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Welcome to our contribution to the celebration of International Tarot Day!

I trust you enjoyed Jillian C. Wilde’s article on Queen of Wands, and now, we’re tackling another challenging Tarot card: Ace of Pentacles.

It’s great to be part of this epic blog hop, organized by Bree at Nym’s Divination. Thanks, Bree!

TarotPugs has been gifted with the opportunity to blog about the Ace of Pentacles, which of itself is the very epitome of a gift in the tarot.

Here we’re going to discuss about the Ace of Pentacles and manifestation, which the Ace of Pentacles seems to say, “ask and you shall receive.”

The Ace of Pentacles in the Rider Waite Smith Tarot has a hand extended from a cloud, holding a gold coin with a pentacle on it.


Pentacles represent the five elements known in alchemy: fire, water, air, earth and spirit – the building blocks that create everything.


To hold all five elements in the palm of your hand allows you to manifest whatever you desire in this world.


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Some readers interpret the Ace of Pentacles as a gift, something tangible offered, a reward or prize, something earned or owed in return.

We just need to extend our hand and receive it.

We can think of the Ace of Pentacles as waiting to receive something, just asking for it, and being handed something.

However, even when desiring to manifest something, not only do we need to be specific, we also must be careful what we ask for.

Sometimes we get what we want.

Sometimes we get more than we asked for.

Sometimes we get more than what we bargained for.


Sometimes it’s more than we can handle.


When it comes to manifestation, we need to be careful what we wish for.

However, as you’ll see in the following post, there’s more to just “wishful thinking”.


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Manifestation can be interpreted and done in many ways.

It can be a spiritual/mystic practice or something more mainstream, however we’ve all worked our own “manifestation magic” at one time or another.

This can be done in ways such as prayer, spell work, meditation, vision boards, journaling and so forth.

Books on the market can be found to help us focus our attention and go after what we want. “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne was a popular book on manifestation and the law of attraction in the early 2000s (published in 2006).

Manifestation has become mainstream that we don’t have to think of it as “mystical” or “magical”; it can be the way we think and change our state of mind to manifest what we desire.


Every day, we work “magic” in our own ways.


Whether you practice spiritual arts or not, we can work our own magic to manifest what we desire.

This isn’t just about saying a few words or a prayer and leaving it up to God/Goddess/Universe/Spirit.


Manifestation combines intention, desire, focus, and yes, real work.


When we combine all these elements into a single desire, we can manifest just about anything.


Working on manifestation takes more than simply saying “I really want x, y, z.” 


It takes breaking it all down into how exactly you’re going to do it and combining things to bring the energy and focus you want to your desire.

Manifestations can be for anything you’d like: love, friendship, a new job, a new car, a new home, more money, the perfect pet, and more.


There are several techniques that help to bring this focus and make your desire a reality:


Spell Work


Spell work is, if you practice it, a way to focus the mind and intention to create a change within yourself and your environment (more the way you project into the environment).

Spells aren’t necessarily connected to any religious practice and it’s been adapted and adopted by different belief systems and practices.


Different cultures have practiced and worked magic to manifest over thousands of years and is being revived and brought forth thanks to the interconnected nature of the Internet and publishers.


Spell work is similar in comparison to a prayer in action with focus and intention.


Rather than saying a few words and then off to bed, it puts your focus and state of mind towards your desire and states your intention.

For a manifestation spell, you can gather items that represent or are associated with what you desire and place them on your altar or a special space on a table to leave them undisturbed.

Tend to the items daily and/or place more there if you’d like.

Add flowers, spices or herbs associated with what you desire (e.g. cinnamon or nutmeg for money; clover for luck; roses for love) or crystals to draw what you want towards you (pyrite for money/business; rose quartz for love).

You can work a spell to set your intentions and place the Ace of Pentacles in the centre of your altar or table with the items to create a sacred space for your desire to manifest.


Spells for manifestation can be found in books and online.

However, the best spells are ones tailored and customized by yourself.


Spells can be worked for one day, three days, seven days, etc. to keep the intention and focus active in your mind.


If you have knowledge in correspondences to elements, herbs, colour, etc., adapt, modify, substitute parts of spells to create one specific to how you work, what you believe and what you want to manifest.

The best spells come from yourself, however inspiration from other works of spells can be helpful to craft your own.


Vision Boards


Vision boards are a popular method that in a way can work like a spell on their own, if you stay focused and intent on them.

A vision board can be a corkboard or large sheet of Bristol paper to cut and paste images, phrases and words to focus your attention and intent on what you want to manifest.


Visions boards can be done in a spell and added to often to keep the intent strong.


Pinterest can be a great way to create digital vision boards to collect images and posts that help create the mindset and intention that you want and to help manifest what you desire.

For example, want that vacation of your dreams?

Find images of the location and pin them to your vision/dream board; you can make it a secret board if you want, so that only you’ll be able to see it.

Manifestation or “dreaming something into reality” is actually quite common, however some people may think some of it is purely by being “lucky.”


TarotPugs Ace of Pentacles TWU


Visualization / Meditation


Visualization and meditation can be combined with the above techniques.

Have you ever wanted something so badly that you can almost taste and feel it?

You felt it down to your very core. Perhaps you got it, perhaps not, but you knew that you wanted it.


Visualization and meditation techniques can help you keep what you want in your mind, so that your actions align with your intentions.


Everything that you do is something that works towards your goal or desire. You keep this dream, goal, intention in your mind and have reminders to keep your focus on it.


Daily visualizations can help with this, which can be done while meditation with a candle and/or music, or even while at work or in the car or any place.

Visualization can be effected when used with other methods to help keep your focus and attention on your goal.


Manifestation doesn’t always have to be connected to something physical or tangible.


Visualization can help when trying to perfect skills or qualities in yourself, something that you try to manifest within yourself, for example working to improve your health.

Methods for visualization and guided meditation can be found online and in several books to help you if you’d like to try this technique.




Keeping a journal about your goals and what you want to manifest can help keep the dream alive.

You can keep track of your progress and whatever else you hope to do in order to achieve this goal.

Keep one goal or dream per journal and write as often as you can or would like to.

This can also help to break tasks down into smaller ones so you can work on your manifestation goals more diligently and see progress sooner.


Journaling can also be spell work within itself based on the type of writing that you do.


You can hold the Ace of Pentacles as you write or keep it near by and as you write, keep your writing in the present tense as if it has already happened.

Instead of “I want to be” or “I want”, try “I am” or “I have”. This is an affirmation and creates it to manifest.

These can be written as affirmations and you can dedicate a page each night to an affirmation to reinforce what you desire.


Tarot Pugs TarotPugs Tarot of the Cat People Ace of Pentcles




All of this takes work.

You can wish for a dream job or dream partner/spouse, but if you sit at home every day and night and do nothing, chances are the dream job or partner won’t phone or knock on your door unexpectedly with an offer.

It takes work to get where you want to be.


Even manifestation spells need actual work.


However, all these manifestation techniques help to change your mindset, work the energy around you, work with the law of attraction to help change the environment and atmosphere around you to help make it easier to get what you desire.


Some may think, “if I have to do the work, why even bother with these techniques if it may just happen anyway?”


The best answer I can say is, it’s better than not doing anything and you may just stack the odds in your favour if you become more proactive in in your manifestation goals.


After all, wouldn’t you want to do all that you can to help yourself rather than just half of the work to get half the results?


So if you want to manifest that dream job, you can try all the above techniques and methods, do them daily, but you’ll still have to hand out job applications.

By putting your heart, mind and spirit into each action that you do, you create what you desire and the chances can sway in your favour.

By giving it your all, you’ll know that you’ve done everything in your power and abilities to bring what you desire.


Sometimes the Universe takes its time, but you may just get that dream job instead of settling for something you don’t want.


Manifestation techniques (even spell work) begin in the mind – it’s psychological.

We create what we think.


If we can think ourselves sick, sometimes (with certain circumstances) we can think ourselves better (when it comes to certain mental stress – not speaking of specific illnesses), but we do know we can make ourselves sick with our thoughts, due to worry and stress.

We can also think our way to manifesting our desires, but we have to put in the work to help make it happen.

You can hope and pray for a loan, but unless you fill out the paper work, make sure your credit is in decent shape and have all the documents you need ready, you won’t get it unless you do that work.

However, if you do all that work AND manifestation techniques, it increases the odds of being approved.

But, be prepared for what you ask for – you may get what you want, but be ready to handle it once you do get it.




The Ace of Pentacles shows us about the beginnings of what can be manifested.

We have that one coin in the Ace, then it becomes two (the Two of Pentacles) and we start juggling them (responsibilities, bills, etc.)

Then there’s the 3 of Pentacles (becomes work, collaboration, a job, criticism, etc.) and so on through the suit all the way to the very end of the suit with the King of Pentacles who rules his kingdom that all started with that single coin.

We hear stories of wealthy, successful people who started with very little and worked their way up to an empire.

But, it all starts with one thing to plant the seed for success.


However, after that, it requires work.


The rest of the Pentacles suit shows us the trials and successes of the suit.

We all have the ability to manifest what we desire – to combine our thoughts, desires and skills, we can create whatever we want.

The possibilities that lie before us, what we can receive and what we can manifest rest in that one coin – The Ace of Pentacles.


I hope you all have been enjoying this blog hop!

Please see Cosmic Faery’s Journal’s post about the Two of Pentacles for the next next amazing blog in the hop.

Thanks for reading! 

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