How to Attract Money with Lodestones

Find out how to use lodestones to bring money towards you. #witchcraft #hoodoo


Lodestones are amazing little magnetic stones that can attract money.


As long as you care and tend to the lodestone (called “feeding”), your lodestone can continuously bring money towards you.

Lodestones can attract cash into your pockets (excellent if you work in a job that gets tips or a business that receives cash payments) and can also bring electronic payments.

It depends on your intention and the money that you want the lodestone to attract.


At the bottom of this post, we’ll include places where you can get a lodestone of your own.


Here’s how to attract money with lodestones:



Preparing your Lodestone for the first time



To adequately care for and prepare your lodestone for the first time, these items will be required:


  • Lodestone oil
  • Magnetic sand (iron filings)
  • Whiskey (optional)
  • A small ceramic plate
  • Cash (paper bills)
  • Coins (dollar coins or quarters) – optional in addition to paper bills


Gather these items on your table or counter, including your lodestone.


To cleanse your lodestone, pour a small amount of whiskey into a shot glass or small glass (enough to cover the lodestone) and place the lodestone into the whiskey.

Allow the lodestone to soak for an hour or two; use your intuition to determine if your lodestone needs to soak for longer or less time.

Keep in mind, a lodestone is considered a living being and this is why it’s important to “feed” the lodestone (we’ll get further into about feeding later on.)


After the lodestone is done soaking, take the lodestone out of the whiskey with a spoon and place on a paper towel to dry the stone with the paper towel.


As the lodestone starts to dry, take some paper bills (money) – how many and the denomination is up to you.

A general rule is, the higher the denomination of the bill, the higher the return – $20 bills, $50 bills or $100 bills are ideal.


If you use a different currency than US and Canadian bills, then use a denomination of bill that’s of higher or mid-value (just as an example 5,000 or 10,000 Danish Kroner would be better than 500 or 1,000 DK), etc.


To begin your working and journey with your lodestone, try to use at least two bills (you can always add more – we’ll explain the method to this later on.)


Take your lodestone oil and anoint the top left corner on the front of the bill, then the top right corner, then the bottom left corner and then the bottom right corner of the bill.

Then anoint the center of the front of the bill with the oil.

Turn the bill over and repeat this process again on the back of the bill.


Do this for each bill that you’ll be using for the lodestone.


Place the bills on top of one another onto the plate.


Your lodestone may be relatively dry (it’s OK if it’s not completely dry), so now place the lodestone on top of the bills on the centre of the bill.


As you place the lodestone on top of the bills, think of your goal for the upcoming month or moon cycle.

How much money do you want the lodestone to bring you?

Enough to pay all your bills for the month? To pay a certain bill? Enough money to buy something that you want?


Set an amount in your mind; write it down somewhere if you need to so that you’ll remember.


Take your lodestone oil and “feed” your lodestone the oil.


Place seven drops on the lodestone, ensuring to cover all sides of the lodestone.


Now take the magnetic sand (iron filings) and gently sprinkle the sand on the lodestone to cover all sides of the stone- this is also “feeding” your lodestone.


When you’re finished, place your plate with the money and lodestone someplace where it won’t be seen, noticed or disturbed.

This should normally be on a high shelf or ledge where it won’t be touched or seen by others who visit you.



Feeding and Bathing your Lodestone


How often should you feed and bathe your lodestone?


Every lodestone is different and over time as you develop a connection to your lodestone, you will start to notice how often it wants to be fed or bathed.


Feedings should be done regularly – some lodestones may want daily feedings, while other lodestones may want a feeding every 2 to 4 days.


Feeding your lodestone will keep it happy and working for you.


Daily or regular feedings for your lodestone can be with:


  • Lodestone oil (or magnetic oil – as an alternative)
  • Magnetic sand (iron filings)
  • Whiskey


Give a few drops of oil or whiskey to your lodestone to keep it happy and top off with some magnetic sand.


Lodestone oil can be used for regular feedings as well as magnetic sand, while whiskey can be used as a special “treat” once a week or every 1.5 week.



What happens if you forget to feed your lodestone?


Will it “die”?



It is possible for a lodestone to stop working if you stop feeding it.


If you notice that your inflow of money is dwindling and that you’ve stopped feeding your lodestone, it’s possible to “revive” your lodestone by bathing and feeding it.


Bathing your lodestone should be done at least once to twice a month to give it a good cleansing, to clear off the excess lodestone oil and magnetic sand.


To bathe your lodestone, place it in whiskey (good quality whiskey is best – try something like a higher quality offered by Jack Daniel’s) for an hour and repeat the process again used as when you first prepared your lodestone.



Changing or Adding Your Money to the Lodestone



After a couple of weeks or so, you’ll have to change the money that you gave to the lodestone.


Whatever amount that was given must be replaced with the same amount (but it can be in different denomination of bills so long as the dollar amount is the same).


For example, if you gave your lodestone $50 (in any amount of bills), you will have to replace it with $50 in any amount of bills) – you can’t take $50 from the lodestone and only give $20 or $40 back to it.


Never take money from the lodestone unless you can replace the bill or amount – even if you need to “borrow” the money from the lodestone, you must replace it immediately with the same value amount.


This can be done such as if you gave the lodestone two $20 bills and a $10 bill and you need smaller bills to spend, you can replace the lodestone money with a $50 bill instead or any combination of bills that amount to $50.


However, if you want to add more money to the lodestone, you can always do that – but that means the minimum of how much the lodestone has must stay at least the same.


Money is energy and money that isn’t in circulation will become drained and stagnate – especially cash.


Exchanging money with the lodestone will help to ensure it keeps working.


Be sure to exchange bills with your lodestone every 2 to 3 weeks to keep it happy and working.


When exchanging bills with the lodestone, be sure to anoint all the corners and centre of the bills before placing under the lodestone.

Also, after exchanging bills to the lodestone, feed the lodestone with oil, sand (i.e. iron filings / magnetic sand) or whiskey (listen to your lodestone to determine what it wants to be fed.)



You can also add money to your lodestone – for example if you made extra money, found money, etc.


However, remember:

whatever total dollar amount that is given to the lodestone must remain equal to that amount or higher.


You can add money to a lodestone, but you can’t subtract money to the lodestone.

If your lodestone has a total of $50 under it, it must always be a total of $50 or higher.


Take money away from your lodestone, and money will be taken away from you too and/or you may notice your inflow of money may slow down, decrease or stop.



Advice about working with a Lodestone


Working with lodestones requires being aware of your stones, remember to care and feed it as a living thing that works for you.

If you get a significant payment or have a good day that money comes your way, thank your lodestone.


Like caring for a plant, attune yourself to your lodestone and listen to what kind of feeding it wants or needs.

If you find money on the sidewalk or someplace, you can save it and give it to your lodestone.


When it comes to lodestone oil, magnetic sand or even whiskey, connect with your lodestone and intuit whether your lodestone likes those brands or if you need to switch to a different kind.



Where to buy Lodestones



Here are two excellent shops that you can find lodestones and supplies such as lodestone oil, magnetic sand (iron filings) to “feed” your lodestone:


The Witchery – Alberta, Canada

Original Botanica – New York, USA



Until next time,

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