Witchcraft in Summer

Find out how to use what summer has to offer in your witchcraft magick and practice.


It’s that time of year again, summer is officially quickly approaching.

For many places, it means warmer or hotter temperatures and frequent storms or hurricanes.

However, for many people, it can also mean a time to finally get outside and enjoy what the season has to offer.

Summer can be hot and brutal at times, but it’s relatively short sometimes compared to the cooler temperatures and weather often seen in the fall, winter and spring.


If you’re getting ready for winter where you are, you can check out Winter, Death & Witchcraft for more about witchcraft in winter.

Let’s look at some ways you can use what the season has to offer in your witchcraft in summer:


Magickal uses for rainwater


Rain can be a simple and effective part of your witchcraft practice.

The type of rainwater can have a different affect on your magick.


When collecting rainwater, you can collect it in rain barrels or containers such as plastic containers or glasses.

However, after the water is consecrated or cleansed, it’s best to store in a glass container or jar with a lid.

Plastic can be porous while glass that has been thoroughly cleaned and cleansed is more ideal.


Here are a few examples of different types of rainwater for magick:


Regular rainwater


This rainwater is from a usual rainy day and can be collected for a variety of different purposes.

Use this type of rainwater for cleansing tools, crystals or consecrating your home.

You can choose to use rainwater for any spells that you wish to use water in them.


This can also be for spells that you wish to use the element of water and what that element represents (such as psychic abilities, feelings, emotions, etc.)

However, it’s not advisable to drink any natural rainwater in cooking or elixirs (even if collected in a clean container) without first purifying it properly.


Storm rainwater


If you live in an area where you get thunderstorms, you can (if done safely) collect rainwater from a thunderstorm.

Thunderstorms have a negative/positive, male/female, polarity energy to them which is found in rainwater from thunderstorms.

Storm rainwater can be used in spells and magickal workings to add more power and energy.


If you really want to “zap” something into manifestation or to make something happen like a stroke of lightning, you can use rainwater from a thunderstorm.

If you collect rainwater from a thunderstorm, label the container of the rainwater with the date of the thunderstorm.


Keep an eye on the weather reports during and after the storm from which the rainwater was collected.

If the storm created any minor or significant damage in its path, you can make a note of it in your book of shadows or grimoire.

You can also keep a note card with the rainwater of any significant happenings from that storm.

The impact of the storm may have an affect on the energy of the rainwater in your spells and magick, so best to keep a good record of it for future reference.


Tornado rainwater


Rainwater from a thunderstorm that produces tornadoes can be used for magickal workings and spells.

Collect the rainwater from a severe thunderstorm that produces tornadoes only if it is safe to do so.


Tornado rainwater can be used for magickal workings in which you need to seriously stir things up, move things around, tear things down and potentially want to start over again.

If you collect tornado rainwater, be sure to label your container with the date of the storm.

Keep a log of any damage caused by the tornado that may be reported by local news or weather reports.


Hurricane rainwater


If you live in an area that experiences hurricanes, you may decide to collect rainwater from the hurricane (but only if it’s safe to do so.)

Hurricane rainwater can be used in spells and magickal workings to clear things out of your life, to let go, and “obliterate” something from your path.

If you collect rainwater from a hurricane, be sure to mark the date(s) when the rain was collected and the name of the hurricane.

Keep notes on any significant reports from the hurricane’s aftermath.


Sun Magick / Solar Magick


Summer time means more daylight and longer days, often with hotter days as the sun is stronger and brighter.

The midsummer solstice / Litha is celebrated on June 21 (December 21 in the southern hemisphere) when the height of summer is at its peak and the days begin to lessen slowly thereafter.

The sun is associated with success, ego, pride, glory, victory, happiness, joy, celebration, optimism and positivity.


Ways you can use the power of the sun in magickal and practical ways:


  • Use tarot magick and have the Sun card as the focus card in your spell


  • Cleanse your magickal items in sunlight (if they are safe to do so – some crystals can’t be in direct natural sunlight)


  • Cleanse your clothing and household linens in the sun – create a magickal wash of herbs and Florida water (testing first to see if safe on fabrics) then let dry in the sun.


  • Cleanse yourself in a magickal wash then dry yourself in the sun while in a swimsuit on a warm day.


  • Meditate or perform a spell in your mind while sitting in the sun.


  • Connect with solar deities for magickal workings – some solar deities are: Apollo, Helios, Sekhmet, Ra, Amaterasu, Bastet, Horus, Aten, Sól / Sunna, Áine, Étaín, Xihe, Theia, Surya, Hors.


  • Harness the energy of the sun by wearing bright colours or decorating your home with colours associated with the sun (red, orange, yellow).



Flower Magick, Herb Magick, Plant Magick


Many flowers, herbs and plants are in bloom during the summer months, which is a great time to use some natural energies of the plants, herbs and flowers.

If you‘re a gardener, you can put certain flowers, herbs or plants in your garden to bring and attract what you desire or to create a protective boundary around your home or property.


You‘ll want to check out The Magickal Cat Grimoire if you‘re looking for a great resource of magickal uses for herbs, flowers, roots, barks and resins.


If you‘re like me and don‘t have much of a green thumb, you can buy cut flowers and bring them home to have on your altar or to use the flowers in your spells.

Since many herbs and plants are naturally in season during the summer, you can purchase them at local farmer‘s markets.

Many of the plants and herbs at farmer‘s markets are organic and locally grown which will be better for your magickal workings and spells.


Protection Magick for Summer


Summer can be a crazy time and a lot of weird happenings.

School is out, more people are outside and up all hours of the night.

Summer is a really good time to increase protection magick.


Ways you can use protection magick for all summer long:


Protection oil and powder


Use around your home or annoint or dust yourself, your car, your property, etc.


Black salt or white salt


Use at door thresholds, gateways, windowsills, perimeter of your home or property or carry with you.

For more about salt in magick, be sure to check out Salt for Magick and Spells.


Protection talisman


Purchase or make a protection talisman for general protection or for a specific purpose (traveling, protection at home, etc.)


Protection spell bottle


Spell bottles can be made with ingredients that have protective properties and then sealed in a bottle with wax.

You can learn how to make your own here from Witchy Woman (on Tumblr) or you can purchase one from The Witchery.


Protection jar


Protection jars are similar to spell bottles, but not as small or cute.

Witch protection jars are commonly made using a glass jar (such as a mason jar).

Items such as broken glass, nails, screws and knives are added to the jar.


Some jars add vinegar in the jar, while traditionally urine (from whom the protection jar is for) is added.

Then the jar is sealed and place under the front porch or buried near the home‘s entrance (or any entrance leading directly outside).

If you live in an apartment building, the jar could be placed near the front entrance – for example, in a closet near the front entrance.


These are just a few ideas about how to use summer in your withcraft practice to make the most of the season.

Wishing everyone a safe and fun summer!


Stacey & the Tarot Pugs


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