Spell Jars, Spell Bottles and Candle Magick: When to fix, repair, throw away or start over?

Spell Jars, Spell Bottles & Candle Magick in Witchcraft. Has a spell jar or spell bottle leaked or broke? What do you do if you have to put out a candle during a spell? Find out if you can fix, repair, throw away or start over these spells. #witchcraft #witch #spells


Has a jar for a sugar spell ever broke?

Have you ever had to put out a candle because of interruptions?

Have you had a spell bottle or spell jar that leaked?


What do you do then?


When should you fix, repair, throw away or start over when it comes to spell jars, spell bottles and candle magick?


We’re going to cover spell jars, spell bottles and candle spells and what to do when you get interrupted or something goes wrong with your jar or bottle.


First, let’s look at spell jars and spell bottles.


Leaking or Loose Lid on Spell Jar or Spell Bottle


Let’s say that your spell jar or spell bottle is leaking.

What does that mean for your spell?


This could suggest that the energy of your spell is “leaking” and not directed exactly at your target or intention for the spell.


Do you need to start your jar or bottle spell over?


Not necessarily.

This will depend on how much of your contents leaked out of the jar or bottle.


If it’s barely noticeable that any of the contents are missing from the bottle, then it’s somewhat safe to say that not much is “lost” from your spell.


In that case, if only a small amount leaked out of the jar or bottle, you can re-tighten the lid on the jar or bottle.

After re-tightening the lid, anoint the lid and bottom of the jar or bottle with an oil that matches your intention of the spell. (For more about oils, check out Oils in Witchcraft and Hoodoo.)


Place a candle on top of the lid of the jar and light the candle.

If you can, match the colour of the candle to the intention of your spell or use a white candle if the colour you need isn’t readily on hand.

(To know more about colour and magick, check out Colour Correspondences for Candle Magick and Spells.)


Another way to re-tighten a spell jar is to use tape around the edges of the jar such as hockey tape (which sometimes comes in different colours.)

Durable tape (such as hockey tape) can be ideal in binding and sealing something in a spell.


However, if a larger amount of the contents from your jar or bottle leaked out of the jar,  you may need to start over or redo the spell and add more ingredients to “top up” the spell jar or bottle.



Broken Spell Jar or Spell Bottle


If a spell jar breaks or cracks, then the magick and spell in the bottle is shattered and “broken.”


This means the spell jar will have to be disposed of and replaced without reusing anything from the spell jar for magickal purposes (except glass, but we’ll cover that further on.)

Depending on the intention of the spell, you can bury the jar on your property (to attract/protect) or off your property (to banish/repel).


Spell bottles are often sealed with wax and sometimes copper wire, so they are effective as long as the “seal” isn’t broken completely.


Sometimes drippings of the wax on a spell bottle can break off, however the spell bottle still works and is effective if the top of the seal on the bottle is still intact and unbroken.

If the wiring of the spell bottle or the top of the wax on the spell bottle becomes broken or damaged, then the spell bottle can be retired.


The spell bottle can be buried on your property or off your property (depending on the purpose of the spell bottle.)


If a glass spell jar breaks due to dropping it, getting knocked over, etc., the broken glass from the jar can be used to make a Witch’s Jar.

A Witch’s Jar is a jar filled with sharp objects such as nails, broken glass, knives and often urine from the witch (vinegar or alcohol can be a substitute) often used for protection of the home and witch.

The Witch’s Jar can be buried under the porch of the front entrance or placed near the front or back entrance of the home.


Interrupted Candle Spells and Magick


What happens if you can’t supervise a candle for the entire duration that it burns?

What about extinguishing 7 day candles?


Sometimes life gets in the way that we can’t leave candles burning due to children, pets or when having to run errands or do work.

Candles in spells can be lit, snuffed out and then re-lit again later when you have the time to devote to the spell.


When extinguishing a candle in the middle of a spell, be sure to snuff out the candle with a candle snuffer or a small plate instead of blowing the candle out.

Before extinguishing the candle, take a moment to reaffirm your intentions for the spell and that you will come back to the spell when you are able to.


After extinguishing the spell candle or candles, you can leave them in the same place (as long as the candles won’t be touched) until you can come back to finish the spell.

If you can’t leave the candles in the same place, move the candles to a safe area where they won’t be touched and are out of sight.


When you’re ready to continue the spell again, you can anoint the candle again before lighting it.

Light the candle and pray over the candle for a few minutes to reaffirm your intentions for the spell.

Let the candle burn for as long as you can.


If you have to extinguish the candle again for any reason, repeat the steps above.


This process can be done for larger candles and 7 day candles which may be difficult for some people to leave candles burning for an hour or longer.


Lighting and re-lighting candles can be done during a waxing moon phase or waning moon phase over the course of a few days leading up to the full moon or dark moon.


This can create an escalating effect and carry your spell to be more effective over a longer period of time.

Timing the candle to finish by the full moon or dark moon can be the finale for your spell.



Have no worry if your spell isn’t done in one night or if your spell jar or bottle leaks a bit, or if your jar breaks completely.

Life happens, but as a witch there’s almost always a fix.

Almost everything can be repaired and fixed, but sometimes you have to start over – and that includes spells and magick.


Stacey and the Tarot Pugs



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Spell Jars, Spell Bottles & Candle Magick in Witchcraft. Has a spell jar or spell bottle leaked or broke? What do you do if you have to put out a candle during a spell? Find out if you can fix, repair, throw away or start over these spells. #witchcraft #witch #spells




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12 thoughts on “Spell Jars, Spell Bottles and Candle Magick: When to fix, repair, throw away or start over?

    • This would probably require starting over completely. If you feel that the odds of the candle burning through the bottle was unlikely (but it happened anyway), it may mean that the intention was too heavy handed and too much forcefulness was put into it and that a gentler approach may be needed next time. If you feel later that the material (bottle cap) used wasn’t safe enough for the candle, then it may mean nothing was wrong with the working but just a ‘malfunction’ of the bottle. However, because the working was done and if there is a hole at the top of the bottle this means that most of what what energetically contained has been released in a disorganized, fluid or misdirected manner. So the working with new materials (and maybe a different bottle type) would likely need to be used. In a second attempt, try a more relaxed approach to the working if you feel your energy was too tense or fixated on an outcome.🐾


  1. Can you open a jar to add things to it? I also noticed my name paper resurfaced and isn’t completely submerged in the honey, could this cause it to not work?


    • I generally feel that it shouldn’t be opened but “sealing” it externally may add more emphasis such as sealing with candle wax, herbs and/or an oil on the lid and where it seals/closes around the opening. Praying over it (however you like, hoodoo uses psalms best suited for the working) or leaving it in the sunlight or moonlight (depending on the moon phase and your type of working that matches it) may also add extra emphasis to strengthen the working. Trust how you feel about these steps and/or use a divination tool to decide what may work best to resolve it. If all else fails or you feel these steps aren’t enough or you don’t feel confident in the original working or adding additional steps, it may be best to start over with new materials. Depending on the working some hoodoo uses molasses which can be stickier than honey and can keep the name paper in place due to its viscosity or even using tape to fasten the name paper to the bottom of the jar may be effective to really keep someone (or something) fastened in place (that is if you don’t want them to go, leave, etc.) and then adding the honey on top of the name paper/tape combo. If considering molasses, be sure to check its properties first before using in place of honey (just to be safe and sure.) Hope that helps!♡ Stacey and the Tarot Pugs


  2. Hi, I have a question. I have this friend, who is a fighter and before very important fight she selaed up the jar with wax and placed all her energy in it. She did lose her fight, but now, she is always sick and cant manage her health properly. Jar is still sealed up, so my question is, would it be helpful, if she brokes the jar and practically realeases her energy from it? Is there some complicated part about the spell, she should know about? Like some backlash or something? Thank you kindly for your answer.


    • I would suggest deactivating the jar, disposing of the ingredients and focusing on restoring health first. Try a 7 day cleansing or all purpose candle and a 7 day health candle to burn together to help restore health and clear up any energetic “debris” that may be affecting your friend. Protective crystals like obsidian and black tourmaline can be carried while doing this working for the duration of the 7 days. After that, a new jar can be done to help with future endeavors. Hope that helps!


      • Hi, first of all, thank you very much for your help and quick answer! 🙂
        But, what do you mean by deactivating jar? Because it is not safe to open it or break it, because it could do more harm than help. I made vitality/energy jar for her, but I sense she should make it for her own.


      • If a jar isn’t or didn’t work as intended, deactivating can mean such as mentally dissolving the energy of the jar (kind of opposite of when putting energy into it). This can also be disposing of the jar such as burying it or storing it away if intuitively felt correct to do so. It may be not a bad idea for your friend to make her own as we often know ourselves and our needs best and she may have a good sense of how much vitality/energy she needs and exactly how. As the written words at the Oracle of Delphi “Know thyself.” A jar made by your friend may be a nice addition to the one you made to add extra effort and support combined.🐾🙏💜


  3. I was burning a fully dressed a road opener candle and I accidently knocked it over. The wax went everywhere and the candle out. Should I start another one or pray over it and relight it?


    • For myself, I would probably re-bless, and dress the candle again as if starting over again and then relight the candle. You can take note how the candle burns to see if it is burning as intended to see the effectiveness. Intention and concentration are the most important factors, so if enough intent is made while redressing (with herbs, oil, etc.), it could still be as effective.🐾


      • Thank you! Did as you suggested. It is burning great! Wish I would have found this site earlier. Had a fully dressed Lovers Amante novena candle with a small but steady dancing flame that I snuffed out in less than 24hrs because of the flame. I just thought it meant love was not strong enough but I was later told I should have let it burn the full seven days. Who knew??

        Liked by 1 person

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