Candle Spell Reading: What does the Flame, Wax and Soot mean?

Candle Spell Reading: What does the flame, wax and soot mean when a candle burns? #witchcraft #magick #spells

Candle spells using vigil candles can be simple and effective, just set your intentions, prepare and burn the candle.

But, what does it mean when your candle burns a certain way?

The way a candle burns can be indicative of the success or failure of your spell and how the progress or after affects of your spell will be.

To read the signs of a vigil glass candle spell, we will look at:

  • the sides of the candle
  • the flame
  • the wax
  • any remains
  • black or white soot

In this post, we’ll talk about the different signs and leftovers from a 7-day (or longer) vigil candle spell.

Parts of the Vigil Candle

As we all know, vigil class candles are commonly in a cylindrical shape and each side of the candle has a certain meaning when it comes to interpreting the progress and results of a working.

Vigil candles have front, back, left and right parts – when beginning your candle working, be sure to determine what the “front” of your candle is and make sure to always know where the front side is on the candle.

Some candles will have a special design or wording on the front of the candle so it’s easy to tell.

Other candles have the same design on the front and back.

Select the “front” side of the candle (whether you choose it or it’s already shown) and make sure this side is always facing you on the table or altar.

If both the front and the back of the candle are the same, make a marking with a Sharpie marker on the front of the candle.

You can mark the date that you begin the spell (month/day/year format) or write a name (your target) or intention for the spell (e.g. money, abundance, protection, etc.)

This will be sure that you can always tell what the front of the candle is – this is important when it comes to reading the progress of your candle and after the spell is completed.

Here are the sides of the vigil candle and what they represent:


The front of the candle represents everything and anything physical and/or tangible.

This can mean such as money, physical health, your home, people, animals, places, etc.

Anything that you can physically see, touch, taste, smell and that has physical substance.


The back of the candle represents everything and anything that is non-physical and/or non-tangible.

This can mean such as spirits, spirituality, mental health, emotions, feelings, situations, etc.

Anything that you can’t physically see, touch, taste, smell and that is a concept, idea, belief, and is described as non-physical.


The left side of the candle represents things from the past – distant and/or recent past.

The left of the candle is determined to be your left side.

So when facing the candle, what you see to your left is the left side of the candle.

Similar to when doing a tarot reading and the card on the left in a Past, Present, Future reading is often the past card.


The right side of the candle represents things from the future – what will likely happen or is to have an influence on the future.

The right side of the candle is the opposite side to the left side on the candle.

Candle Flame Reading

Now that we’ve determined what the spatial diameters of the vigil glass candle are, we have an area to determine flame reading and later wax, residue and soot reading.

Candle reading can be done while the candle is burning and mental or physical notes should be made while the candle is burning with dates added to the notes.

As the candle burns, you may notice affects from the working starting to take place which will affect the candle and how it burns.

Making notes and paying attention to how the candle burns and connecting it to events going on around you or in your life.

This will help you to see the connection between your working/spell and the outcome.

Here are what the different types of flames mean:

High flame

There’s a lot of energy behind the spell working – it may mean intention is high and intense, that there may be a lot of help and influence to push the working to a peak performance.

Spells may start of very strong in the beginning, but may meet resistance later on.

Keep an eye to see if the high flame continues for the duration of the candle burning.

A high flame may weaken, but may pick up again later.

Low flame

There’s a lot of resistance to the working.

The spell may not be the right type of spell or there may need to be a different spell done first before doing this spell.

Always make sure that the wick isn’t too short when starting a candle spell.

A wick that’s too short will yield a lower flame and may go out if the wax pools around it too quickly.

A flame may become weak as it burns if resistance is met during the working.

Sometimes a cleansing candle or uncrossing candle may need to be done before attempting the spell again if there is too much resistance – depending on the type of spell.

A flame that crackles and/or hisses

When a flame crackles and/or hisses, it means spirit(s) is talking to you and has a message for you.

Keep an eye on the height of the flame and how it burns to see if the message is a positive or negative message commenting on the type of work that you’re doing.

If it’s a cursing or crossing spell and the flame crackles and/or hisses, it may be resistance from your target or the target may be aware that you’re up to something.

If you’re asking for a favour, money, etc., and the candle crackles and/or hisses, pay attention to see if you feel that your petition will be granted or not.

Flame goes out early

If a flame goes out before the vigil candle is finished, it may mean the working/spell is meeting too much resistance, the spell is too weak and meant to fail, or the spell may have finished before the candle was finished.

If the candle goes out with only a small amount of wax at the bottom (about 1”), it may mean that the working will be successful, but not fully manifest as hoped.

If the flame fizzles out with much more than a small amount of wax on the bottom, it can mean an incomplete spell or the spell is manifested as desired.

To determine which meaning is for your candle, ask your spirit guides or your intuition if you feel your spell has manifested or if it will be unsuccessful.

You can attempt to relight the candle – for example if too much wax pooled around the wick, you can dig out the wick and relight it.

If the candle goes out a second time after relighting it, then you have confirmation that the candle is finished.

A blue flame

A flame that has a lot of blue in the colour of the flame means a high presence of spirit energy assisting your spell.

A flame that dances

If your flame dances a lot and there’s no draft around the candle, it can mean that there is a lot of variables into the situation and that it’s not yet fixed yet or stable.

This can still be successful, but there is a lot of current happening in the situation and spell.

A moving flame

A flame may move around the wax and this can be indicative of what the spell is working on.

A flame may move closer to the front of the candle to work on a physical problem, to the back to work on a non-physical or spiritual problem, to the left to work on a past problem or the right to work on the future problem.

The flame and wick may change its position from the front then to the back, then to the left and then to the right.

Keep an eye on where the wick is position in the candle and how it may move during the duration of the spell.

Reading the Candle Wax

Most vigil candles will have some wax left over, while others will have nothing remaining at all.

For my candle readings, anything less than about 0.3” to 0.5” of wax is considered successful to moderately successful.

Any wax in excess of 0.5” at the bottom of the candle may mean that the spell won’t be successful or may only partially yield results.

Wax that sticks to the side and leaves a residue should be noted on what side of the candle the wax is on.

If it’s on the front, left, back or right, it may mean there’s unfinished business in that area that the spell wasn’t able to completely remove or work on.

This is the same for if herbs, glitter, etc., remain stuck to one side or any side of the candle as it may indicate there’s unfinished business in one or more areas.

Wax rings

Some candles will leave wax rings on the glass – these rings can be read to determine the timing of a spell.

Complete and unbroken rings are more predominant and show a strong indication that the time prediction will be more accurate and precise.

Incomplete and broken rings may show delay or variables in the accuracy and precision of the time prediction.

The number of rings will determine the time frame when your spell will manifest – the number of rings can mean:

  • hours
  • days
  • weeks
  • months or
  • years.

If there are no rings on the candle, it can mean that the spell will be more immediate if it’s determined the spell will be successful.

Remains in the candle

Most vigil candle spells contain herbs, glitter and sometimes roots, there will sometimes be burnt remains at the bottom of the candle.

If you find there are a lot of the remains at the bottom of the candle, it may mean there was too much put into the candle.

Caution should be made about putting too much stuff (e.g. herbs) into a vigil candle.

As the candle burns to the bottom, it can create a fire hazard that becomes too hot for the glass to contain if there’s too much at the bottom.

If only a small amount was put into the candle and still remain at the bottom, take into consideration how burnable the material is (e.g. a root) and if it’s likely to have burned up or if it was being resistant.

If you want, you can read the left over remains like a tea leaf reading to get any symbolism or interpretation.

Black and White Soot in Vigil Candles

Generally black soot is considered negative and challenges, while white soot is considered positive and help from spirits.

Reading black soot and white soot depends on how far the soot is on the candle and where it appears.

If black soot only appears on one side of the candle (front, back, left or right) is means the challenge or negativity is related to that area.

For example, if black soot appears on the front of the candle, it means there is a physical challenge or obstacle.

Black soot on the left means there was a challenge in the past; on the back means it’s a spiritual or non-physical challenge or obstacle; and to the right means there is a challenge to be overcome in the near future.

Black soot is commonly seen starting at the top of the candle; if it appears at the top of the candle but then becomes clear or white soot, it means the challenge or obstacle was overcome.

If black soot appears in the middle to lower half of the candle, it means the obstacle or challenge got in the way of your spell.

If the black soot continues to or is at the bottom of your candle, it means that the obstacle, challenge or negativity has blocked your spell.

White soot that continues down to the bottom of your candle or almost to the bottom (with no presence of black soot at the bottom) means that spell was helped by spirits and that your spell may likely be successful.

How to Prepare a Vigil (Glass) Candle

To find out more about crafting a vigil candle for a multi-day spell, read more here about how to do a 7-day candle spell.

Due to high demand for candle spell interpretations, a Candle Spell Interpretation Reading is now available to prioritize responses which includes a 3-card mini tarot reading for the likely outcome and situation of your glass spell candle.

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29 thoughts on “Candle Spell Reading: What does the Flame, Wax and Soot mean?

  1. i cast a candle spell earlier this week that i think was very strong, based on the flame and wax behavior, and based on how i felt during and after the spell was cast. since then, i have gotten little “coincidences” and signs from the universe that feel like, “it’s going to be ok, you did good. we’re on it”.

    i do still wake up with grief and anxiety, although it’s much less than before the candle, as part of mourning. i deal with those feelings with meditation, therapy, journaling, etc, and when i work through those challenging emotions, i always end up back at confidence, grace, and optimism for the situation, but i’ve read that worry or doubt can weaken a spell’s power. waking up like this, i just don’t feel like i can control that other than dealing with it the way i already am. i’ve been trying to accept my negative emotions as natural part of mourning, without shame or frustration – but can my anxiety snuff out my candle’s magick?


    • Anxiety is a part of human nature and at some point everyone has felt anxiety whether it’s about something or “generalized anxiety”. If the anxiety isn’t directly connected to the spell e.g. a spell to acquire material gains and one worries “maybe it won’t happen” then that may stem from doubt and could potentially thwart the efforts. However, it sounds that your anxiety is separate from the spell and is a natural part of the process that you’re going through and it takes a lot to overcome our own fears, worries and anxieties that stem from within rather than external causes (e.g. being afraid of something physical.)

      Although the anxiety will probably not affect the working because the working is sounds to be a work in progress and will likely require some physical or mental effort to help ensure the success such as finding resources or ways to cope with your anxiety.

      While spell work for self improvement can be a wonderful tool to help improve and ease pain, anxiety and other problems, when used in conjunction with other methods can create a well rounded holistic approach and healing.

      I wouldn’t put too much stress on fear that your anxiety will lessen the effect on the spell, but keep in mind this may not be a “all in one shot” spell and may require either a 7 or 14 day spell or spell work done daily, or on certain days of the week (more than once) to help keep a positive frame of mind as it will likely be a work in progress. Some powerful spells are worked regularly or daily to create a longer lasting effect rather than just only once. The results may take longer to see the return on investment, but the payoff will be greater and longer lasting.

      It may be ideal to continue magick daily, whether with charms, amulets etc., and other candle spells to keep it going and for as long as it takes to get the peace and healing you desire. Remember to be gentle with yourself with no added stress or pressure – healing takes time and as long as is needed. Keep going as this will be a work in progress; it sounds like you’re on the right track.💜🐾


  2. I used a Intranquil candle, there was black soot on top, maybe due to the wick being put out with a long wet knife. Then candle was clear to the very bottom. There were remains on the bottom of the candle that made the flame very high and flame was dancing. When I woke up there was black soot to the bottom of the candle. Was this because of the remains that were left on the bottom of the candle that made the flame high and caused the black soot?


    • I find that if there are too many remains at the bottom of a candle, it can cause too much soot. This can also happen if the wick is too long. Soot at the top and then changing to white soot or clear is usually a good indicator that the candle is working well. It may be that the working was successful, but only due to the remains naturally the flame burned too high. It may be likely the candle worked if you feel from observation when the candle was burning that it was going well until the candle only had the remains left. If you or someone you know does divination, a simple reading may help with finding the outcome or chances of success. Often times a too long wick, too many herbs/remains or a too short wick will effect the burning of the candle, but can be fixed along the way to increase the chances and help the candle to burn better.🐾


    • No wax remaining may indicate that there was little to no resistance or obstacles in the way of the working. This can be read for glass and votive/pillar candles. However, for glass candles, the condition of the glass will give a better indication of the success of the working, such as if the glass is clear, white or white frosted in colour which indicate good signs or omens, meanwhile black soot or charred glass may indicate blockages, obstacles or work done by others to counteract. However, if there is black at the top or halfway from the top to the middle, but clear glass at the bottom, this can indicate that the obstacle or issues were overcome. If the black glass is all the way down the candle glass, then a cleansing working should be done before attempting again or divination done to see where the problem is in the situation or why the working wasn’t successful. If there are good omens such as clear glass or white soot and no wax, then generally it can be viewed as a good sign.


  3. Needing some guidance… My goddess of pull/choice is Hekate , for MULTIPLE reasons ( i,e. I LOVE the moon, I’m a Life Path Scorpio ( 11/11/1980) , she is the gatekeeper/ Gaurdian of crossroads & I’ve always had HIGH, empathic intuitions from the other side) ALL of that being said… I was burning my black/blessed Hekate candle last night. The night of a Full, Super Moon in my house of Scorpio… I invited & invoked her to my prayer & intention. Surrounded the candle with my crystals… For about 5 mins or burned very high steady flame. Suddenly it started to crackle. It was crackling BLUE sparks & with NO draft, rhyme or reason, went out! No smoke after! I attempted to light it 2 more times, no luck, 3rd match & she relit. Almost IMMEDIATELY here comes the crackle, the BLUE sparks. I began to FOCUS on the flame looking for mesg. The flame remained content still with blue lines at the bottom of the flame & constant BLUE sparks! AGAIN, after approx. 5 mins it went out. No after smoke. PLEASE ENLIGHTEN!! This intent is of extreme importance to me & my future.


    • Blue flame often indicates the presence of spirits or spiritual energy, sometimes even deity. A flame that goes out on its own can mean a few things: a) there’s a spirit present that’s blocking the working. This would indicate that a proper spiritual cleansing be done at home; b) Hekate may be declining your petition as she may feel it’s not up to you to take this matter in your own hands (I’ve had this happen to me); c) the outcome or petition that you desire is not meant to be, it may be already decided or fated (with or without Hekate’s assistance) and a greater force/energy is at play; or d) a blue flame will indicate spirit presence and sometimes a candle doesn’t have to burn all the way if it is effective early on. However, in most of those cases, the candle will often burn about 1/4 to 1/2 of the way before going out, signaling that the job is finished early. A candle that goes out within minutes of being lit indicates that there may be opposing forces that are blocking your desire or petition. The blue flame may possibly indicate that Hekate or a spirit is blocking it and asking you to have faith in the process of what is happening as Hekate may often have a different plan in mind, especially if the petition involves settling a score, seeking justice, punishment, pay back or retribution. If that’s the case, I highly recommend finding an online copy of the ancient Greek play called The Wasps and searching in it for the line that mentions Hekate in it. May Hekate continue to bless and protect you.🖤


  4. Hello!

    What does it mean when your candle is burning but I am noticing candle was is still on the front of the candle? I made sure that my wick was centered prior to me setting my intentions and lighting it. There is no black soot just actual wax in the very front of the front of the candle. Is this some type of omen as well? Thank you in advance for your reply!! 🙂


    • If the flame is towards the front of the candle, this can indicate that the working is focused on something that is physical or that the spell has something physical that is being worked on (ie not something in the past, future or spiritual/thought). If there is wax remaining only on the front of the candle, but the other sides are “clean / clear” this can indicate there may be some hiccups or issues in the physical world that haven’t been cleared yet. For example, if it is a money spell candle and wax remains in the front, this can indicate there are blockages or issues that may be slowing down the progress or getting in the way. Depending on how much wax is there will indicate if the problem is bigger or smaller (large wax remaining = bigger blockage, less wax = smaller blockage.) This can mean there may be some progress but not as hoped, there may be some blockages in the way. If you wish to continue on the working to achieve your goal and are concerned about the wax that remains or you’re not seeing the result you desire, you may wish to do a block buster candle, uncrossing candle or road opener candle to make it easier, then do the spell again with a new candle. 😊🔮🐾


  5. I did a reconciliation spell using three large pink candles (one at a time) using a heart shaped glass candle holder. I placed the candle on a picture of me and my husband and carved both of our names and reconciliation on it. I also rubbed reconciliation oil on it and used several pieces of our hair. The first two candles burned over a couple of days and burned all the way down to the glass holder. The first left hardly any pink left to scrape out. The second had a bit more but neither dripped but rather burned all the way down inside the glass candle holder. Both had a strong flame. The third candle burned more quickly and started dripping pretty quickly. It also had a strong flame. I was shocked when it finally burned out overnight and left a lot of wax all over the plate. As mentioned, I placed a picture of my husband and I under the candle. I woke up to wax all over the plate and what looks like a left and right arm, two legs and two heads with the heart candle holder in the middle. The size and position of the two heads matches the exact size and position of mine and my husband’s head in the picture underneath it. What dripped out of the glass candle holder is a lot of long drips going all around the glass in front like a waterfall. I am blown away with how the wax melted into this image representing the photo underneath it. I am just unsure what it all means. Should I continue to burn additional candles?


    • That’s very interesting! I wasn’t very sure what to make of this so I decided to consult one of my tarot decks. The Moon reversed and the Knight of Cups both jumped out of the deck while shuffling. This may be a good indicator of success in the area of love and that it’s becoming less confusing or unclear. If you feel that you need to continue and/or want to further your success, it may not hurt to do so. It seems that you may be on the right track so far to getting what you desire. Best of luck to you!💜🐾🕯


  6. I have a question, I hope one of you guys can help. I was meditating with a white candle
    , I was just keeping a clear mind and relaxing my body. I was not trying to do any spells at that moment or even manifest something. However my candle flame grew out of nowhere and cracked a couple of times. My left ear also popped twice after that. I finished my meditation and I tried to extinguish my candle but it wouldn’t go out. It took me a couple minutes of trying to turn it off before it extinguished. I tried taking a picture of my candle and there was a strange blue reflection of the flame right next to the candle, this has never happened to me before. Can someone explain what it meant.


    • It sounds like there was spirits and/or ancestors coming through. I drew a card and the 10 of Pentacles came up which can indicate ancestors. Ringing or sounds in the ear can indicate spirits trying to communicate. The colour blue around a flame can indicate assistance from spirits as well as high or crackling flames. A flame that doesn’t want to be extinguished can mean that the working or spirit doesn’t want it to end. If you wish to connect with your ancestors, this is up to you and your level of comfort. However, it may be ideal to cleanse your space and reaffirm that only helpful ancestors come through or ask what they want. When working with spirits or ancestors sometimes boundaries have to be set just like you would with the living; especially if the startle you or come to you at inconvenient times. What you described sounds like a spirit or ancestral visitation which if you wish to explore more about who may be coming through, it’s advisable to use spiritual and/or psychic protection while communicating and use your intuition to determine the authenticity of who is coming through. Cleansing your space may also be recommended before and afterwards and on a regular basis to ensure only positive, helpful spirits/ancestors come through. Hope that helps.🖤🐾


  7. Hey!! I just cast a domination spell with chime candles and a plate since I don’t have glass candles yet. Though there weren’t any wax left just the wick and some herbs though I didn’t put that much when I was dressing the candle but there was a lot of pieces of herbs that were burnt. I asked a discord server with a bunch of witches if they think my spell was successful, they just said the soot looked like an eye so I don’t really know if it were a success


    • From my personal experience, chime candles burn too “cleanly” and often don’t leave any wax behind which may not be an indication of predicting a result. Thicker candles such as 3/4″ x 6″ candles will leave more wax drippings, especially for reading wax shapes such as “waterfalls”, “tears” or “trails” on the side of the candle – the side that drips wax the most will also be an indicator.

      While chime candles can be effective, they may not necessarily indicate success/failure due to the clean burn these types of candles produce. The best indication may be to do a divination reading or ask your spirit guides for a sign if the spell was successful.

      However, the indication of an “eye” may have different indications depending on what your belief may be and what your intuition is telling you. Some psychic interpretations of seeing an eye in a shape or clairvoyantly may indicate: – evil eye; – associated with the third eye; – a need to see what you are doing; – to see what is happening; – to see what you are getting into; – the eyes or windows into the soul; or – “seeing is believing”.

      Best of luck to you on your journey!


  8. Hello! I lit a candle for several days and the end, a very long flame tgats always still was burning the entire length of the candle jar. It was done. At the bottom of the candle there was a black chunk of…I’m not sure, inside of the little bit of wax left over.The size of a dime. What does that mean?


    • A high flame can indicate a lot of energy being put into the working, which can sometimes mean outside influences helping. Sometimes at the bottom of the candle can be left over herbs that are burnt and residual. Any herbs and wax that’s residual can sometimes mean something is “unfinished”. While a perfectly cleaned-out candle with no residual herbs or wax with no soot (except if white soot which is a good omen) can indicate a successful spell, a candle with minimal residual herbs or wax can mean that the spell is somewhat effective, but not 100% completely effective. Since a dime is equivalent to 10 cents, this could hypothetically indicate that the spell is about 90% effective (the dime being 10% what remains residual). This may suggest that the odds are in your favour, but just like a weather forecast that says 10% chance of rain, there is always that probability that it could happen. So depending on what your spell was for (love, money, protection, etc.) there is probably a large chance of success with a small margin or probability that something may effect it or may be residual that the spell was either unable to change, effect, remove, etc. This may indicate that there could be something that you have to physically do in your life to help remove this barrier or blockage, by taking action to help increase the chances. However, from what you have written, it may sound that the success was highly likely, with only a small margin that something still remains that you may need to take action, adjust or change to make the spell come to completion or as you desired. Best of luck to you!


  9. Hi there, I never burnt a vigil candle before. It has been 15 hours and it only burnt 2.5 inches. (Candle is about 8 inches). It almost seems to me it stopped at the level. Or do these candles burn this slow? And is it normal for the flame to keep moving, flickering despite absolutely no draft, and it is surrounded by glass jar. Thank you!


    • A slow burning candle may indicate that there is a blockage or some sort of resistance. There could be something getting in the way that is slowing down the effects of the working. The best way to indicate if the candle spell was able to overcome the resistance is by reading the glass/wax after the candle is finished. The more residue or wax that remains means there is unfinished business remaining that the spell was unable to clear/manifest. Hope that helps!


  10. The candle has been burning for 6 days. when the flame went out today, black soot on the top, clear glass throughout with what look like black ash at the bottom of the candle. What does this mean?


    • Black soot at the top of the candle will indicate that there was some blockage or resistance in the beginning of the working. If the candle is clear or has white soot towards the bottom of the candle this may indicate that the blockage or negativity has been removed or overcome. Black ash at the bottom of the candle can indicate often one of two things: 1) that there is some remnants of the situation or problems that may remain but can be cleared up (such as brushing it away or “taking out the garbage/trash” to tie up loose ends physically; or 2) depending on how much items were used in the candle dressing can have an effect on what won’t burn away cleanly. If there is no wax remaining around the black ash, then this may indicate a more successful working. If the ash appears to create a shape or pattern, you may wish to “read” these ashes to get a better indication of what it may suggest or mean. Hope that helps!


  11. Hi, I burned a 7 day road opener candle for safe travels and to open to road to my success with love and career and it burned basically clean. Leaving a full white ring at the bottom. The herbs gathered and burned in the middle. Created an image of an eye like an evil eye. What does that mean?


    • An evil eye symbolism may indicate protection from ill intent / envy. Depending on your working and if you called upon any assistance during the working, this may indicate protection in the same sense as using a “nazar” (the white and blue evil eye talismans). You may wish to reinforce this protection and reassurance by using an evil eye talisman or amulet. If there had been envy of you from others in your career, this may indicate roads will open (due to the clean burn) however there may still be envy. Working with evil eye candles, talismans, oils, etc., may be something to consider to help ensure the new roads opened aren’t faced with people sending envy/jealousy/bad energy your way. The more you progress in your love life, work or career, there may be people who are jealous (it happens). Adding that extra measure of protection working with evil eye talismans, candles, jewellery, etc., may help. A special note: if you get an evil eye bracelet or necklace and it breaks (often unexpectedly) it means that the bracelet warded off some bad energy / evil eye energy that was sent your way. If so, a cleansing of the self/space may be needed but also knowing that the talisman did its job. Hope this helps!


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