Defeat an Enemy Spell

Defeat, bind and banish an enemy with this witchcraft spell.


This spell to defeat an enemy is designed for when you have someone who is continuously harassing you, “has it in/out for you” or is making life difficult for you such as at work, school or in your personal life.

The spell should only be used if you feel that you have no other way of resolving the matter, that you feel “backed into a corner” or have no other reasonable options to mediate or remove yourself from the person.


The idea of the spell is not only to bind and banish the person (or at least remove their overpowering influence towards you), but also to make it uncomfortable for them to be around you and that the consequences of the actions come back on them.

The spell can be done all in one shot or if you have things to do during the day or evening, you can spread it out throughout an hour to slowly work your intent as you wait for parts of the spell to finish.


Let’s begin with what’s needed for the spell:


Defeat an Enemy Spell



What’s needed:

  • Small glass jar with metal lid
  • Mason jar (with or without lid)
  • Metal spoon
  • Saran/plastic wrap (*optional)
  • Vinegar or pickle juice
  • Cauldron or fire-proof dish
  • Charcoal disc (for burning in cauldron or fire-proof dish)
  • Lighter or matches
  • Paper (small piece)
  • Black pen or black marker
  • Black tapered candle
  • Ceramic plate
  • Enemy (binding, tie up, defeat, etc.) oil (*optional)



  • Boneset
  • Devil’s claw


Best day for the spell: Saturday

Best moon phase: Waning moon or dark moon

Best time of day: Saturn’s hour



Prepare your space or area where you will do most of your working.

It’s best to do most of this spell outside as the charcoal and herbs will be burned or at the very least in a well-ventilated area (open all windows and/or doors.)


In the mason jar, add some boneset and devil’s claw (use only the amount that will fit into about 1/3 of the small glass jar that you’ve chosen for the spell.)

Cover with a lid or plastic wrap.

Shake the jar repeatedly and rhythmically while saying:

“I bind, banish and defeat (name of person) from (what they are doing; e.g. harassing me)”


(Be sure to fill in the brackets with your specific details.)


Walk around outside or inside your space/home as you shake the jar, repeating the sentence again and again until you feel the intention is clear and set.


In your cauldron or fire-proof dish, place the charcoal disc and light it.

Wait until the charcoal disc is white in colour so it’s ready to add the herbs.


While you wait for the charcoal to be ready, write the on a piece of paper with the black pen or marker:


“I bind, banish and defeat (name of person) from (what they are doing, e.g. harassing me.)”


Fold the paper in half away from you, and turn the paper to the left and continue to fold it away from you until it is small enough to fit in your cauldron or fire-proof dish.


If the charcoal disc is ready, add some boneset and devil’s claw to the cauldron or fire-proof dish.

Let the herbs burn for a little bit, then add the paper.

You may need to light the paper to burn it, so safely do so and keep a close eye on it so it burns safely.


Burn the herbs and paper until they are ashes and if needed, use a metal spoon to break up any larger ashes or pieces in the cauldron or fire-proof dish.


Take the mason jar with the boneset and devil’s claw from earlier and put them into the small glass jar.

When the ashes are cool enough, add the ashes to the boneset and devil’s claw in the small glass jar.

Add a small amount of vinegar or pickle juice to the small jar, then seal it tightly with the metal lid.


Shake the small glass jar (making sure the lid is very secure), and say repeatedly:


“I bind, banish and defeat (name of person) from (what they are doing; e.g. harassing me)”


Take the small jar and place on a ceramic plate, then have your black tapered candle ready.


If you wish, you can use a specific oil to dress the candle such as a binding oil, protection oil, tie up oil, etc. (but not absolutely necessary.)

Remember to dab the oil at the centre of the candle and push the oil away from the centre of the candle towards the ends (this is to repel or remove things or people from you.)

Heat the bottom of the black candle to drip some wax on to the top of the lid of the jar so to affix the candle to the lid.

Hold the candle for a minute or two and make sure the candle will stay secure on the jar lid.


Light the candle and let the spell start to take effect.

Let the candle burn completely down on the first day.



Working the Defeat an Enemy Spell Continuously


This spell can be worked continuously and should be done so for the first seven (7) days after beginning the spell.

It will take continuous attention on the spell to have an affect on the other person.

Most often people who are harassing, bullying, or making life difficult for someone else, usually have something negative going on with them and it can be a challenge to “wedge” in there and make your efforts “stick” to them.

This is why it takes continuous effort to “work on them” – similar to wearing them down and breaking through their defenses – especially if previous efforts haven’t worked.


A note on this type of working:


It’s important that while doing this type of working to keep yourself and your home clear and clean energetically.

Use whatever methods that you use to cleanse yourself, your loved ones and your home, whether it’s burning herbs, wearing colognes, using sprays, sound, cleansing candles, etc.

Cleansing should be done each day that you work on this spell, making sure to open your windows and/or doors when you do so.

If you can, take spiritual cleansing baths or showers at the end of the day before bed also.

Keep your mind positive also while doing the working; don’t focus or dwell on anything negative and be careful about what you consume in terms of media, social media that may be negative or that may be disturbing or triggering.

Keep healthy boundaries and limitations during this time especially.



Disposing of the Jar and Candle Wax


If for any reason you want to get rid of the jar, there are two ways to do so and this will depend on your reason:


A. If you want to undo this working and be done with it, take the jar to a crossroads and smash the jar on the road.

(Be careful how you do this so you don’t cut yourself or hurt yourself.)

Make sure that the jar is shattered, then walk away and don’t look back.


B. If you want to get rid of the jar because you feel it has worked and/or you don’t want to work with the jar anymore (but still want it to be effective), there are three (3) options:


  1. bury the jar at the doorstep of the enemy (if you want the jar to keep working); or
  2. bury or toss the jar into a cemetery (if you work with spirits and want the spirits to safeguard it to keep it working); or
  3. Throw the jar towards the West into a field, forest or nature environment where it’s not likely to be disturbed or found (if you want it to slowly continue to work and weaken your enemy’s influence.)


Best of luck to you!

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