What are Astral Spells & How to Do Astral Spells

Learn how to do quick & easy spells anytime / anyplace by doing an astral spell (no magickal tools needed!) #witchcraft #spells

Astral spells are spells that you can do in the astral realm, anytime and anyplace.

These spells use the power of visualization without the need of physical tools or even a lot of space.

The most important part of the astral spell is having a place in the astral realm to do the spell; that place can be your “astral temple.”

What’s an Astral Temple?

An astral temple is a place that you visually build in the astral realm that’s just for you.

This can be a place where you meet your spirit guides or loved ones in spirit, a place where you can retreat in the astral realm.

Your astral temple can be any place that you prefer and feel at home in.

An astral temple isn’t unique to just witchcraft practice, but can be used in any belief system.

For example, your astral temple can be:

  • a mountain or near a mountain
  • a cave
  • a forest or grove
  • a beach
  • a cottage
  • a garden
  • a sacred or holy place
  • any place or land that you feel connected to (even if you’ve been or haven’t been there physically.)

The first step is to create your astral temple during a meditation, if you haven’t created an astral temple previously.

You can visualize the location and scenery first, then add details to your astral temple such as furnishings, witchy or spiritual items, decorations, etc.

The key is to make your astral temple your home away from home.

You can draw, illustrate or map out your astral temple on paper if you want to have a physical representation to help you with creating your astral temple.

If you want, you can place your drawing or illustration in your journal, grimoire or book of shadows as a reference.

After you have your astral temple built and ready, you can visit there anytime you want.

How to Do Astral Spells

Astral spells can be done in the astral temple that you created, anytime and anyplace.

This kind of spell can be quick and easy, not to mention also very convenient when you can’t get or be near your magickal tools.

To begin an astral spell in your astral temple, allow yourself at least 5 to 10 minutes in which you know you won’t be interrupted.

This can be as easy as stepping into a bathroom with the door closed, finding a quiet place to get away or if at work or in public, use headphones to block out noise and close your eyes for a few minutes.

In the example below, we’ll cover how to do a simple candle spell in your astral temple.

Simple Astral Candle Spell

Take time to close your eyes and visualize your astral temple.

If you have created an altar space or table in your astral temple, that’s a good start.

If you don’t have a table or altar, you can create one or have an area designated to where you will put your candle in your astral temple.

Depending on your intention for the spell, choose a colour for the candle that you will use in the spell.

For a list of suggested colour correspondences, here’s more about colour correspondences for candle magick and spells.

Reversal candles can also work well for certain spells.

These candles are two-coloured (one colour on the top and another colour on the bottom) and are dual-action candles.

These candles can be effective in the astral realm to banish/remove barriers or blockages and bring something towards you afterwards.

If you have time you can choose to dress the candle (visually) with an oil.

For a list of different oils and their purposes, here’s more about oils used in witchcraft and hoodoo.

If time is short, you can skip doing anything special with the candle and simply place it in a holder and place it someplace in your astral temple.

Visually light the candle in your astral temple.

You may decide to say a few words to affirm your spell and intention for the spell work.

You can also call on the assistance of a deity or spirit with whom you have a magickal working relationship if you choose to do so.

After you have lit your candle and said any words for the spell, you can leave your astral temple and let the candle burn on its own.

If you want to check on the candle at a later time you can do so or if you want to perform the spell again.

Astral spells can be as simple or as detailed as you would like.

They can be elaborate spells with calling the quarters or elements, dressing the candle and with invocations.

It depends on how much time you have to spend in the astral realm and in your astral temple.

However, astral spells can be quick and effective when you’re on the go and have a few minutes to be uninterrupted.

Astral spells can be practical when time is of the essence.

Especially if you don’t have to time to get your magickal tools or when you’re away from your altar or magickal items.

After doing your astral spell, you can also choose to reaffirm the astral spell by lighting a candle later when you can.

Visualization and Astral Spells

If you have difficulty with visualization and meditation, you can try to do a little bit each day and build up to longer sessions.

Try different times of the day or night to see when is the best time for you to work in the astral realm.

Some people work better in the early to mid-mornings, while other people may work better in early to mid-afternoon or even very late at night.

Whenever you are most relaxed and at ease, less stressed, anxious or worried is probably the most optimal time to do astral work.

To visualize your astral temple, you can brainstorm ideas about how you would like your astral temple would look.

You may decide to make a vision board and print or cut out pictures that resemble what you want your astral temple to look like.

Visualization is the key to creating your astral temple.

It can be a sacred place for you to rest, find wisdom and meet guides, loved ones in spirit or even deities.

For example: can’t have pets or even a wild animal in real life?

You can have an astral pet or animal to guard or protect your astral temple or even keep you company while you visit your astral temple.

Possibilities are endless for your astral temple and the spells that you can create.

Above all, the more you visit and work magick in your astral temple, the more powerful it can become for you.

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Learn how to do quick & easy spells anytime / anyplace by doing an astral spell (no magickal tools needed!) #witchcraft #spells

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