Crystals for Past-Life Work & Healing

Past-life work and healing is a process to work on and heal unresolved issues, feelings and emotions that remain from a previous lifetime. Sometimes our “baggage” isn’t even from this lifetime. Issues from a previous life can also carry forward into future lives. This can manifest as fears, anxieties, unexplained feelings and emotions triggered by … Continue reading Crystals for Past-Life Work & Healing

Five Crystals for Highly Sensitive Persons & Empaths

  Crystals can help offer protection to people who have heightened sensitivities to their environment and energies around them, including protection for empaths. Everyone will react and respond to specific crystals differently since everyone (including crystals) has a vibration frequency and rate. This is just a short list of crystals that can help with protection … Continue reading Five Crystals for Highly Sensitive Persons & Empaths