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As a clairaudient / claircognizant / clairvoyant, I use my knowledge of tarot and oracle cards.

These messages combined from spirit guides and interpretation of the cards to give information needed at the present time.

Whether it’s a one card reading or a larger spread, I design my readings to help assist you with guided messages from Spirit.

Delivered honestly and sensitively to help you on your path.

Ultimately, decisions after a reading are up to you. I lay down the cards, interpret the messages and turn it over to you.

We are all in charge of our own decisions and choices.

I aim to help my clients see not only what is ahead and around them, but also how they can make positive changes, decisions and choices in their lives.

Readings are offered by email & can be referred to anytime. 

Please visit or our Etsy shop to purchase a tarot or oracle reading.


I look forward to working with you. ā™„

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