Thank you to everyone that I have done readings for and for the love received in return: 

I first found TarotPugs through Stacey’s insightful articles on all aspects on Tarot, and of course the photos of her wonderful pugs. The Fairy Tarot reading that I received from her was done with great care and professionalism. It was thoughtful, accurate and sprinkled with fairy magic. I highly recommend her work. – Heather

I just wanted to thank you for the reading. This was spot-on, I feel like, and I’m so thankful I found your shop. Your prices are amazing, and the in-depth information and analysis of the reading is an added bonus!! I’ll definitely be back.- Demi

These readings are done so well. I love her reading write ups. Her writing is so clear and concise and she explains her whole process. I also appreciate how quickly the readings are done. – Teagan

This was an extremely fascinating reading, unlike any I’ve had before! I do feel like I’ve made initial contact with a part of me I was unaware of. Stacey does a beautiful job with her written report (honestly, the best I’ve has on Etsy!) Her descriptions/explanations are thorough,thoughtful, and clear. I was also extremely impressed with her professional, beautifully done PDFs. Highly recommended as the best reading experience I’ve had so far on Etsy! Thank you, Stacey! – Maria

If you’d like to work me and request a reading, more details can be found on Buy a Reading or by visiting the TarotPugs Etsy shop to see available reading offers.