Protection Skull Spell Bottle

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Protection spell jars and bottles can be made from simple ingredients to continuously protect yourself, your home, or other people.

This Protection Skull Spell Bottle is aesthetically perfect to have on an altar or near a doorway/entrance to protect yourself or your home.

Protection Skull Spell Bottle

Items for the Protection Skull Spell Bottle:

  • Skull bottle (small, medium, or large) – Crystal Head Vodka is excellent for getting these kinds of bottles, some specialty stores sells these and are most common around Halloween/Samhain.
  • Tarot card(s) or image of tarot card(s)* (see below for more information)
  • Plate or tray (to catch herbs)
  • Funnel (to pour oil and herbs)
  • Incense for Protection (optional)
  • Black tapered candle
  • Candle or BBQ Lighter

Ingredients for the Protection Skull Spell Bottle:

*Use the ingredient combinations that feels right to you and your traditions/customs.

If there are other ingredients for protection not listed below, feel free to add to the spell bottle.

  • Salt (white or black salt) – main ingredient for spell bottle
  • Juniper berries
  • Rowan berries
  • Boneset
  • Devil’s claw
  • Cascarilla
  • Angelica
  • Rosemary
  • Verbena
  • Small hammer nails (optional)
  • Strand of hair (your hair or the person or animal to be protected) (optional)
  • Protection oil (try this protection oil from International Herbs Co. or this protection oil from Original Botanica) – necessary ingredient for spell bottle

The amount for each ingredient will vary depending on the size of the spell bottle.

Use your best estimate on how much of each ingredient that you will need to fill the spell bottle completely.

For each ingredient, you may wish to use equal parts of the herbs/plants/salt to create layers in the spell bottle or you may wish to add more of one or two ingredients such as salt.

Selecting Tarot Card(s) for the Protection Skull Spell Bottle:

To work this protection skull spell bottle, select a court card from a tarot deck that you use for spells and magickal workings, which will represent you or the person/thing to be protected.

Choosing a a court card will depend on which of the cards you resonate the most with for your working and does not necessarily have to be the card that matches your gender.

If you work with a deck that doesn’t name these cards as King, Queen, Knight or Page, pick the cards that match these archetypal cards.

For example, if the person to be protected is a minor or child, then the Page or Knight would be used instead of a King or Queen.

Pages and Knights can be used for any gender of a minor; feel free to use your intuition about which of these whether King, Queen, Knight, or Page that you wish to use for the working.

To choose which suit of the King or Queen will depend on the type of protection that you want the bottle to work on:

Cups – Protection of relationships, family, friends, the aura, the heart (physically and emotionally), feelings, emotions

Wands – Protection of energy, health, vitality, creativity, travel, journeys, new beginnings

Swords – Protection of the mind, writings; protection from psychic attack or arguments

Pentacles – Protection of the home, money, finances, career, job, work, crops, gardens, animals, pets

If working to protect more than one thing or more than one reason:

If there are different factors in the working and you want protection from one or more things, feel free to use more than one of the court cards for the spell jar.

For example:

If you want to protect the health of a loved one, you could use the King or Queen of Cups with the King or Queen of Wands together.

If you want to protect your career/business, you can use the King or Queen of Pentacles.

If you want to protect your mental health or your written work, you can use the King or Queen of Swords.

You can combine protecting your mental health on the job/at work, by combing the King or Queen of Pentacles with the King or Queen of Swords.

Trust your intuition when doing magick:

If you feel that you want to use other cards such as the Ace of Pentacles, Ace of Swords, Ace of Wands or Ace of Cups or a major arcana card from the tarot deck in addition to the court cards (or replacing the court cards), feel free to do so!

Above all, do what feels right to you in any spell working if it is ethical.

Making the Protection Skull Spell Bottle

To begin the spell, gather all your ingredients and have a space to work on the spell bottle.

Make sure the skull bottle has been rinsed and air dried before beginning the spell and that there is a cap/lid for the bottle.

As you go through the working, each item will be cleansed and consecrated before being added to the skull bottle.

Place the skull bottle on the middle of your plate or tray with your chosen tarot card(s) or image underneath the plate or tray.

Rub your palms together and centre yourself.

If you wish, you can activate your chakras, create a protective circle around you and your working space, or any method that works for you to create sacred space.

Holding your hands over the skull bottle, mentally and visually cleanse and then charge the bottle with your intention.

Your intention should be simple and direct, focusing on the purpose of why you want the skull bottle to bring you money or how you wish it to bring you money.

An intention may be something like:

“May this skull bottle protect (name what you want to be protected.)”


“May this skull bottle bring protection from (name what you want to be protected from.)”

Hold your hands over the skull bottle and send energy channeled from the top of your head into the bottle.

Continue this until you feel ready to proceed to the next step.

If you wish you may make the sign of the equal armed cross or pentagram over the bottle once or several times choosing a significant number of times that feels right to you or has meaning for you.

Begin with one of the herbs and take some of the herb into your palm.

Hold your other hand over the herb in your palm and send your intention and energy into the herb.

Place the herb into the skull bottle. A funnel may help to make this process easier.

Continue this step with each of these herbs: boneset, juniper berries, rowan berries, salt (white or black), devil’s claw (optional), cascarilla (optional)

If desired, small hammer nails or hair can be added the to spell jar.

If using hammer nails, the nails can be anointed with protection oil first before placed in the spell jar.

Next, take the protection oil and shake the bottle infusing it with your intention.

Add a few drops into the skull bottle.

Top off the skull bottle with any of the herbs that have spilled onto the tray that was catching the herbs.

Hold your hands over the skull bottle to pray and infuse it with your energy and intentions.

Seal the skull bottle with the cap/lid.

Light the black candle (you may wish to anoint this candle with protection oil prior to lighting it.)

Hold the black candle over the top/lid of the skull bottle and allow the wax from the candle to drip onto the skull bottle.

Continue to do so until the top of the bottle is sealed completely in wax while being careful to avoid burning any fingers while holding the candle.

If desired, the black candle can be put aside to burn safely and completely if there is enough wax on the skull bottle.

Next, if desired, light incense made for protection and wave the incense or censor around the skull bottle.

Work protection magick with this protection skull spell bottle #witchcraft #magick #spells
Protection Skull Spell Bottle

Working with the Protection Skull Spell Bottle

Here are some tips for working with your protection skull spell bottle:

Anoint the protection skull spell bottle daily.

This can be done with protection oil every day, preferably in the evenings and/or before bedtime.

Keep in the protection skull spell bottle in a safe, hidden place.

Keep the protection skull bottle in near your doorway or entrance, but out of sight.

This can be on a table behind items, on a high shelf, or in a front entrance closet.

The key is to not let visitors or guests see the spell bottle.

If you feel inclined, the skull bottle can be placed on an altar also (if not seen by visitors.)

Place the protection skull spell bottle on your chosen Tarot card(s).

Keep the protection skull spell bottle placed on top of your chosen tarot card(s).

If you wish to change what the skull spell bottle will protect you from, create a small ritual to program and charge the skull spell bottle to protect you from what you choose.

This can be done by praying over the skull spell bottle to set the new protection intention.

Place the appropriate tarot card or tarot image under the skull spell bottle that matches its new function for protection.

Protection crystals can be used with the protection skull spell bottle.

Crystals such as black tourmaline, smoky quartz, obsidian, shungite, black kyanite and tiger’s eye can be placed next to the skull bottle to enhance its effects.

Burn protection incense near the protection skull spell bottle.

If you can burn incense regularly (i.e. don’t have sensitivities or are permitted to burn incense), you may wish to do so around the skull bottle and infuse the bottle with the incense regularly.

Treat the protection skull spell bottle with TLC (Tender Loving Care).

Always handle the skull bottle with care and respect. Try not to neglect the skull bottle especially during the first few days or weeks of working with the skull bottle.

The more you pay attention and work with the skull bottle, the more results you will see.

If you no longer wish to have the skull spell bottle, bury the bottle near your home.

The protection skull spell bottle can be buried in your yard or in a flower pot with some soil on your balcony or porch, a plant or flowers can be planted near where the skull bottle is buried.

Try planting mugwort, marjoram, rosemary, basil, or garden sage (different than white sage.) White Heather and vervain also symbolise protection.

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Work protection magick with this protection skull spell bottle #witchcraft #magick #spells
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