Colour Correspondences for Candle Magick and Spells

Learn about colour association for candle magick and spells to enhance your witchcraft.

Candle spells are some of the most effective forms of magick available to everyone.

Magick using candles can be as simple or complex as you desire and can be worked in a few minutes, hours or even continuously over a few days.

Colour is important when it comes to candle magick and spells, using a specific colour to match the intention of your spell can have a greater impact on your spell work.

Here we’ll look at 13 colours in magick so you can develop your own reference to colour correspondences.

Coloured Candles in Magick and Spells

If you read ten different blogs or books about colour correspondences, you’ll probably see some conflicting information which can be confusing for a beginner.

Let’s break down why there can be different correspondences for colours.

Each magickal practitioner or witch will have their own preferences for colours used in different spells or magick, often developed over time through experience.

For example, some witchcraft traditions will have their own correspondences for colours for use in magick and spells that are taught and passed down.

However, this can vary among practitioners in those traditions based on personal preference and what works for them.

As a solitary witch or practitioner, you have the freedom to find what feels right for you when it comes to colour correspondences – to pick what resonates with you.

Not every practitioner will agree on every colour, however most practitioners agree on the colours correspondences for black and white candles.

The colour white for a candle is often used as a substitute for other colours when you don’t have a specific colour on hand or available.

White candles are often readily available in most stores (grocery stores, department stores and pharmacies) so it’s an easy choice for any type of magick or spell.

The colour black for a candle is often used for banishing, repelling and breaking bad luck, curses, hexes, jinxes or for making curses, hexes or jinxes.

Black candles are often harder to find locally (except during Halloween season), but can be found online at specialty new age or witchy shops.

Below is a list of main colour correspondences for candle magick and spells.

These are colour correspondences for candles that I’ve worked with personally for over 20 years.

Feel free to take what feels right for you and leave what doesn’t work for you.

Colour Correspondences for Candle Magick and Spells

Here are 13 of the most commonly used colour correspondences for candle magick and spells:

Black Candle Colour Meanings

  • Banishing
  • Repelling
  • Protection
  • Removing negativity (optional: a white candle can be burned after a black candle for this effect)
  • Hexing
  • Cursing
  • Jinxing
  • Breaking a hex
  • Breaking a curse
  • Killing a jinx
  • Dark goddess workings
  • Waning moon workings
  • Dark moon workings
  • Necromancy

White Candle Colour Meanings

  • Cleansing
  • Purifying
  • Healing spells (physical and spiritual)
  • Lunar goddess workings
  • Devotions
  • New moon workings
  • Full moon workings
  • Beginnings
  • Removing negativity (optional: a white candle can be burned after burning a black candle for this effect)
  • Peace workings
  • Protection (softer in energy than using a black candle)
  • Angelic workings
  • Spirit guide workings
  • Infants / Babies
  • Higher chakra workings (crown chakra and above chakras 8 – 12. Check here for more info on the higher chakras.)
  • Substitution for any colour

Red Candle Colour Meanings

  • Passion
  • Sexuality
  • Desire
  • Sexual relationships
  • Intensity
  • Lust
  • Masculinity
  • Respect
  • Fire energy
  • Drive (personal power and determination)
  • Love spells (in a passionate, sexual way)
  • Root chakra workings and spells

Blue Candle Colour Meanings

  • Healing spells (physical, emotional and spiritual)
  • Water energy
  • Working with feelings and emotions
  • Calming anger or intense situations
  • Tranquility and harmony
  • Justice and truth workings
  • Meditating
  • Fertility (i.e. pregnancy)
  • Communication
  • Throat chakra workings and spells
  • Forgiveness
  • Guidance
  • Working with memory

Green Candle Colour Meanings

  • Nature magick
  • Plant and tree magick
  • Gardening magick
  • Money spells (drawing money and money opportunities)
  • Health workings (improving physical health)
  • Prosperity spells
  • Abundance spells
  • Good luck / Fast luck
  • Working with elementals and faeries
  • Gambling / games of chance spells
  • Workings for growth and increasing wealth and finances
  • Heart chakra workings / spells (this can also be done with pink candles instead)

For more about about money magick, have a look at:

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Money Magick and Money Spells

Orange Candle Colour Meanings

  • Success in career, business or work
  • Business workings / spells / magick
  • Money spells (the difference between orange and green candles: orange is used to get money from something through hard work; green is used to get money from other sources such as money owed to you or as a gift.)
  • Road opening spells
  • New opportunities
  • Increase earning potentials / getting a raise
  • Career spells
  • Job interview spells
  • Co-workers (depending on the working, this can be combined with another candle colour in the same working)
  • Sacral chakra workings and spells

Yellow Candle Colour Meanings

  • Success (overall) magick and spells
  • Learning / Studying / School Exams
  • Creativity
  • Inspiration
  • Self-confidence and re-assurance
  • Solar plexus chakra workings and spells
  • Happiness spells
  • Friendship (acquaintances and social networking)
  • Solar magick and spells (this can also be for the colour gold)

Purple Candle Colour Meanings

  • Psychic vision / ability
  • Divination
  • Intuition
  • Mediumship (this can also be done with or together with a blue candle for communication)
  • Astral travel
  • Spirituality
  • Spiritual protection
  • Hidden knowledge
  • Third eye chakra and/or crown chakra workings and spells

Brown Candle Colour Meanings

  • Earth and nature magick / spells / workings
  • Earth energy
  • Elemental and faeries (this can also be for the colour green, but brown can be more for gnomes, pixies and dwarves)
  • Animal magick / spells / workings
  • Animal healing magick / spells / workings
  • Animal spirit guide magick / spells / workings
  • Grounding / earthing

Pink Candle Colour Meanings

  • Romance
  • Romantic love
  • Friendship (a close friendship compared with the type used for a yellow candle – see above)
  • Affection
  • Intimacy (not necessarily sexual)
  • Femininity
  • Self-love
  • Compassion
  • Heart chakra workings / spells (can also be done with green candles instead)

Silver Candle Colour Meanings

  • Goddess energy
  • Moon energy (new and full moon)
  • Moon magick / spells / workings
  • Women’s magick and spells
  • Psychic ability spells and magick

Gold Candle Colour Meanings

  • God energy
  • Sun magick / spells / workings
  • Sun energy
  • Men’s magick and spells (fertility / power / virility)
  • Wealth spells and magick

Grey Candle Colour Meanings

  • Neutrality
  • Balance
  • Wisdom / Advice (think of wisdom from a sage, crone or elder)
  • Grey magick (neither white nor black magick)
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What do colours mean in witchcraft? Find out how to use colours in magick and spells to align with your intentions and desires.

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Learn how to interpret the outcome and progress of your spell candles by reading the wax, flame and soot.
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14 thoughts on “Colour Correspondences for Candle Magick and Spells

  1. I have a question regarding this a friend told me to buy a black candle and a white candle for my husband sweet him up and bring him back to me but in the black candle he told me to put coffee around the candle then get the white candle put brown sugar around it what does that means need help with that plz


    • In hoodoo, coffee represents action/speeding things up/hot so adding to the black candle would help to remove negativity quicker. While brown sugar is a sweetener and adding to the colour white would sweeten to bring more positivity.

      However, a honey jar may be something to consider in addition or after the candle working. In hoodoo, honey is slow/persistent/sweetening and has a longer lasting effect.

      If doing candle workings with the white/black candle combination with coffee and brown sugar, you may choose to add a pink candle with herbs associated with the love qualities that you want from your husband such as pink roses for romance/companionship or red roses for passion/sex/love.

      While simple clearing techniques to get someone to sweeten up to you, there needs to be “substance” – that is: how do you want them to treat you? A simple sweetener spell can get them to be nicer, but the working needs an additional “motive” why and how they should be sweeter to you.

      Adding a pink candle and love herbs to the working or after the working with black/white candles may help with that.

      Hope that helps!


      Liked by 1 person

      • I was going to ask you if you know a love spell that can go with the work I’m sorry if im bothering you to. Much but I just need help for someone that can understand me what I’m going through right now can you please help me I asking for your help plz .red rose oil or real rose thank you may God bless you always


      • I don’t have or really do any love spells, but I may have some suggestions on how you can craft your own.

        7 day candles may be something to consider if you work with the candle, develop a connection with the candle and/or oils and your intention.

        Depending on where you live here are a few suggested shops:

        1. The Witchery had a Love Drawing Candle that the Witch can customize for your intention and ships from Canada:

        The Witchery also has oils that can be used to anoint yourself, candles or objects. Recommended oil for this would be:

        For oils, search “hoodoo love oil for sale” in Google. Be sure to research the shops first to see if you trust their site and products.

        2. Lucky Mojo has vigil candles also. This one may be of interest – near the bottom of the site are also links to spell resources and archives:

        If you want to create one of your own candles, things like red, pink and white rose petals, gardenia flowers, a pink and/or red candle and rose quartz would be ideal while working between the new moon phase up until the day before the full moon.

        The more continuous it’s worked on each day leading up to the full moon, the more effective.

        Creating a “love charm bag” to carry rose petals, rose quartz, gardenia flower petals in a bag anointed with a love oil each day and night and carried on you may work while also working the candle magick.

        Keeping your home cleansed with incense or any type of smudging/sage/lavender, etc., may help as well as sweeping door ways daily and sprinkling white salt at any outside entrances to your home.

        While you do the workings this will keep negativity out each day while you work on positivity.

        The candle workings would be done during the waxing moon phase, the charm bag worked on for the entire moon phase and clearing/cleansing your space every day.

        You may notice if you forget to clear your space fir a few days, that the energy in your home may change or problems start again.

        If you forget that’s OK and you can go back to clearing your space/home with incense/smudging (any kind you like) and salt at the outside entrances to your home.

        Hope that helps!


      • I would perhaps try a Come Back to Me candle such as this one: (the link looks wrong, but I copied it from and add Come to Me oil such as found here: (again the link looks wrong, but it is from the right site!) and then add an herb such as orris root, damiana, red clover and/or wild cherry bark. These would be what I would try. Fridays would be the best day if you can’t wait for the new moon but don’t attempt this working on the next new moon during the solar eclipse. It would be best to wait until a couple of days after the solar eclipse (July 2) and it would be OK to do the working during the waxing moon until the full moon (but not during the next lunar eclipse). If you light the candle and do this working, do so each day for the 7 days until the candle is finished. Hope this helps!


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