Connect and Work with Animal Spirit Guides

Learn how to connect and work with animal spirit guides. #witchcraft #spiritguides


Spirit guides can come in many different forms as a way to connect and work with us so that we can relate to them more easily.

Some spirit guides are in the form as animals to express the spiritual and symbolistic meanings of a particular animal as a way to teach and guide us.

It must be noted that animal spirit guides and animal familiar spirits are not the same as spirit animals, power animals or totem animals.


Spirit animals, power animals or totems animals that are part of Native American spirituality and culture have different descriptions and meanings than spirit guides who happen to be animals also.

This writing here is not meant to be confused with spirit animals, totem animals or power animals.


It may seem like a very fine line between the Native American belief system and this idea of animal spirit guides.

However, animal teachers, guides, legends, mythology and symbolism is found in many cultures, including African, Asian, and European culture and mythology.

The Celts had animal totems as well as an animal zodiac and believed in animism.


There’s also the Chinese animal zodiac which most people are somewhat aware or familiar with and there are Chinese legends, myths and stories involving animals, their symbolism and powers.

When exploring animal symbolism and spirituality connected to animals and animism, have a closer look at your own cultural background to learn how your ancestors connected to animals and spirituality.



What are Animal Spirit Guides?


Animal spirit guides do the work of spirit guides.

They appear to us in the form as an animal while offering the guidance and teachings of the animal and spiritual guidance/teachings.


Humans have had a long relationship, connection and fascination with animals since the beginning of time.

It only makes sense for some of us that our spirit guides would be in the form of animals.


The spirit guide in the form of an animal allows us to receive teachings and learn from the collective unconscious spiritual meanings of certain animal species.

Like other spirit guides, animal spirit guides may be in your life for different reasons.


For example, a spirit guide or animal spirit guide may be:

  • one of your primary guides from birth or a previous lifetime (or lifetimes)
  • assisting you with a certain project or phase in your life until it is complete
  • teaching you a valuable lesson that you need to learn in order to grow physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually
  • helping you to learn a new skill
  • giving you specific or general guidance in your life temporarily or permanently



How to Connect with Animal Spirit Guides


If you’re an “animal person” or have a liking or affinity for animals (even if just certain animals), you likely have an animal spirit guide working with you or is waiting to work with you when you’re ready.

Some people may immediately have a sense of who their animal spirit guide is as they may have an affinity for a certain kind of animal species or they may see that kind of animal often.


It should be noted that an animal spirit guide is different than an animal familiar (physical or astral/spirit.)

An animal familiar is designated to help a witch with magick, spells and workings in the physical realm and/or astral realm.


Different ways to begin to connect and work with an animal spirit guide can be:




Meditation is the simplest and most inexpensive way to connect and work with spirit guides.

In your mind, create an “astral temple” or place where you would want to meet your guide.

Allow your mind to be open and receptive to whatever animal appears to you first.


Don’t stop the meditation too soon if you meet an animal that isn’t to your liking or that you may feel you’re making it all up.


Have a conversation with the animal spirit guide and ask them things such as their name and how they are helping you at this time.

After your meditation, look up the spiritual symbolism of the animal spirit guide that you saw in your meditation.

The additional research information may help you to understand more about what this animal spirit guide can teach you.



Rituals / Spells / Magick


If you practice rituals, spells or magick, you can do a working to help allow the animal spirit guide to be revealed to you.

You may then receive images or sounds connected to your animal spirit guide.

After performing the working, be aware of any animals, picture of animals or animal symbolism that comes your way in person, online, on TV, advertisements, books or in conversations.


Make special notes on the frequency of these animal appearances and how you felt about them.

You may find a specific kind of animal may appear more frequently whether in real life or in images.

Use your intuition and meditation to make more sense of the synchronicities.



Divination / Tarot / Oracle Cards


Divination can be used to connect and receive messages from spirit guides, including animal spirit guides.

Certain animal tarot and oracle decks can be used for these types of readings, however any tarot or oracle deck that you’re most familiar with can also work.

When it comes to animal spirit guide readings, we don’t have to be limited to only animal tarot or oracle decks.


When doing an animal spirit guide reading, start by ask questions about who your spirit guide is, what they do and how they’re helping you.

To know more about working with spirit guides in divination, be sure to read Connect with Spirit Guides in Tarot and Divination.


How to Work with Animal Spirit Guides


Working with animal spirit guides can be the same or similar to working with other spirit guides on your “spirit team” of guides that work with you.


Here are different ways that you can work with your animal spirit guide daily or when you need to the most:

  • keep images, pictures, stuffed animals and/or statues on display in your home and/or on your altar to honour and keep the presence of your animal spirit guide active in your mind
  • wear a pin and/or clothing that has an image of the animal spirit guide
  • work with your animal spirit guide during divination, tarot or oracle readings for yourself or others
  • call on their assistance when you need their specific energy or expertise for a project, situation or problem
  • talk with your animal spirit guide regularly about every day things, good and bad parts of your day, to keep the energetic bond and psychic connection strong
  • ask your animal spirit guide for advice or guidance when needed


Connect and Work with Animal Spirit Guides


Many people have a deep spiritual connection to animals, so having a spirit guide as an animal can be a helpful way for a person to grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

When you make a connection with any spirit guide, it takes work to build on that relationship and learn how you receive their messages and teachings.


This can often be through the psychic senses (clairaudience, claircognizance and clairvoyance are the most common).

Sometimes messages can come through conversations at work, with family or friends or even seeing messages or words in the outside world written on display that have personal meaning.


Try the techniques mentioned above to connect and work with your animal spirit guide.


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