in a “loop” that they can’t break free from.

This is where problems often stem from habitual behaviours and patterns in which the dog hasn’t been able to “snap out of it” and be reconditioned to a healthy balance.

The Original Dog Tarot can not only help to find out what may be causing a behavioural problem, but also why your dog does certain quirky behaviour or what your dog may need to fulfill his/her needs.

Tarot Readings for Dogs

So can dogs actually get tarot readings?

Absolutely! Why not?

A tarot reading for a dog can be done with a standard tarot deck or The Original Dog Tarot.

While The Original Dog Tarot is probably the better solution, you can also use a dog tarot deck such as The Magical Dogs Tarot or a simple deck such as the Rider Waite Smith Tarot or a tarot deck based on the Rider Waite Smith (RWS) system.

There are two ways that a dog tarot reading can be done using a standard 78-card tarot deck:

1. The whole tarot deck can be used (major and minor arcana):

  • interpret the cards as basic and simply as possible without reading too much into each card – this method may work if you are very intuitively connected with the dog; or

2. The minor arcana is only used and the suits are interpreted as follows:

  • Cups – emotions and feelings
  • Wands – passions, wants and desires
  • Swords – difficulties, challenges, obstacles
  • Pentacles – food, creature comforts, stability

This is a loose interpretation and can be adjusted or adapted to fit your tarot reading style.

If you have a different association with the suits, you can use what feels right and natural to you based on your bond with your dog and your relationship with the tarot / your tarot deck.

To know more about how to read tarot for dogs, cats and other pets, be sure to have a look at Tarot Readings and Pets.

Dog Tarot Readings & Dog Psychology

Tarot readings for dogs requires not only knowledge of the tarot cards and being connected with your intuition, but also good understanding of dog psychology to help understand the behaviours and needs of dogs which is different from cats and other animals.

It’s recommended to read books and posts about dog behaviour; everything from how to care for basic dog needs and health, signs and patterns of problem behaviours, how to correct these behaviours and dog training.

Most people have a perfect understanding of their relationship with their dog and know their dog’s needs inside and out and are familiar with the behaviours and patterns of their own dog.

However, when it comes to unfamiliar dogs, people may often assume and behave the same way with another dog as they would with their own dog.

In fact the other dog may have a completely different personality, background and other behaviours not the same as your dog or other dogs.

Understanding the way to interact with dogs on their level and understanding can help to avoid sending mixed signals.

This can also help to understand the subtle warning signs that dogs give when they are unsure, scared or feel threatened by a person or another animal.

Animal Communicators / Pet Psychics

Some intuitive readers become animal communicators that they communicate with the animal or pet through psychic communication.

This is often performed for living animals, but can also be done by some mediums who communicate with animals who are in spirit.

Reading tarot for dogs, cats and other animals can be viewed as stepping over into the field of animal communication and pet psychic communication.

Animals think in basic feelings and emotions and often clairsentience and clairvoyance is used to interpret and decipher the feelings and thoughts of the animal.

Animals don’t use or think spoken language, so they feel, sense, and think in pictures, images or visual memories.

Although animals that have the ability to hear have audial memories and can remember sounds of words and other objects/events that bring up a response, feeling, thought or memory and is often connected with an association.

Dogs are highly trained and functional through associations which can create positive or negative feelings or memories.

Pet communicators or pet psychics will often receive images, feelings or memories of what the animal is thinking or feeling, or what may be a problem that the animal is experiencing.

So how does this all connect to Dogs & Tarot Readings?

A working knowledge of tarot, divination, dog psychology and some psychic abilities/mediumship abilities can increase the success of reading or divining messages from your dog, other dogs and animals.

This can help to have a better understanding of what their needs, wants, hopes, fears and desires are.

How to start a Tarot Reading for Your Dog

To start your journey with reading tarot for your dog, start when your dog is in a relaxed state either sleeping or laying beside or near you in the room.

Shuffle your cards of your chosen deck, deciding what method of reading style that you’ll use before hand, and think of a question about your dog.

This can be a question such as how they are feeling, what do they need at this time or just what they are thinking at the moment.

Practice this for some time to help get a feel of your dog’s communication style and how your tarot deck works with your dog.

If you want to increase your psychic abilities, open up your chakras and try to psychically tune into your dog’s energy, petting or sitting quietly next to your dog.

This works best while your dog is in a calm and relaxed state so that you both are calm, centered and focused and won’t be disturbed or interrupted for at least 5 to 10 minutes.

Want to connect with your canine friend with your tarot readings?

Try the free Dogs & Tarot Workbook to delve deeper with your readings with your dog.

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