Working with Ragana, Baltic Goddess of Witchcraft and Death

Find out how to work with Ragana, the Baltic goddess of witchcraft and death.

Many magickal and witchcraft practitioners may not know of this goddess, that Ragana is the Lithuanian / Latvian goddess of witchcraft and death.

The attributes of Ragana are like the witch goddess Baba Yaga, known in Slavic and Russian mythology and folktales, however Ragana is strongly connected to the Baltic region.

Lithuanian and Latvian mythology isn’t commonly known in the Neo-Pagan community and much of these mythologies and stories have been relegated to legends and folktales that didn’t come into writing until the 18th century.

Most of the stories, folktales and legends known in Lithuania and Latvia were passed down orally which survived in national ritual and festive songs of the region.

Lithuania became Christianized in 1387, but many of the mythology elements remained into the 19th century.

Ragana and her similarity to Baba Yaga is noticeable, however, if you work with Ragana and Baba Yaga, you will see there are differences between them.

To know more about working with Baba Yaga, find out more here: Witchcraft & Healing with Baba Yaga.

Working with Ragana, the Baltic Goddess of Witchcraft and Death

In Slavic mythology, there is another goddess of witchcraft and death: Morana who also is known as Morena, Marzanna, and Mara depending on the language and region.

However, the Baltic region even though near the Slavic countries, isn’t considered a Slavic country and the languages spoken there are unique to themselves compared to Slavic languages, although these are considered Balto-Slavic languages.

To begin working with Ragana, the Goddess of Witchcraft and Death, here are a few suggestions and recommendations:

Begin a Slow Introduction to Ragana

Ragana is a goddess that doesn’t want to be seen by strangers.

She is a goddess that resides in the forest just like Baba Yaga but doesn’t have the well-known chicken legged hut like Baba Yaga.

Ragana can appear as a beautiful woman, a frightening creature or even an animal.

If deciding to meet Ragana, you mustn’t surprise her.

This is like the story of Diana, the Huntress in the forest that if any male would sneak upon her and her maidens that he would be torn to shreds.

Ragana prefers to work with witches and menopausal women; men need to approach her very carefully.

Ragana may be accompanied by other witches like handmaidens and if you see her, you must not surprise her unexpectedly.

It is better to be cautious and wait, somehow announcing your presence if she becomes aware. Never interrupt her if she is in the middle of performing a task.

When meeting Ragana, you may wish to sit and wait upon a hill that is in a clearing.

This can be done in a physical place or in meditation / the astral realm.

In Baltic and Slavic folktales, it is said that witches would gather on a mound to perform their workings and spells.

The most famous of these places is known as Lysa Hora or Lysa Gora.

The Witchery has a ritual oil by the same name which is ideal for such a working.

When introducing yourself to Ragana, don’t expect much from her or many words.

She has no use for you.

She doesn’t owe you anything.

Don’t ask for anything.

Don’t expect anything.

Let her know that you expect nothing from her and that you respect her.

If you want to become a better witch, you may express your desire to learn more about magick but that she doesn’t owe you anything.

It requires persistence.

In time she may put you to a task or tell you what you need to do.

You must do this task or likely she will not speak to you again.

Always thank Ragana.

She will likely leave you before you must end the meeting.

Learn a little bit of the Lithuanian or Latvian language

This will go a long way to developing a relationship with Ragana and will show that you respect her.

If you have Baltic ancestry, then this is even more important when working with Ragana.

Ragana (pronounced RAH-GAH-NAH) in Lithuanian and Latvian means the word “witch”, however this has a malefic and bad reputation that not many would have a positive association with this word.

However, like many people who call themselves witches, this is a word that has been reclaimed and added power back to the meaning of the word.

If you wish to establish some report with Ragana, then it’s wise to learn simple greetings and pleasantry words in Lithuanian or Latvian to show your respect to Ragana.

There are some apps available in the Google Play store that may get you started.

Some are free while others are paid subscriptions.

Be sure about how much you want to invest in learning the language before paying for a subscription. A free app may give you enough to establish a connection with Ragana.

Here are some Google Play apps to consider for learning some Lithuanian or Latvian words:

Simya Solutions Ltd. – Simply Learn Lithuanian (free and paid options)

Simya Solutions Ltd. – Learn Lithuanian with Master Ling (first lesson free then paid subscription)

50 Languages LLC  – Learn Latvian (free)

Simya Solutions Ltd. – Learn Latvian with Master Ling (first lesson free then paid subscription)

In addition to this, familiarize yourself with some history of Lithuania and Latvia, and learn about custom foods, traditions, music, etc.

Know the Correspondences and Offerings for Ragana

As for any other goddess or god, it’s important to know the correspondences or offerings for the deity that you want to work with.

It’s especially important to build a relationship with the deity before you start asking a favour.

When working with a goddess such as Ragana or even Baba Yaga, these goddesses don’t take kindly to someone asking for favours even within weeks of establishing contact.

These goddesses are reclusive and don’t want to be bothered.

If these goddesses take a liking to you and you prove your worthiness, they may be inclined to give you advice, counsel, assign tasks to you so to help you on your journey, or even provide healing.

Here are some correspondences and offerings that are connected to Ragana:

  • Birch trees
  • Crows, magpies, owls, female dogs, goats, carp, pike
  • Crescent moon (waxing crescent and waning crescent)
  • Waning half of the year (Summer Solstice to Winter Solstice)
  • Toads and poisonous animals
  • Poisonous plants and herbs
  • Red, White, Black (colours)
  • Baltic amber

Offerings for Ragana:

  • eggs (farm fresh, free range are better)
  • hunted game (the first cut/slice/cooked part will be the offering)
  • butter
  • cheese
  • hair (human or animal – but this may be better if your own hair – note: if using your own hair, use from a brush or if you wish to cut your own hair, have someone else cut your hair but don’t cut it yourself)
  • menstrual blood (best if collected)
  • sheep’s wool (natural, undyed)

These offerings may be placed on an altar at home, then discarded safely in the trash or placed in a wooded forested area depending on your region and wildlife

Be sure to follow province, state, country guidelines and/or be cautious if predatory animals are in your region – in that case, hair and sheep’s wool may be better suited.


Working Magick or Spells with Ragana

Ragana is more than a goddess of witchcraft and death, just like Baba Yaga or even Hekate and Morana.

If you have established a connection with Ragana after weeks or months of dedication, you can also work with Ragana for the following:

  • renewal
  • rebirth
  • regeneration
  • malefic magick (sometimes called black / dark / bad magick historically)
  • benefic magick (sometimes called white / light / good magick historically)
  • blessing
  • cursing
  • menopause
  • curing illness / healing
  • causing illness / sickness
  • prophecy / divination

Saturdays may be the best day to work with Ragana as Saturday is associated with endings, death and hard work.

Like with other goddesses of witchcraft and death, it’s advisable to slowly introduce yourself, to observe, be patient, be a student of the goddess, wait for her to impart wisdom, advice or a task to you, before asking for assistance in your magick.

If you feel called to work with Ragana or another goddess such as Hekate or Baba Yaga, this goddess may want to work with you, but that doesn’t mean she will simply give you all the answers or even be open and receptive.

You may be chosen, but you will still have to prove your worth and dedication.

Sėkmės jums / Veiksmi jums / Best of luck to you.

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Find out how to work with Ragana, the Baltic goddess of witchcraft and death. #darkgoddess #witchcraft #death

Find out how to work with Ragana, the Baltic goddess of witchcraft and death. #darkgoddess #witchcraft #death

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