What is a Reiki Spiritual Detox?

Find out what a reiki spiritual detox is and how to manage symptoms of a reiki spiritual detox

Reiki is known for its healing benefits that are non-invasive and gentle for everyone with practically no harmful side effects.

This is what makes reiki an excellent alternative and complementary therapy to any medical treatment.

Reiki is a Japanese word that comes from the two Japanese words “rei” = “energy” and “ki” = universal / life force; which reiki therefore means (along the lines) “universal life force energy.”

In an article by The Altantic, studies about reiki treatments in a Western hospital setting have shown increased benefits for many patients including after surgery or chemotherapy treatment.

Reiki has provided healing for many from physical and emotional trauma / ailments which can help with side effects from treatments such as chemotherapy and can even help reduce the need for pain medication for chronic diseases.

Although reiki is a complementary therapy and shouldn’t always be used to replace an approved treatment as recommended by a tending physician (unless directed otherwise by that physician), the effects of reiki can help boost such treatments in conjunction with standard medicine.

What is a Reiki Spiritual Detox?

While reiki is known for being non-invasive and the energy channeled during a reiki session is directed to assist a client’s highest good, there can be an after effect known as “spiritual detox”.

In this post, we’ll cover:

  • What spiritual detox is
  • Why spiritual detox happens
  • Symptoms of spiritual detox
  • How long spiritual detox can last
  • How to overcome / manage spiritual detox symptoms

Let’s look at what spiritual detox is and why it happens.

Why does Reiki Spiritual Detox happen?

A reiki spiritual detox may be mild and often isn’t problematic enough to interfere severely with daily life. The symptoms may often be managed when you take the time to address them calmly and are gentle with yourself.

After receiving a reiki treatment, it’s best to take it easy for at least a day or two after the session and allow yourself time to absorb and process the session on a molecular level.

Reiki spiritual detox symptoms could become more problematic the more you fight and resist the changes that are happening. If you become tired after a reiki session and don’t allow yourself to rest or sleep, you may become more exhausted and other symptoms may become exacerbated.

These symptoms may be commonly present for 1 to 3 days after a session, although they could last up to 21 days if there are other issues that are hindering the healing process.

The symptoms will often lessen with each passing day as you continue to show improvement.

However, if the following symptoms listed below worsen with each passing day and become distressing in any way, please seek medical advice from your physician or medical clinic.

If you experience any shortness of breath and/or high fever that lasts more than 2 days, please seek medical advice immediately as these are most very likely NOT due to reiki spiritual detox.

At the time of this post, due to COVID-19 concerns, please seek out your local health authority websites to find more information on updates on this illness. Please be sure to follow guidelines about inquiries and seeking testing for COVID-19 as recommended by your state, provincial or country procedures.

Common symptoms of spiritual detox that may be experienced after a reiki session:

  • Tiredness
  • Sleepiness
  • Cold or Flu-like symptoms
  • Runny nose
  • Slight fever (1 or 2 degrees higher body temperature than your normal temperature)
  • Extra energy
  • Less sleep / early awakening
  • Mood swings
  • Digestive issues
  • Skin issues or problems
  • Muscle aches or pains

These symptoms may be experienced after any reiki session whether performed in person or by distance.

In 2020, the term “physical / social distancing” has become a key factor in reducing the spread of the illness COVID-19.

Distance reiki sessions have become an effective way to provide reiki healing without having to be in physical contact with another.

To learn more about how distance reiki can be just as effective as in person sessions, check out this article by Mind Body Green.

How Long can Reiki Spiritual Detox Symptoms Last?

For some people, the symptoms of spiritual detox after reiki can last for 24 hours up to 21 days.

However, it may not be unusual to have most symptoms last 72 hours to 7 days after the first initial treatment / session and may possibly continue after a few subsequent treatments afterwards.

For some people, these symptoms may happen consistently over the course of a few days and then disappear altogether.

For other people, the symptoms may come and go over a few days or up to 21 days.

In most cases, the symptoms are mild or at least lessen as each day passes showing some improvement and benefit from the reiki session.

This is comparable to doing a physical detox or cleansing such as eating a special diet designed to improve your health which you may feel ill after the first few days until your body removes the toxins from your system and becomes accustomed to the new diet.

The same for when you first join a gym. It may be tiring the first few days, but as you progress your body adapts and you begin to see the benefits.

How to Overcome  / Manage Reiki Spiritual Detox Symptoms

When it comes to managing spiritual detox, there are simple steps that can be taken to alleviate any of the previous mentioned symptoms.

Here are a few suggestions to assist with overcoming and managing:

  • Get enough / more sleep – take naps if you can, go to bed early.
  • Reduce caffeine intake – drink less cola, coffee or sugary drinks
  • Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables – add foods that have nutrients and vitamins to your diet
  • Drink more water – stay hydrated throughout the day
  • Get some exercise – go for a walk or workout that’s safe for you

What about the Benefits of Reiki?

Now that you know what may happen after a reiki session in terms of spiritual detox, what are the benefits of a reiki treatment?

Benefits from a reiki session (in person or by distance) can vary from person to person, but can have lasting effects to improve overall health.

Some benefits of a reiki session may be:

  • Increased vitality
  • More energy / less fatigue
  • Increased productivity
  • Better sleep quality / more restful sleep
  • Reduction in anxiety / fear
  • Reduction in pain / reduction in need for pain medication
  • Improved focus / concentration
  • Healing past memories / situations

The benefits of reiki may vary from person to person and even session to session.

The effects of a reiki session can be just as beneficial during a distance reiki session as it can be for an in person reiki session.

The more receptive that you are during a reiki session, the easier and more effective the session will be overall.

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Find the symptoms of reiki spiritual detox and what reiki spiritual detox is.

Find out what a reiki spiritual detox is that may happen after a reiki session and how to manage symptoms of reiki spiritual detox.

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