Passion of Love Jar Spell

Rekindle passion and desire in your existing relationship with this Passion of Love Jar Spell. #witchcraft #magick #lovemagick


Relationships often go through phases of passion and then not-so-much passion, but what if you want to give your existing relationship a boost to amp up the fires of love and passion?

Life often gets in the way or we get easily tired after a long day at work or taking care of responsibilities that we often forget to make time for our significant other or partner.


This love jar spell is designed just for that:

to re-ignite, re-kindle and bring an existing couple back to feeling passionate towards each other.



Passion of Love Jar Spell


What’s needed:

  • Honey (all natural)
  • Red tapered candle(s)
  • Small glass jar with aluminum lid (*the best and cheapest ones are found at a dollar store)



  • Wild cherry bark
  • Red clover
  • Rose buds
  • Patchouli
  • Lavender


These herbs can be found at botanicas and spiritual supplies stores that sell herbs.


Name Paper:

  • Your name and your partner’s name written on a small square piece of torn paper


To create a name paper:

Write your first and last name horizontally seven times.


Example #1 written like this:


Passion of Love Jar Spell Name Paper Example 1 Jane Doe TarotPugs


Turn the paper 90° to the right and write your partner’s name across your name seven times in a row going down.


Example #2 like this across your own name writing your partner’s name:


Passion of Love Jar Spell Example Name Paper 2 TarotPugs


Turn the paper another 90° to the right and write your name again seven times across the names already written, from top to bottom like Example #1.


Turn the paper again 90° to the right and write your partner’s name again seven times across from top to bottom.

Like Example #1 but with your partner’s name.


Your name paper should look something like this:


Example of name paper for Passion of Love Jar Spell #witchcraft #spells #magick

Ritual oil:

Depending on how you want to customize this jar, here are some options for oils to use:


  • Fire of Love oil
  • Love Me oil
  • Attraction oil
  • Desire Me oil
  • Lovers & Attraction oil
  • Love No One But Me oil
  • Love Potion #9



How to Prepare the Passion of Love Jar Spell


Have all the items ready in front of you.

Cleanse each item spiritually and/or physically if needed, blessing them if you desire and setting the intention that each item will remove negativity from you and your life.


While keeping your intention firmly in your mind, add some honey to the bottom of the jar to fill just the bottom until about ¼ inch.


After creating the name paper, fold the paper towards you and make it small enough to fit neatly into the jar.

Anoint the name paper with your chosen oil for the jar spell.


Add the rose buds, lavender, patchouli, red clover and wild cherry bark – add equal amounts of each and enough to leave some room at the top of the jar.


Add more honey to cover and coat the herbs.

Add a few drops of your chosen oil to the jar.


Then seal the jar with the lid and set your intention and mentally empower the jar.

This can be by drawing a pentagram or cross over the open jar three or seven times.


Seal the glass jar with the lid and set your intention again.

Dab a little bit of the oil on the lid of the jar and around the sides of the lid and jar.


Now with your tapered red candle, dress the candle with the same chosen oil for the jar spell.


Place some oil at the top of the red candle and push the oil from the top of the candle to the middle / centre of the candle.

Then push a drop of the oil from the bottom of the candle to the middle / centre of the candle.


Do this on all sides of the candle.


To start working the Passion of Love jar spell, you can try one of two methods:


  1. Light the wick of the candle and drip enough of the wax onto the lid so that you can affix the candle to the wax on the lid; or
  2. Use a lighter (preferably a long candle lighter) to melt some of the wax on the bottom of the candle and affix it to the top of the jar lid.



Working the Passion of Love Jar Spell


This jar spell can be done anytime you feel the desire to enhance your relationship and want to bring the spark back into your relationship.

Light the candle as needed and let the candle burn completely until it is finished.

If you must extinguish the candle before it is finished, extinguish the candle with a snuffer.

When relighting the candle, pray before lighting it and continue to pray as you light it then let the candle burn for as long as you are able to.



The best moon phases for working this spell are:

  • New Moon
  • Waxing Moon
  • Full Moon*


*The new moon and waxing moon are the ideal moons to begin this jar spell to allow enough time for the spell to take effect.

Working the jar spell beginning during the full moon may take one full cycle of the moon (full moon to full moon) to see the fullest effects.


The new or full moons that may be more ideal for increasing passion and intimacy in a relationship are:


  • Taurus
  • Cancer
  • Leo
  • Libra
  • Sagittarius


* If you’re familiar with your natal chart, be sure to check to see where these full or new moons will take place in your natal chart.

Take special note if any of these full or new moons occur in your seventh (7th) house in your natal chart.

A new moon in the 7th house will be much better than a full moon in the 7th house.

Caution should be made when using the full moon instead of the new moon.

A new moon and waxing moon will be much more ideal.



Best day of the week for working this spell is:

  • Friday



The best hour for working this jar spell are:

  • Venus’s planetary hour


To find out how to calculate the planetary hours where you live, check out this online planetary calculator.



Best time of day for working this jar spell:

  • At dawn or in the morning
  • At noon or in the afternoon



These “best” times are not the only times that this jar spell can be performed, but may offer additional extra energy to the spell.

Intention, concentration, need, desire and dedication to a spell can often be just as powerful during any day of the week or moon phase.



A few pro-tips for working with candle jar spells:


As you continuously work with a jar spell, more and more candle wax will accumulate on the jar and will spill over to the sides of the jar.

Keep a ceramic heat safe plate underneath your jar.


As the wax builds up after burning several candles on the jar, you will notice that it may become more difficult to affix a candle to the top of the jar.

If this happens, use a long candle lighter (often used for tall glass candles) and melt some of the wax on the top of the jar.

If you must, you can dig some of the wax off the top of the jar just enough to get a flat enough surface to affix a new candle onto the top of the jar.


An excellent tip from The Witch at notes that you can recycle some of the wax that accumulates on the plate and melt it down again to make a new candle in a glass container.

When re-purposing candle wax, use the wax for the same intention as the previous spells (i.e. if for money, then use the wax for money spells; for love, re-use the wax for love, etc.)


“Doubt thou the stars are fire;
Doubt that the sun doth move;
Doubt truth to be a liar;
But never doubt I love.”

– Hamlet, William Shakespeare


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Bring the passion and intimacy back into your existing relationship with this Passion of Love Jar Spell. #witchcraft #magick #love #relationship #spells


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