How to use Tarot in Witchcraft

Get the meanings of tarot cards for witchcraft spells and how to use tarot in witchcraft.

Tarot and witchcraft seem to go hand in hand nowadays and have nearly, if not already, become almost synonymous with each other.

However, to be clear and honest, not every tarot reader is a witch and not every witch reads or uses tarot.

If you’re reading this, it’s most likely that you’re interested in tarot and witchcraft whether you consider yourself a tarot reader/enthusiast and/or practicing witch.

Tarot can be used in a variety of ways in witchcraft including most notably tarot spells, which we’ll cover in more detail in this post.

Let’s begin with the idea of using tarot before even starting any magickal working or spell and we’ll work our way to tarot spells and the use of the tarot in magick.

How to use Tarot in Witchcraft

Although the trend nowadays is that tarot is more of a “self-analysis / self-exploration” tool along Jungian psychology, tarot in its original design has always been a predictive divination tool, yet still one that can help us get better clarity of any situation.

Tarot is a wide and vast divination tool that can be suited to any style of tarot reader as the reader develops their own relationship and system with the cards, so if you don’t consider yourself a predictive reader, that’s OK too.

The tarot can still be used for magickal workings and spells in other ways aside from prediction which we’ll cover in the later section of this post.

In magickal workings and spells, tarot readings can be used to:

  • determine the outcome of a spell
  • know the likelihood of success for a spell
  • learn the consequences or repercussions of a spell
  • figure out what kind of spell to perform.

A simple tarot reading can be done in advance of performing a spell to determine the success, outcome and what kind of spell to perform such as a three or four card spread or a simple or traditional Celtic Cross spread.

If you feel unsure about the potential success of a spell or you’ve been asked to do a spell for someone else, it can be a good idea to consult your tarot cards to see about the chances of success or to get a better idea about the situation before spending money and time on a spell that may or may not work at all.

Keep in mind, if the initial tarot reading shows that the spell you have in mind may not be successful, you can reframe your question to see what you need to adjust or change in order to reach your desired outcome or goal.

Remember: don’t ask the same question(s) again and again.

Reframe the question in a way that adds new insight or information or looks at the situation or question from another angle, or can get more clarity into the situation.

If the cards still show the spell won’t be successful or the cards are no longer co-operating, then it may be likely that it’s just “not in the cards” that the spell will be a good idea or worth your time and energy.

Tarot Witchery for Meditations and Vision Boards

Tarot can be used in mental witchery to create positive affirmations and goal setting.

Depending on the style of tarot decks that you like and that you feel call to you, you can use imagery from tarot cards to create vision boards or use the images for meditations.

Take a tarot card from a tarot deck and use the card on your altar or carry it with you, or find an image online and save it to your computer or phone, or print it to keep it someplace where you can see it often as a reminder.

The imagery can be used before or after a spell as a way to invoke the energy and messages of the card, whether you want to attract that energy into your life or embody that energy in yourself.

Pinterest can be an excellent platform to create a board with just the imagery of one particular tarot card.

For example, if you want to work with the Strength card, you can find images with the colours orange and yellow, pictures of lions, strong women, images that display artwork similar to the Strength card or artwork of the Strength card from other tarot decks.

Tarot Spells and Witchcraft

Many tarot spells also include crystals, candles, herbs, oils and one or more tarot cards as the focal point of the spell.

The tarot card is sometimes placed underneath, behind, in front or to the side of a candle and crystals and herbs are decorated on or around the candle creating a visualization for the spell working.

Tarot spells are often left in view for a certain duration or if the spell needs to be removed or taken down, the tarot card is sometimes carried or left in a place where it can be seen as a reminder.

The tarot card used in a tarot spell will depend on the type of spell that is done.

The major arcana may be commonly used as they are the most iconic, but the minor arcana can also be used for a variety of spells.

For more tarot spell ideas, these books are recommended:

365 Days of Tarot Spells by Sasha Graham – this book contains 365 tarot spells for every day of the year containing list of items and directions for each of the spells. *

The Complete Book of Tarot Reversals by Mary K. Greer – this book has a list of modern and traditional interpretations of upright and reversal meanings of the cards and includes traditional magickal / shamanic interpretations of the cards which can be helpful for any witch or magickal practitioner. *

*not affiliated links

Tarot Cards for Witchcraft, Spells and Magick

Every card in the tarot can be used for spells and magick, which they can be used separately or combined if properly determined what each card means.

Some witchcraft / tarot practitioners believe that only one tarot deck should be used for spell work only and not for regular tarot readings – especially not for client tarot readings.

However, other practitioners believe that whatever tarot deck calls to you and wants to be a part of a spell is the right deck for the working.

Let your intuition be your guide to tell you what deck in your collection should be for spell work.

If a tarot deck is used for a spell and will be used for tarot readings later or at some time afterwards, be sure to cleanse the deck thoroughly and recharge it with your energy again and designate its purpose for readings again.

However, if you feel that you have a tarot deck that you really like and want to use for spells, but don’t want to mix spells and readings with the same deck, you could buy a second deck of that tarot deck and use one for spell work and the other for tarot readings.

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How to use tarot in witchcraft and meanings of tarot cards for magick and spells.

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