Book Review: The Mindful Witch by Jenn Stevens

Book Review: The Mindful Witch A Daily Journal for Manifesting a Magickal Life by Jenn Stevens #witchcraft #wicca


Whether you’re a novice witch or have been practicing witchcraft for decades, every witch needs their own personal journal, grimoire or book of shadows.

The Mindful Witch: A Daily Journal for Manifesting a Truly Magickal Life by Jenn Stevens is a beautifully designed, artistically aesthetically pleasing book that is part-journal, part-book of shadows and part-grimoire.

Here’s our review on this beautifully designed journal for witches:


Book Review: The Mindful Witch by Jenn Stevens


Book Review: The Mindful Witch by Jenn Stevens


Included in The Mindful Witch by Jenn Stevens are:


  • Exploring your discovery and relationship to witchcraft (“Witch, Know Thyself”)
  • Mindfulness & modern witchcraft (what mindfulness means to you)
  • Creating an altar (significance of altars for you)
  • The Four Elements (what they mean to you)
  • The Seasons & The Wheel of the Year
  • Day of the Week
  • Intro to Moon Phases (New, Waxing, Full, Waning)
  • Intro to Spells (defining intention for spell work)
  • Intro to Rituals (what rituals mean for you)
  • Correspondences for Days of the Week, Months and Sabbats (and to add your own interpretations)
  • Introduction to New Moons & Full Moons of each month/sign (to explore your own relationship to the moon)


Great for the novice witch, The Mindful Witch also covers:


  • Simple circle casting
  • Ritual planning
  • Intention setting for new & full moons
  • A meditation on mindfulness
  • Three (3) novice and easy spells
  • Book of Shadows – for journal entries


The compact 155-page book includes areas to journal your insight and thoughts, allowing you to deepen your understanding of your own personal witchcraft practice.

(Get out your fancy pens!)


The book includes tidbits and inspirational quotes throughout the book, beautifully in an artistic watercolour design of purples, blues, greens, pinks and reds.


The Mindful Witch book includes three (3) spells that are ideal for any novice witch to get started on:


  • A Honey Jar Spell to attract outcomes, people and physical things into your life;
  • An Easy Money Spell to attract money towards you;
  • A Simple Protection Spell to protect your home and inhabitants from negative energy.


In the back of the book is a Book of Shadows section of seven (7) pages to add your own spells or can be used as a template on how to record your own spells.


If you’re an absolute beginner, this book will cover the basics, however doesn’t go into great detail if you’re looking for the how’s, why’s and the mechanics of witchcraft.

Yet, it will whet your appetite and even goes into introduction to deities in connection with the sabbats and days of the week.

For beginner or experienced alike, if you want to look further into your personal relationship with witchcraft and explore your understanding of what you have read and learned, this is the book to have.


The Mindful Witch: A Daily Journal for Manifesting a Truly Magickal Life is quite aesthetically pleasing and modern that it can make as a cute mini “book of shadows / journal”.

This journal could potentially be passed down for generations written with your thoughts and musings about the craft as teachings and insight into your personal practice.

With that in mind, like the historical journals of yore, think of the potential in which one of your descendants may stumble upon this journal and learn your perspective on witchcraft – maybe even follow in your footsteps.

The Mindful Witch by Jenn Stevens could easily become a family heirloom!


The small, decent sized book is sure to become a constant companion book that can be taken anywhere and can be a place to store inner thoughts and musings about the craft.

This book could also easily become a place to store all your thoughts with papers tucked in it and carried from place to place becoming a sacred powerful book for any witch.


Book Review: The Mindful Witch by Jenn Stevens


The Mindful Witch includes journal prompts in each section to help you go deeper and truly think about what certain aspects of witchcraft mean to you.

While most instructional books on witchcraft simply teach and cover the basics or more advanced subjects, this book literally turns it around and asks “what are your thoughts?”

This allows the witch to really digest and think about what they know and self-reflect on their own beliefs and understandings pertaining to witchcraft.


The book has sections broken down to the months which include the new and full moons and the sabbats that correspond to specific months of the year.

Each section on the new moon and full moon has writing prompts to write down your intentions for that specific moon for the month.

At the end of each section for the month is a page for mindfulness and reflection on the month.

These monthly prompts can easily be carried over into a larger grimoire and continued for years to come with the same questions posed from each monthly section in this book.


Although the sections for writing aren’t very long, it will help to be as concise as possible when writing in this book.

If you’re a rambler and very “wordy” like me and need a few practice runs to perfect what you want to write, it may be ideal to gather your thoughts on spare paper then condense or summarize and copy it into the book.


The Mindful Witch by Jenn Stevens is a cute, modern journal book that can help any witch get back in touch with the “basics” which really are the foundation of any witchcraft practice.

Every witch should have a solid understanding of these basics and know them very well as they pertain and connect to the witch personally.

While it may seem boring to some to have to go over the basics when people want to know the fancy spells and magick, it’s best to know these basic cornerstones accurately and precisely.

This part book of shadows, grimoire and journal all-in-one helps to work at achieving that.


The Mindful Witch: A Daily Journal for Manifesting a Truly Magickal Life by Jenn Stevens (Castle Point Books / St. Martin’s Press ©2019 – ISBN 978-1-25023781-1) can be found or ordered through your local book retailer or witchery shop and at online retailers such as: Amazon (US), Amazon (CA), Amazon (UK) and Indigo (CA).


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Book Review: The Mindful Witch by Jenn Stevens is a beautifully, aesthetic witchcraft journal for new and experienced witches.



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