New Year’s Tarot Spread

New Year's Tarot Spread. Say goodbye to the old year and ring in the New Year with a New Year;s Tarot Spread to get a glance at the year to come. Happy New Year!
Another year is coming to an end as we look ahead to the possibilities of a new year.

December is usually a time when we can look back at the year that was, both globally and personally, and see what progress has been made and where more work needs to be done.

We start to make plans for the new year, continue projects, start new projects and see the potential of what may come.

Here is a New Year’s Tarot Spread that can be done to reflect on the year that has passed and the year that is about to begin.

Lay the cards in any manner that you wish, record and date your reading to refer back to it throughout the year or at the end of the following year to see what has happened.


New Year’s Tarot Spread


  1. Theme or lesson of the new year
  2. Lessons learned from the past year
  3. That which is being left behind in or let go of from the past year
  4. Challenges or obstacles that may be faced in the new year
  5. How to overcome or work with these challenges or obstacles in the new year
  6. What to focus on in the new year
  7. That which will be gained by the end of the new year
  8. How to achieve or get closer to your dreams and/or goals in the new year
  9. Summary card: This card is the numerical value of all the previous cards added together and reduced to 22 or under 22.

For the summary card in the New Year’s Tarot Spread:

For court cards found in the spread, use the following numbers to equate them to digits: Page – 11, Knight – 12, Queen – 13, King – 14.

After you have reduced the total numbers added to 22 or under 22, match the number to one of the major arcana with that same number (The Fool would be number 22.)

This major arcana card will be your summary card of the reading for the year, which you can use for meditation, gaining wisdom, strength, motivation, etc., and can be added or read together with the Theme/Lesson card for the year from the beginning of the reading.

Happy Holidays and Blessings for a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!


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New Year's Tarot Spread. Say goodbye to the old year and ring in the New Year with a New Year;s Tarot Spread to get a glance at the year to come. Happy New Year!



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