How to do Past Life Regression and Work

Find out how to do past life regression and work and the resources to help with past life regression.


Do you believe in past lives?

That you’ve lived before and will have lives to come after this lifetime?


The belief and idea of past lives isn’t overly popular or common in the Western world, mostly in part to religions such as Christianity that teach that eternal life after life on Earth is spent in Heaven.

In comparison, the idea of reincarnation is more prevalent in Eastern philosophy such as Buddhism and Hinduism.


Although the teachings of reincarnation are ancient in Eastern religions, the idea still somewhat considered a “new age” theory or belief in the West.


Some psychology practices have explored and studied the concept of past lives as a type of therapy and way to overcome phobias, anxiety and psychological issues believed to be rooted from a past life (or lives) experience.

In this post, we’ll look at ways to uncover your past lives as a way to learn about your past and heal from them.


Let’s look at how to do past life work and regression on your own (or with assistance) and some different theories about what past lives exactly are.



Theories about Past Lives


When it comes to researching about the concept of past lives, there isn’t really a definitive agreement about what the “rules” are about past lives.

Some may believe that we don’t reincarnate until many years after we have lived.

I’ve read that some say takes 100 years so that people you lived with won’t be in your new lifetime.


However, this contradicts some evidence that people have reincarnated within the same lifetime as family members, friends or colleagues.

For example, Buddhist monk teachers and Dalai Lamas have reincarnated shortly after their passing from one life and left clues before they died so that they could be found again as their reincarnated selves.

Yet, this isn’t just restricted to only monks or Buddhists.

There are stories of children remembering places and people from a previous lifetime – only a few years after their supposed past selves had died.


These theories aren’t only limited to human lives or even life on Earth.


There’s belief of interplanetary lives and inter-dimensional lives.

We know these as places for example as Sirius, Pleiades and Vega.


Possibilities can seem limitless when we begin to think of past lives and even future lives.



Coming Home – Past Lives Memories


For many people who have past lives, there’s a feeling of coming home or a feeling of longing to go home to someplace they’ve never been to before in their current lifetime.

This may be a place that they finally visit and have a feeling of being at home, even if they’ve never been there.


While for others, there may be a feeling of wanting to be among the stars to a distant place among the galaxies.

(This is common for people who are considered indigo, rainbow or crystal children.)


It may not be uncommon for some people to immediately know their way around cities that they’ve never visited whether ancient or older cities.


Having a feeling of “coming home” isn’t just limited to places or even people.


Some reincarnates may have an affinity for a certain time period and may love everything about that time or era.

This can be time periods such as renaissance, medieval, the revolution, 1800s, even the early 1900s or later.


When looking upon a certain time period, someone may have a sense of nostalgia for that time.

This may suggest that a reincarnate may have lived during that time period.



Meeting Again after Lifetimes – Soul / Spirit Connections from Past Lives


This feeling of coming home can also be related to people that you meet in your lifetime.

You may meet someone and feel an instant sense of familiarity which may suggest that you’ve been together or have had some kind of relationship in a past life.


However, this doesn’t always mean that a past life soul mate will be your partner or lover in a current lifetime.


If you’ve had a troublesome relationship with a past life partner, you may meet again and fall out again.

It can be very karmic like a dance that goes on lifetime after lifetime until you both finally learn from it.


“Soul Families”


Soul families are groups of people in your “clan / family” that you meet again in different lifetimes.

You may switch roles (e.g. lovers, different genders/sex, parent/child, brother/sister, friends, boss/employee, enemies, etc. in different lives), meet briefly for a while and then be separated for whatever reason, etc.


Yet there’s always a deep bond between you and your soul family that no matter where you are or where you go, you hold a special place in your spirit – no matter if you’re together or not.



Purpose of Past Lives Regression / Work


Difficult and traumatic experiences from past lives leave a lasting impression on us.

It’s simply human nature that we remember the bad things more significantly than good things.


Memories from a past life that were harsh or traumatic can carry over into future lives and even make an imprint on our psyche and shadow self. (link to shadow self through Wikipedia).

Most often while doing past life work, you may find that negative experiences will appear first and can be disturbing at times.


However, for others, these memories may be blocked and you may only recall more peaceful times from a past life.

This all depends on your own personal “make-up”, who you are and how you feel to handle negative situations.


Some experiences may be blocked and prevented from us reliving them for our own good or that we have tried to suppress them over lifetimes, yet they manifest as other ways in our psyche, behaviour and shadow selves.

The purpose of past life work is to bring healing, resolution and often to bring closure or amends and fulfil karmic responsibilities.


Let’s look at ways how you can do past life work and regression.


How to Do Past Life Work and Regression


Here are a few ways of doing past life work or regression:

  • Past Life Regression Therapy
  • Astrology
  • Books
  • Tarot / Divination
  • Akashic Records (e.g. “the Book of Life”)
  • Guided Meditation, Spirit Guides & Deities
  • Crystals
  • Psychics


Let’s look at what Past Life Regression Therapy is.


Past Life Regression Therapy


Past life regression therapy can help to resolve certain issues that have manifested from memories and experiences from troubled past lives.

Regression therapies are often done with the help of a therapist to guide you through the experience, ask questions and offer support through a safe environment.

By relaxing the patient into a meditative state, past life memories may surface which the therapist guides the patient sometimes by asking questions or helping the patient to delve further into the experience.

Some past life regression therapists offer sessions in person and/or online and can be found by searching online.

Past life therapists will have different techniques based on their training.

Some therapists will have a clinical approach using Jungian and psychological techniques, while other therapists may have shamanic and holistic techniques.

The most important thing about working with a therapist (or even a psychic) for past life therapy is that you feel comfortable with the therapist’s techniques and training, and that it mixes well with your beliefs and comfort levels.


Let’s look next at what astrology can tell us about past lives.


Astrology and Past Lives


In astrology, there are a few factors that can suggest the most important factors that have a karmic effect on your current incarnation.

Astrologers will first look at the south and north nodes in the natal chart.


In simple terms:

The south node is where you’ve been and who you were or experienced in a past life. This is a past life that had a significant impact and imprint on you.

The north node is what you need to strive for in the current life as a “remedy” to that past life.


For some people, they may feel most comfortable with the south node and identify with it so much that it can be difficult to work towards fulfilling the north node requirements of the current lifetime.

For others, they may wish to detach themselves so much from the south node and want to work towards expressing and utilizing the most of the north node.


The sign and house of the south node will give more information about the past life as well as any hard or soft aspects to the south and north nodes in the natal chart.


To know more about astrology and past lives, recommended reading is Yesterday’s Sky by Steven Forrest.


Not all astrologers do past life readings, so if inquiring about past life sessions with an astrologer, prepare to inquire first.

Browse around online as most astrologers have networking connections and can put you in touch with someone who does past life astrology readings.



Books about Past Lives Regression / Work


There are many books available about past lives that explore personal experiences, theories, instructions about how to do past life regression and stories about past life memories of others.


Here are a few books on past life work:

  • Past Life Therapy by Judy Hall
  • Through Time into Healing by Brian L. Weiss, M.D.
  • Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian L. Weiss, M.D.
  • The Evolving Soul: Spiritual Healing Through Past Life Exploration by Dr. Linda Backman
  • Souls on Earth: Exploring Interplanetary Past Lives by D. Linda Backman
  • Soul Contracts by Linda Baker



Tarot / Divination for Past Lives Regression / Work


Tarot and divination for past lives regression / work can be done with specific tarot spreads or asking specific questions about a past life.


If you find that you receive your intuitive / psychic information best while using divination tools or tarot, you may get better insight and answers through using this method.


For a tarot spread to find out about one or more of your past lives, check out the Past Life Tarot Spread.



Akashic Records for Past Life Regression / Work


Accessing the Akashic Records can be the easiest and most effective way to get past life information.

The Akashic Records is an ethereal library that contains all the information of existence that ever was and ever will be.


It’s believed that everyone has a “Book of Life” which contains all the information of past lives and future lives.

Everything that has happened or will happen to us is contained in the Book of Life for each person and being.


The Akashic Records is accessed through meditation and can be best accessed through the higher chakras (the 5 chakras above the 7th chakra.)

For more about these chakras, check out The Higher Chakras 8 to 12.


To learn how to read the Akashic Records, check out How to Access the Akashic Records.



Guided Meditation, Spirit Guides & Deities for Past Life Regression / Work


If you feel it’s difficult to access the Akashic Records or get past life information on your own through meditation, you can try guided meditations to get this information.

YouTube has videos for guided meditations and Spotify has spoken guided meditation audio resources.

A search online can produce some guided meditation CDs and audio files.


If you work with spirit guides, you can call upon a specific spirit guide who can help you with your past life work and regression.


If you prefer to work with deities, Anubis the Egyptian god of death, embalming and returning to the afterlife can assist with past life work.

Certain deities from a specific culture or place may offer insight into a past life from that time period which may also help you to recall what you need from that lifetime.



Crystals for Past Life Regression / Work


In combination with the above and any methods for past life regression or work, crystals can be added to harness the energy to do past life recollection.

Onyx is a strong crystal for the purpose of past life regression.


For more about crystals for past life work, check out Crystals for Past-Life Work and Healing.



Psychics for Past Life Regression / Work


If you have difficulty accessing the Akashic Records, doing meditation or divination of past life work, you can try a psychic to help get the information.

Not all psychics will work with past lives or the Akashic Records, so if your desire is to do past life recollection, it’s best to inquire about this with the psychic before booking a session.


A psychic may use different methods to get the information, such as spirit guides, ancestors, Akashic Records, divination, tarot, crystal balls, etc.

The information may come in pieces or it may flow like a story of your past life full of imagery and vivid descriptions.



Past Lives and Current Lives


Working with past lives can be interesting and exciting, but shouldn’t preoccupy most of our time.

Many people will argue that we’re here in this current lifetime to focus on the present time.


If we think too much about who we were, who we loved and what we did, it can bring up sorrow, hate, fear and anxiety more than is necessary.

However, if we have issues and phobias that we can’t explain and seem unconnected to anything in our present lifetime and can’t be explained through suppressed memories of our recent childhood, then it may be connected to a past life.


In those instances, it may be necessary to explore the past lives to find where these issues, phobias or anxieties may be rooted.

As much as we discover about our past lives, we need to remember to learn from past experiences and mistakes and make the most of the opportunities that we have in this current life.


As the saying goes, “We don’t know where we’re going unless we know where we’ve been” – we should keep in mind our past, but also focus on the present and head towards the future.


All the best on your past life exploration.


If curious about past lives and want assistance to uncover more, try the Past Life Tarot Reading to get information about one of your past lives.




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