How to Become a Psychic Tarot Reader

Learn how to become a psychic tarot reader with these steps. #psychic #tarot


It’s said that everyone has psychic abilities to some degree or another, which can be true.


From an early age, we’re taught that these psychic “hits” are just simply a “hunch”, a “lucky guess” or “mother’s intuition”, when in fact they’re more than just that.

Most people receive psychic information through claircognizance (meaning “clear knowing”) or clairsentience (meaning “clear feeling”) that are often subtle or sometimes felt very strongly.


Because so many people get these feelings or simply know something, it’s often shrugged off.

Most people only think of psychic abilities in terms of clairvoyance (meaning “clear seeing”) and that psychic messages are more dramatic and bold.


When often, psychic messages are so subtle, most of us are receiving them all the time, but we’re not tuned into them.

Being psychic means having your psychic “antennae” or “radar” tuned up high so that you can pick up on these wavelengths that are broadcasted at a higher frequency.


You don’t have to be psychic to read tarot, but tarot can make you more psychic.


It’s true that you don’t have to be psychic to read tarot or some other forms of divination.

For example, Lenormand is often taught as a calculated system with structure rules and ways of the reading the cards, that you don’t have to be psychic to read Lenormand.

There are other forms of divination such as the I Ching and Dominos that don’t require psychic abilities and have a set of mathematical outcomes that make predictions.


Some classes and teachers will emphasize the fact that you don’t have to be psychic to read tarot.

Personally I feel this approach takes away the mysticism and full potential of what tarot can offer and teach, which can help unlock parts of the mind to higher and greater potential.


You certainly don’t have to consider yourself psychic to pick up the cards, but don’t sell yourself short and think that tarot *can’t* help you become more psychic than you are currently.


In this post, we’ll look at ways you can become a psychic tarot reader which these techniques can be used with tarot or other forms of divination and also even aside from any forms of divination.


You don’t even have to have a deck of tarot cards to benefit from this post.


Simply take the parts about psychic abilities and apply them to yourself, and leave the tarot references and pointers aside if you wish.



How to Become a Psychic Tarot Reader



Here’s how you can become a psychic tarot reader and even a better psychic overall:


Read everything about psychic abilities


This may sound boring if you’re not an avid reader, but reading is crucial to learning how to become a better psychic. (The next step will show a way if you’re not into reading.)

Read books by other psychics and mediums (even if they aren’t tarot or divination related.)


Read books that are instructional, guidebooks and even biographies and autobiographies by psychics and mediums.


For example, read books by and about Sylvia Browne, James Van Praagh, Edgar Cayce, Melanie Barnum, Alexandra Chauran, Sonia Choquette, Sherrie Dillard, Ellen Dugan, Rose Vanden Eynden, etc.

You may not agree with everything that they say or write, but it’s best to broaden your horizons and figure out where you fit in amongst them and the world of psychics and mediums.


Next, try the book Psychic Tarot: Using Your Natural Psychic Abilities to Read the Cards by Nancy C. Antenucci and Melanie Howard to learn how to apply the psychic abilities (we’ll explore later how to do this in another step.)


Read as much as you can about psychic abilities and mediumship (if you’re into mediumship) and build a foundation and way to study it.


For more resources on beginner psychic materials, check out Psychic Development for Beginners.



Watch and/or listen to videos or audio recordings 


If you’re not into reading, you can find videos and recordings online (such as YouTube) to get instruction about psychic abilities and psychic training.

The key to learning online or through written material is to try to find an instructor or teacher that you resonate with, that how they speak or write resonates with you and that you feel you can learn from them.


Also, take what works for you and leave the rest.

There are lots of free and paid resources online to learn how to develop psychic abilities and tarot reading techniques.


This brings us to our next step: knowing what your psychic strengths are.



Know your psychic strengths


If you’re not sure what your psychic strengths are and through which way you receive psychic information, you’ll have to try them all out.


The most common ways to receive psychic information are:

  • clairvoyance
  • claircognizance
  • clairaudience
  • clairsentience


To help find out what might be your strongest “clair”, ask yourself:


Do I have a sense of just knowing? – That’s claircognizance.

Do I hear the thought or voice in my head (this will sound like in your own voice)? – That’s clairaudience.

Do I feel the energy in a room or from other people I’m near? – That’s clairsentience.

Do I see images or people in my mind’s eye? – That’s clairvoyance.


Most psychics will have one or two strong psychic abilities and may have others that aren’t as strong.

It’s not uncommon for some psychics to have only one type of ability.


It can be OK to focus mainly on your stronger abilities, and practice on the others or not at all.


The key is not to force yourself to receive information from an ability that isn’t very strong or isn’t available to you.

This will only lead to frustration, so focus on the ones that you feel more confident in.


It’s OK to not have all the abilities – however, you may find that weaker psychic abilities may become more predominant or “open up” at random times.



Know where your psychic information is coming from and from whom


This is one of the most important things about doing psychic readings or psychic tarot readings.

You must know who or what is giving you the psychic information.


The difference between psychic readings and intuitive readings is that psychic readings will generally come from an outside “source” or things “picked up”, while intuitive readings often come from the reader’s impressions of the cards or the querent/client or their higher self.


There’s this odd semantic game that happens when people try to steer away from using the word “psychic” in favour of “intuitive”, which seems to lessen the importance and significance of psychic ability.


That being said, there’s the saying that “all mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums” which is true.


Mediums will receive psychic information from beings on the other side and this can include spirit guides, departed loved ones, spirits, and in general, Spirit.

Psychics will receive psychic information and impressions from what they pick up in the environment, the past, present and future, and what they pick up on energy and thoughts of others, querents, clients, etc.


A psychic medium will do both of these things.

Tarot readers can also be psychic mediums.


When it comes to psychic tarot reading and psychic readings, it’s important to be able to know where the information is coming from and to differentiate who is giving the messages:


Is it a spirit guide?

Is it a spirit?

Is it a deity?

Is it your or a client’s loved one in spirit?

Is the message coming from the Universe or Spirit?

Are you actively getting it from the Akashic Records?

(To know more how to work with the Akashic Records, check out How to Access the Akashic Records.)


So how do you tell?


Use your strongest psychic abilities to differentiate where it is coming from.

Ask them to identify themselves and test the answer in your own psychic “truth meter” to weigh the answer and see if it holds up to be true.



Know and work with your gatekeeper spirit guide and your psychic teacher spirit guide


These two guides will be your biggest helpers on your spirit team while you start your psychic journey.


Your gatekeeper spirit guide will help you to connect with the Akashic Records and the spirit guides, departed loved ones and spirits on the other side.

Your psychic teacher spirit guide will help you to develop your psychic abilities and learn tarot or any other form of divination that you want to learn.


Get to know these spirit guides and work with them closely.

Be sure to get their names and call them in when you’re doing psychic work, tarot work or learning psychic abilities, practicing or learning a form of divination.


To know more about gatekeeper spirit guides and how to meet yours, check out What is a Gatekeeper Spirit Guide?


To know more about spirit guides in general and the main guides on your spirit team, get the free mini guidebook about spirit guides.



Use your applied knowledge and experience when it comes to tarot and psychic readings


Psychic abilities and messages aren’t contained in a bubble or hermetically sealed container.


When doing tarot readings or psychic readings, you have to use your background experience and knowledge and apply it to what you’re doing.

Things like quotes, song lyrics or titles, books, recommendations may pop up in a reading, so use your background knowledge and experience and let Spirit use your mental “database” to come up with a way to express the message clearly.


For example, if you know one form of divination and want to learn another, take the skills that you know from one and see how it applies to the other.

Applied knowledge is commonly graded and taught in high school and we’re taught to apply what we know to solve problems and come up with solutions.


Another example is if you have a new tarot or oracle deck and you can’t figure out how to read with it.


If you have a familiar tarot deck that you’re very comfortable with, then use the imagery of that tarot deck in your mind and apply it to the new tarot deck.

Then, take the imagery from the new tarot deck and “superimpose” it on to the imagery of the familiar tarot deck and merge the two in your mind.


What seems similar?

What seems different?

What compliments the other?

What do you notice is different?

How does the new deck “play off” the old deck?

How does it give a new “spin” to your old familiar interpretations?

What do the colours or numbers represents for you?

What symbolism is the same or different?


Next, we’ll see how the chakras can help you to open up to more psychic information.



Work with all 13 chakras (especially chakras 8 to 12)


Working with the major and higher chakras can help you to become more attuned to psychic information and messages.


The major chakras are the seven known as:

  • root/base
  • sacral
  • solar plexus
  • heart
  • throat
  • third eye
  • crown


A large portion of higher psychic information begins in the throat, third eye and crown chakras and continues up to the higher chakras.

However, some people are more connected to the lower chakras (below the throat chakra) and may feel more physical and denser forms of energy that are closer to the physical realm.


The higher chakras* are starting at about an inch to two inches above the head and continue from chakra 8 to 12.

*Note: The names of the higher chakras can vary depending on the source citing them.


The higher chakras are:

  • soul star 
  • spirit
  • universal 
  • galactic
  • divine./source


There is also the Earth Star chakra (known as chakra 0) beneath the feet that roots and grounds us to our ancestral and humanity past.


To know more about the 13 chakras and how they can help you get better readings and alignment, check out the PDF e-book Working with the Chakras.


Next, we’ll see why symbolism and knowing the meanings of symbols is important in psychic and tarot readings.



Learn symbolism and the meanings of symbols


Tarot is a language of symbols and psychic readings also include symbols.

Know the expression: a picture is worth a thousand words?


Spirit can easily send a message with just a picture or symbol and allow you to immediate understand and come up with the interpretation (although sometimes channelling is still done as well as automatic writing but can take longer.)


Symbols are universal in many cases, but can also have different cultural connotations and meanings, not to mention each person may have a personal affinity or aversion to a specific symbol based on beliefs or phobias.


It’s important to learn symbolism from different cultures, especially if you read for people who have different cultural backgrounds than your own.

For example, you may receive a psychic symbol of a specific animal and in North America, it may be considered unlucky while it may be lucky there where your querent/client is from.


Psychics and mediums will often develop their own “symbolism dictionary/databank” of symbols that they feel is their own and then Spirit, spirit guides and loved ones in spirit will use the memories and “databank” of the psychic or medium to get a message across.


Books recommended for learning symbolism are:


The Book of Psychic Symbols: Interpreting Intuitive Messages by Melanie Barnum

Man and His Symbols by Carl G. Jung



Listen more, talk less


A major key to developing psychic abilities is to listen more and talk less.

Psychic abilities are all about tuning into what you can hear and what you can’t hear.


It’s said that 90% of communication is through body language and even through the 10% of spoken communication, a lot is said by tone and the energy behind what’s being said.


Have you every felt that someone wasn’t telling you the whole story?

How did you know?

Was it how they were sitting or standing or walking?

Was there something in their voice?

Their eyes? Their movements?

Did you pick up on a vibe?


Harnessing psychic abilities is mostly about listening much more than talking.


Try to do this during the day or night and pay attention to your surroundings and what people say and do.


However, if you can’t do this; for example, you talk for a living or have to communicate often during the day on the phone or email or customer service, then set time aside during the day or night every day or a few times during the week to do meditation and just listen.

Meditation can be done in silence or with instrumental/relaxation/spa/meditation music and just listen to the thoughts in your head.


If you can, try going to a coffee shop and have something to drink.

Just sit there and listen to the sounds around you.

Try to pick up the vibe or energy of customers, listen a bit to conversations and see what energy you pick up.


During your time of practicing psychic abilities and psychic tarot reading, spend more time observing your surroundings and listening to people around you.



Practice your psychic tarot reading skills every chance you get


In the very end of this all, the most important thing is to practice your abilities at any chance that you get.

Give free readings to friends and family, and even read for yourself and your pets. (See here about how to do tarot readings for pets.)


Some readers advise against reading for yourself, but to practice, it’s important to learn what the tarot cards mean to you and to get a feel for them.


Try a simple 3 card spread of a past, present, future reading but instead use it as “yesterday, today, tomorrow” to get the hang of what the cards are trying to say.


The more you practice your psychic abilities and apply them to tarot (i.e. using your applied knowledge also), the more you’ll find that your psychic “hits” will happen more frequently when you’re not reading tarot.

That is if you want it to be that way.


Not every psychic is “on” all the time, picking up every frequency – but it can happen sometimes.

Knowing when you’re in “work mode” and “off mode” is important when doing psychic work, and if you choose to only do psychic work while working with the tarot or doing readings, that’s fine too.


The key is to practice as much as possible, whenever possible, and reading about tarot and psychic abilities can help with that.


If interested in further your reading on tarot to get the skills to practice your psychic abilities, check out 25 Books about Tarot.



Well, that’s it for this post.

These are the things that have helped me on my journey in the beginning to do psychic readings and psychic tarot readings, and hopefully they’ll help you too.


Until next time,
Stacey and the Tarot Pugs



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