How to do a 7-day Candle Spell

Find out how to do and dress a 7-day candle spell. #witchcraft #magick #spells


Candle spells are some of the most common forms of magick that can be done by any beginner or advanced witch.

Candle magick can be as detailed or simple as you wish and can be done in a single day/night or over the course of a few days or even a moon cycle.


In this post, we’ll explore how to do a 7-day candle spell using glass vigil candles.

This post will show how to do a 7-day candle spell that’s based on hoodoo influences, so many of the ingredients and materials (such as oils) are commonly found in hoodoo practices and spell work.


The Basics of a 7-day Candle Spell


Let’s cover what you need as the minimum basics of a 7-day candle spell.


The order of preparing the candle is done this way:


  • Vigil glass candle
  • Oil
  • Herbs



Next, let’s look at each ingredient of the working to get more details:


Vigil Glass Candle


Choose one candle for each spell that you’re working.

There are several different types of candles on the market for different types of workings / spells.

Be specific about your goal or desires for the spell.


There are candles for:

  • success
  • road openings
  • money drawing
  • love drawing
  • jinx removal
  • uncrossing
  • cleansing
  • controlling, etc.


There are also candles designed for petitioning and requesting assistance from the saints, such as St. Jude, St. Francis, St. Anthony, etc. (Working with the saints is another type of working altogether.)


These vigil candles can be found at shops such as:

Original Botanica


Lucky Mojo


Plain coloured candles can be used also and can be chosen based on magickal colour associations.

Find out more about using candles and colour correspondences in magick.





Select an oil that matches your intention or goals for the spell.

There are many different types of oils on the market and some are very similar to others when it comes to workings such as crossing, jinxing, love, money, and luck.

Carefully research about the different kinds of oils available and be sure that you know what it is intended for.


For example, if you’re looking to bring passion back into your love life, you may choose to use “Fire of Love” oil. This oil is effective, but caution needs to be made as intense passion could turn aggressive if there’s a hint of jealousy or anger in the relationship.

However, if you want someone to turn their affections towards you, you may want to use “Love Me” oil.

Find the oil that best suits your spell and use this to add to your candle.

We’ll explain later how to do so.





Herbs are added to the candle to enhance the effect of the spell.

Select 1 to 4 herbs to add to the candle.

You may want to try to use as few as possible to avoid overcrowding the candle and to prevent a fire hazard.

If the herb is in large pieces, you will want to grind it up finely with a mortar and pestle.


For larger pieces like abre camino, cut the pieces into smaller chunks and add it to the candle.

However, try to place the abre camino away from the wick to avoid it burning too quickly and causing a larger flame.


Herbs can also be sprinkled around the candle after the candle is “dressed” (herbs and oil added).

It’s also advisable to place the candle on a ceramic or heat-safe plate while burning the candle on a table.

This way, you can add crystals and/or herbs around the candle which will make it easier to clean up after the spell is done, plus as the glass candle heats up there’s less likely chance of the candle scorching the surface of your table or altar cloth.



Preparing your 7-day Candle


To prepare your candle, clear away space on a counter, table, altar or wherever you normally do your preparations for candle magick or witchery.

Gather all your ingredients that you’ll be using and place them in front of you: candle, oil and herbs.


Take the candle and place in front of you.


Bless the candle with the sign of the pentacle or cross (depending on your beliefs/practices).

Vision that the candle is being cleansed with pure energy by holding your hands over the candle.


You can say an incantation to cleanse the candle along these lines:


“I cleanse this candle to serve me well,

may this candle be clear of all impurities,

I ask in the name of [goddess / god / Spirit / deity name] to bless this candle

for the purpose of [name your spell working].”


Now, take the bottle of your oil and hold it in your hands.


Bless the oil bottle with the sign of the pentacle or cross (depending on your beliefs/practices).

Vision that the oil bottle is being cleansed with pure energy by holding your hand over the bottle.


You can say something along these lines:


“I cleanse this oil to serve me well,

may this oil be clear of all impurities,

I ask in the name of [goddess / god / Spirit / deity name] to bless this [name of oil]

for the purpose of [name your spell working].”


Pour some oil into your hand and rub your hands together to get the oil on both your hands.


If you’re drawing something towards you (such as doing positive workings for yourself or someone else), place one hand at the top of the candle and the other hand at the base of the candle.

Now run your hands on the candle from the top/bottom towards the middle of the candle (on the outside of the candle.) Keep doing so until you feel the candle has enough oil on the glass.


If you’re banishing or repelling something away you (such as doing negative workings for yourself or someone else), place your hands at the middle of the candle and work your hands to the top and bottom of the candle – away from the middle of the candle.

Place a few drops of the oil on the top of the candle and with your finger rub the oil into the candle, removing any excess to help avoid any fire hazard.


After placing the oil on the candle, you may wish to wash and dry your hands to avoid getting oil on everything else.


Now, start with one of the herbs.


Place some herbs into a small dish- a pinch or two will be enough depending on the size and volume of the herb.

Place the dish with one of the herbs in front of you, preparing to cleanse and bless the herb.


You can say something along these lines:

“I cleanse this [name of herb] to serve me well,

may this oil be clear of all impurities,

Spirit of [name of herb], I call you forth to assist me, and

I ask in the name of [goddess / god / Spirit / deity name] to bless this [name of herb]

for the purpose of [name your spell working].”


Then sprinkle the herb onto the top of the candle.


Repeat this process for the other herbs that may be used for the spell.


When to do a 7-day Candle Spell


So when should you do a 7-day candle spell?


This varies depending on who you ask.

Some practitioners work by moon phases, others work based on the days of the week and others will work based on the urgency of the working.

There are some practitioners that will do workings based on astrological hours of the day or night, while others will only start to light their candle at a certain time of the day (before noon, at noon, after noon or night.)

For example, if it’s the waning moon in the middle of the month and you need money ASAP to pay rent at the end of the month, but the new moon isn’t until the 5th of the next month *after* rent is due – it’s not going to help to wait until the new moon.

In that case, it may be better to start the working on the soonest Thursday to get the spell started and hopefully see results before the end of the month.


Here’s a quick summary of moon phases:


New moon – beginnings, drawing towards you (take note what sign the new moon is in)

Full moon – completion, greater power (also pay attention to what sign the full moon is in)

Dark moon – endings, transformations, hexes, jinxes, curses, dark goddess workings

Waxing moon – growth, drawing towards you, building something up

Waning moon – diminishing, closing something down, letting go, getting rid of something



To begin a 7-day Candle Spell


So now that you’ve selected the day or night that you want to do your working, it’s time to get to work with the spell.

When you first are ready to light your candle, allow yourself time to prepare to light it.

Before lighting the candle, centre yourself and call upon your spirits or the god/goddess that you have chosen to work with or call upon Spirit.

Visualize what your intention or goal is for the spell. Hold the image of your end result in your mind.


You can get creative before hand and create wording for you to recite over the candle.

Your prayer or wording can rhyme and/or be poetic.

For some workings, psalms are commonly recited over certain candles such as Psalm 23.


No matter what you choose to recite, pray or visualize over the candle, it’s important to be consistent over the next 7 days during the spell / working.


In my workings, I’m very improvisational and let Spirit come through to me and I use the energy to visualize my end result.

Hold your desire in your mind and light the candle.

Keep an eye on the candle for a few minutes after lighting it to make sure the flame isn’t too high or out of control. This is why I always trim the wick before lighting the candle.


Visualize your desired goal and results for at least 5 to 15 minutes, however long you’re able to.

Allow the candle to burn for as long as you can that first day/night.


When you need to put the candle out that day (if you have to go to bed, leave your house, etc.), place a plate over the top of the candle to extinguish it. (Never blow out the candle!)


The next day when you’re able to, re-light the candle and pray over the candle for 5 to 15 minutes to set the intention again and allow the candle to burn for as long as you can.

Keep the candle someplace where you can have the candle within your sight (never burn candles unattended or near flammable sources such as curtains or open windows, etc.)

Try to burn the candle for at least 15 – 25 minute increments a day.

However, the longer you’re able to burn the candle uninterrupted, then the better.


A 7-day candle may burn for 7 days, however, it’s not uncommon that a candle may burn for less than 7 days or for more than 7 days.



What does it mean if a 7-day candle burns too fast or too slow?


If a candle burns very quickly, it may mean that the spell / working is unhindered and is working well. However, the effects and results may be short acting and not last as long.

If a candle burns very slowly and takes longer than 7 to 8 days, then the working may be slow and steady or there may be resistance.

To determine this better, you will need to read if there are any black soot markings and/or how the flame is burning (hot, steady, slow, weak, crackling, flickering or popping, etc.)

The next section will explain more about these omens.


What to do after your 7-day candle spell is done


After your spell candle is done, you’ll want to have a look at any markings and/or soot that is on the candle.

How a candle burns during and what remains after the candle is done can help determine the success of your spell.


There are 4 sides to a vigil candle:

  • the front (the part of the candle that faces you) – this represents everything that is physical and/or tangible
  • the back (the back of the candle) – this represents everything that is mental and/or spiritual (non-tangible)
  • the left (the left side of the candle) – this represents the past
  • the right (the right side of the candle) – this represents the future


When there are markings on the glass or even where the candle wick begins to gravitate towards can indicate how the candle spell is working or had worked.

Any markings on the left may indicate something about the past. For example, if soot is only on the left side of the candle, it may indicate that there’s a blockage from the past affecting the working or that it may be overcome.


Soot can commonly form on the glass candles – some practitioners believe this is due to the quality of the candle, while other practitioners read them as indicators of how the spell is working.


Generally, black soot can represent obstacles and blockages and white soot can represent positive help from spirits.

However, this depends on how far the soot goes down the length of the glass and how much soot is on the candle.

If the black soot is at the top, but doesn’t go to the bottom of the candle glass, then that means the obstacle or blockage was overcome.

If the black soot is all the way to the bottom of the candle (on any side of the candle), it can mean that the blockage wasn’t cleared.


To know more about candle reading, check out Candle Spell Reading: What does the Flame, Wax and Soot mean?


Have a question about 7-day candle spells?

Feel free to leave your question below in the comments section.

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20 thoughts on “How to do a 7-day Candle Spell

  1. 1:7 day candle do you have removed it from the glass?
    2:it’s formed of different colors, do you need to burn all the candle 🕯 at the same
    3:how do I rub the oil on the candle


    • If the candle is a “pull out” version and can be removed, it can be “dressed/prepared” with herbs, oils and can even be carved with symbols, names and/desires. The carving would be done first on the candle if desired, followed by the oil and then herbs. If carving is not desired, then oil and herbs can put all over the candle. However, caution is needed when putting herbs on a candle to burn to avoid high flames or fire hazard. I tend to push any herbs on the top of the candle towards the edges of the glass/candle to allow the wax to melt first. If the candle itself is removable, it would be placed back in the glass after preparing, blessing and/or consecrating. The glass acts as a protective shield for the candle and the way the candle burns in the glass can help determine how the success of the candle is progressing.

      If it is a candle of two or more colours, it is burned completely start to finish or burned for the duration of time that you have that you can burn it each time (an hour, few hours, etc.) Unlike 7 day knob candles, usually multicoloured glass candles can be burned without having to stop at each colour. However, if you feel limited in your time per day to burn the candle and can monitor it, it wouldn’t be harmful to burn a colour each day if it is 7 colours. However, for candles that are 2 or 3 colours, it can be burned each day. Most tall vigil candles burn for about 140 hours. This gives an estimate to help divide the time to burn the candle each day.

      To attract something towards you, put the oil (without soaking the candle) from the top end and bottom end (sides) and draw the oil from both ends to the middle of the candle on the side.

      To banish, destroy for get rid of something, do the opposite – place the oil on the side of the candle at the middle and draw the oil towards to ends of the candle.

      After doing so, and herbs can be added on top and/or sides. Sprinkling and/or rolling the candle in the herbs will work.



  2. Great article! I’m burning a “Come Back to Me” 7 day candle and it’s almost done (90% burned wit’s a little black soot at the top and white soot forming in the middle. What to do next? Should I wait? Burn another candle? Or reach out to the person? Is there a time period to wait? Thanks.


    • Wait until the candle is finished on its own to get the final reading of the outcome. However, seeing that black soot is at the top transitioning to white soot would generally be viewed/interpreted as positive that the obstacles, blockages or challenges have been overcome. Depending on where the black soot is most dense (back, front, left or right side) will show where the blockage has been removed or if it is equally dark on all sides will show that all obstacles, blockages (past, future, spiritual or physical) have been removed. It would be ideal to let the candle burn until it is finished. This will allow to determine if any wax remains at the bottom of the candle which could indicate some unfinished business or if the candle burns completely with little to no wax residue which would mean it may be a successful working taking into consideration if there is still white soot or if the candle glass is clear as these would be considered also good omens. Generally it may take 7 to 14 days (depending on the phase of the moon or upcoming moon phase such as the next full or new moon) to see results. Considering that the sun will be entering Libra on September 23 and the next new moon in Libra will be September 28, you may likely see either a response, sign, result or confirmation between now and then for this working. Best of luck to you!🔮🐾


  3. I’m not really questioning things but I did a spell the 7 days as past & there is no such result as yet. So I’m not really sure if it is done properly


    • It can depend, but there aren’t any guarantees. A spell can succeed or “fail” for a variety of reasons. Divination can sometimes help to find out before or after the potential outcome or success. For my own personal practice, if a spell is done at the new moon (and 7 days thereafter) it could possibly take until the next new moon phase. The same can be for when a spell is done at the full moon, it could take until the next full moon. Divination such as tarot or a form of divination that can determine timing can help to see when results may happen. However, sometimes a spell can be unsuccessful if the spell isn’t according to our Master plan set by us before we incarnated or if our Spirits/spirit guides have something else in mind or it is for our own good. Sometimes what we want isn’t what we should have even though we really want it – our spirits and spirit guides are always watching out. It can depend and a spell could sometimes take up to 6 months for some people. It depends on the need or your own time frame. Sometimes putting a time limit on when to expect results (ie needing money by a certain date) can help to be specific in the petition of the spell. The outcome and timeline can vary greatly.


  4. So I’m doing a cleansing 7 day candle and I just set it up today. It burned down maybe an inch before it went out. I don’t know what to do now.


    • You may wish to try an uncrossing candle as there may be something blocking you or the cleansing. There may be something (energy) that is more stuck or stubborn than the cleansing work can handle or manage. This may require doing a full cleansing of your home and self such as smoke cleansing, setting up protection barriers around entrances and boundaries around your home (this can be done with salt and/or protection oils). Depending on the type of cleansing you are doing (if it is simply a house or self cleansing), sometimes an uncrossing candle can work. For myself, uncrossing workings are usually done when a lot of “stuff” from life seems to weigh me down and life gets stuck. This can be due to work, illness, etc., where life gets tangled up and it feels that you’re swimming against the current. I have done before an uncrossing candle and cleansing candle at the same time. The uncrossing candle burned halfway and the cleansing candle burned completely. I interpreted that the combination of candles worked and the uncrossing only needed to burn halfway until it’s work was done and cleared the way for the cleansing candle. You may wish to use other methods to clear your space, remove any excess wax that may have “drowned” the wick, cleans the candle again and then attempt the candle again with intent and prayer. If this doesn’t work on another attempt, you may wish to try the uncrossing candle and if desired light the cleansing candle at the same time.💜🐾


  5. When burning a series of (3) 7 day vigil for uncrossing dressed candles, does the first one have to be all the way out before lighting the second one?


    • Not necessarily. However, the newly lit candle will likely have an effect on the other candle. You may notice that the previous lit candle may burn higher or faster if another candle is lit near it. Sometimes the two candles will work in tandem. I have had instances where one candle was lit and another was lit for a similar purpose. The first candle burned completely while the second candle went out and the wick drown in the wax at the halfway mark. One candle was for cleansing and the second candle was for uncrossing. I interpteted that the cleansing candle had done its job, had burned cleanly, and the uncrossing candle was finished prematurely. Lighting more than one for the same purpose can have a more potent effect however while interpreting the flame and glass, you will have to take into consideration more than one candle at the same time and how one or more are influencing or affecting it. Burning the candles one after the other may offer a more prolonged effect over the course of several days rather than all at once. This will depend on the urgency of your situation if you feel that you need it now/to happen ASAP or if you want to work it continuously over the course of the couple of weeks or so. Hope that helps!🔮🐾


  6. Hello, I bought a candle and didn’t notice until I got home and lit it that the wick isn’t centered and is actually to the mid right of center. The wax has been burning unevenly and has a build up to the left side. I am not sure whether or not I will be able to read this candle/burn/wax accurately because the candle wick isn’t where it supposed to be. Should I go out and get another candle and start the spell over or should I continue to let this candle burn and just not do a reading on it since I have already dressed/prayed/done the work over it? Thank you!


    • In this case it may not be possible to do an accurate reading; other forms of divination may help to determine the outcome or success of the spell (e.g. runes, tarot, etc.) However, the left side of the candle may indicate that a lot of the issue is in the past and if the right of the candle is clear that could indicate the future is clear. A secondary divination method may help to clarify or confirm if this is correct. Letting the candle continue to burn may be best and then waiting to see the outcome or results. 🔮🐾


  7. My vigil candle started burning the flowers and the left over wax at the end. My question is will it still work if I had to put it out to prevent a fire hazard? There’s still very little wax left , les than 1/2 and inch.


    • Many times I’ll put out a flame to trim the wick to avoid the flame from being too high (I’m quite overly cautious when it comes to candles). Making sure to keep herbs, flowers, wood/stems (e.g. abre camino) away from the wick is ideal, however when the candle reaches the bottom of the glass, this can be difficult to avoid as ashes and remnants build up. Some believe that everything has a reason, some believe there’s no such thing as coincidences. The need to put out the flame may indicate that the candle reached an intensity and it was important to stop it (always a reason why candles can’t and shouldn’t be left unattended.) Wax remaining at the bottom may sometimes indicate something left that remains, but this may perhaps suggest that the working is done for now. There may be something that you have to do or “jump to action” (similar to jumping to attention to put out the flame) to push through the last ‘barrier’. The working may have done all that it can and there may be something that you have to do in order for the working to be fulfilled. A divination reading, working with your guides, etc., or intuitive reading/session may help to point out what next steps may need to be taken. 🔮🐾


  8. So I was doing a money and cleansing 3 day candle spell on 2/22 and on the third night it was almost done by the time I was going to bed. Around 2:45am I heard the Pyrex candle holder shatter. The pyrite and malachite exploded along with the plate and burned the $100 I had set underneath the candle holder. It’s weird because I felt so good casting this spell, just was wondering if you could give me some insight on the situation.


    • This may indicate 1 or 2 possibilities. 1) The cleansing working may have overcome and broken through something / an energy that was negative or 2) there’s something that is resisting the cleansing or working. It would be likely ideal to do a divination reading to find out exactly what may be the reason. 🔮🐾


  9. My candle is burning with a pretty de by but strong flame. The top has black soot about 1 inch it’s half way but in the front where the picture is it has a black mark like a burning mark but after it goes down to the bottom of the candle it gets covered with whit soot. What does that mean? But the candle burns completely 0 wax left behind just my glitter and herbs. Burn in the bottom.


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