Waxing Moon Magick & Witchcraft

Find out how to work with the waxing moon in your magick and witchcraft to attract what you desire and work on self-improvement.

Working with the moon cycles and phases is a popular form of magick in witchcraft and other spiritual practices; the new moon and full moon often receive the most attention for magickal workings and spells.


In short the main moon phases are:


New moon – the new moon is namely for beginnings and starting over again.

Waxing moon – the waxing moon is for drawing, attracting and bringing things towards you or improving yourself or your life.

Full moon – the full moon is for completion, but can also be endings and beginnings at the same time.

Waning moon – the waning moon is for things being removed from your life gradually or coming to an end.

Dark moon – the dark moon is for underworld journeys, sudden endings, transformation, curses/hexes/jinxes or to remove and cleanse yourself from curses/hexes/jinxes. To know more about the dark moon, check out Working with the Dark Moon.



Here we’ll talk about the waxing moon and how working on the new moon and up until the full moon can be a powerful phase to increase your wealth, health, success and that which you want to attract or improve in your life.



Waxing Moon Magick & Witchcraft


Basically as the moon grows in the night sky from new moon to full moon, so does the potential to grow and attract what you desire.

Working daily magick or spells throughout the waxing moon phase can help to increase the chances of success for your magickal working or spell.


The waxing moon is used in magick for anything that you want to improve, attract or draw towards you that will benefit or help you in some way, such as:


  • Finances / money
  • Better business magick / steady work spells
  • Health / healing
  • Success / opportunity
  • Finding employment / getting a raise
  • Improving relationships
  • Finding love / romance
  • Sex magick
  • Glamour magick
  • Improving psychic abilities
  • Creating mojo bags or sachets
  • Increasing creativity
  • Cleaning the home or business with washes or sprays
  • Sprinkling herbs at doorways or entrances to attract wealth, good luck, success


The waxing moon phase can be used to draw physical things towards you and to help improve your life in some way.

The waxing moon can also be used for spiritual workings and self-improvement, which we’ll cover later in this post.



Astrology & Waxing Moon Magick


Moon signs can be used in moon magick to coincide the sign that the moon is in on a particular day with a type of spell that matches to correspondences for that astrological sign.

During the waxing moon phase, any of the moon signs can be used for attracting the positive correspondences assigned to that sign and a spell worked for a specific purpose that matches one or more of the correspondences of that sign.


For example, if you wish to draw more money towards you or to improve your finances, you would work with a Taurus moon that is during the waxing moon phase.

If you want to do glamour magick, you would work with a Leo moon during the waxing moon phase.


It’s not absolutely necessary to only work the specific magick according to the moon sign during the waxing moon phase to attract something towards you or to improve something in your life.

You can also work with the days of the week or simply with the growing and waxing moon from between the new moon until the full moon.


If you’re adept at astrology (whether novice or advanced), you can also check to see where the transit waxing moon will be transiting in your natal chart.

Each house and planet that the transit moon comes into contact with will highlight an area or aspect of your life.


This information may prove useful if you want to coincide your spell to be performed at the same time as the waxing moon is in a specific natal house of yours.

For example, if you’re looking for a new job (and have some time to spare or wait for the right time), you can check online to see when the waxing moon will be in your sixth house and then perform the spell on that day.


While this technique and method may seem more complicated than it really is, if you have a general idea of how to find out if the moon is waxing or waning in a transit astrological chart comparing to your natal chart, it will be easy to find out where the waxing moon or waning moon will be in your chart.



Waxing Moon and Self-Improvement Magick


During the waning moon and dark moon phases when the moon becomes less and less visible in the night sky, so do we at some point in our lives experience our own “dark nights.”

During these dark nights of our soul, we may feel despondent, depressed or even lose our connection to ourselves, our loved ones, our purpose, our spirituality / faith.

The waxing moon can bring with it an opportunity to come out of these darker moments after having gone down to the depths of our psyche and soul.


With proper professional help and care, we can combine the energy of the waxing moon to work with the energy to help pull ourselves forward (if felt appropriate to do so.)

The waxing moon phase can be a time to reaffirm positive affirmations, to work on self-improvement, self-esteem and self-confidence issues that everyone from time to time has doubts about their own capabilities, worth and value.


Yet, realizing the moon too goes through her cycles of light to dark and to light again in her own time, we too can emerge back to our waxing moon phase when the time is right for each of us.


If you have positive affirmation cards or find positive affirmations online, during the waxing moon you can choose to read an affirmation each day for the duration of the waxing moon to help build confidence and self-esteem and create a habit of it.


Here’s a quick and easy waxing moon spell that can be customized for any type of self-improvement and even for self-motivation:



A Simple Self-Improvement Spell


  • 1 tapered candle (any colour that matches what you want to improve about yourself)
  • Ritual oil (that matches what you want)
  • A positive affirmation.


Begin this spell on the day of the new moon or the day after if possible.

In a quiet spot, create or find a positive affirmation that you want to use for the spell.

Keep the affirmation short and sweet and in the present tense, and only use it in an affirmed/positive way such as “I am” instead of “I’m not” or “I will / will not”.


Take your candle and anoint it with your chosen oil that matches what you want to improve – this could be for self-love, psychic abilities, clarity, concentration, self-esteem, self-confidence, etc.

Have at least 15 minutes where you won’t be disturbed or bothered.

Light the candle and centre yourself.

Recite or read the affirmation again and again during the 15 minutes.

Say the affirmation wholeheartedly, believing it and speaking it into truth.

Do so for 15 minutes.

If the candle is still lit after 15 minutes, you can either extinguish/snuff out the flame or leave the candle to burn if it is safe to do so.


Repeat this spell every day until the full moon.

If inclined, keep a journal and record of performing the spell and make note of any changes in your mentality, your life, your work or home life.


And that’s it!


What are your favourite witchcraft activities during the waxing moon?

Feel free to share in the comments!


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Find out how to work with the waxing moon in your magick and witchcraft to attract what you desire and improve yourself and your life.



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