Past Life Tarot Spread

Learn about and discover your past lives with this Past Life Tarot Spread.


This Past Life Tarot Spread is used to find out any information about a past life that is having an affect on your present life.

This tarot spread can be used as often as desired to explore different past lives.

Arrange this Past Life Tarot Spread in any format that you wish and record any information and interpretation that you receive while doing the reading.


Past Life Tarot Spread


  1. Who you were in a past life. (Up to 2-3 more cards can be drawn for additional info)
  2. What you need to know about this past life.
  3. Why your spirit guides are showing you this past life.
  4. What qualities/attributes do you continue from this past life.
  5. What fears/anxiety or any residual issues from this past life remain with you in this life.
  6. What you need to resolve from that past life.
  7. How you can honour your past life and the ones you loved from that past life.


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TarotPugs (6)


Learn about and discover your past lives with this Past Life Tarot Spread.



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