Oils in Witchcraft and Hoodoo

Learn about the properties and uses of oils in witchcraft and hoodoo. #magick #witchcraft #hoodoo


The use of oil in spells, magick and ritual in witchcraft and hoodoo can be a powerful enhancer and add power to your magickal working.

Not all oils are the same even when they have the same name or even the same ingredients.

Different practitioners who create and craft their own oils have different techniques and methods for creating their oils.


Here we’ll look at:

  • types of oils in witchcraft and hoodoo
  • how they can be used
  • what you need to know to make your own magickal oils.


Let’s begin with the different types that you may find in witchcraft and hoodoo.


Types of Oils in Witchcraft and Hoodoo


Essential Oils and Blends


Some magickal oils can be made directly from one or more essential oils that are added to a carrier oil (such as olive oil or coconut oil).

The magickal properties of the essential oil are used for a specific purpose, intent, spell or magickal working.

Essential oils are commonly used for aromatherapy and can create an uplifting or relaxing mood, bring clarity or help induce sleep.

Essential oils can be used in magickal workings that match the properties of the flower or herb which the essential oil comes from.

For a list of magickal herbs, The Magickal Cat has a huge list of magickal herbs and their purposes.


Deity oils


Some oils are crafted and created to help you align yourself or dedicate something to a certain goddess or god.

A search online by name of god or goddess and the word “oil” can find posts to make your own or shops that sell specially made oils dedicated to deities.



Anita Apothecary on Etsy makes beautifully crafted oils and deity oils (unfortunately, doesn’t ship to Canada anymore on most products as of 2018.)*

Rosarium Blends also makes oils and incense blends (made in USA – check their site for specific details about shipping to US and internationally.)*

*(Not affiliated – just great stuff by great folks.)


Hoodoo oils


Hoodoo uses blends of oils and herbs for specific purposes or intentions.

Recipe blends may differ from practitioner to practitioner for certain oils, but the intent may be the same for each specific oil.

Some of the ingredients will be common or are required in each oil by the same name, but the amounts may vary and some ingredients may be added or omitted.

For example, Road Opener oil must contain abre camino in order to be considered “true” Road Opener oil.

Yet, each practitioner that makes the oil may have a different method or way of making the final product.


Here are a few of my favourite hoodoo oils:


Boss Fix oil


This oil is used to get your boss to favour you, listen to your ideas, suggestion and recommendations more, to be kinder and go easier on you.


This oil can be used by:

  • anointing yourself and wearing the oil while at work or
  • placing some of the oil around your workspace or desk or
  • placing some of the oil around your boss’s workspace, desk and/ on their door.


Any of those methods may work.

This oil can also be used in candle work and spell work.


Best day to use: Friday


Money Drawing oil


This oil is used to draw money and cash towards you.

Wear the oil at your work, especially if you deal with cash on a regular basis or do financial transactions with customers at work or in your business.

Dab some on your cash register or card reader terminal.

Add to charm bags, amulets, talismans and carry with you to draw money your way and keep money flowing towards you.


Best day to use: Tuesday or Thursday


Crown of Success oil


This oil is used to bring success and accolades to you and your work or projects.

If you’re working on something, a project, business, etc., use this oil to boost your chances of success and reward.

Add to candle spell work or keep in your work area to help increase your success.


Best day to use: Sunday or Thursday


Psychic Vision oil


This oil can be used to enhance your psychic abilities.

Excellent for divination, psychic readings or anytime you want to make predictions, see the future or do mediumship.


Best day to use: Monday or Wednesday


Road Opener oil


When you feel stuck and you’re not getting anywhere, this oil opens up pathways and roads to allow whatever you desire to come towards you more easily.

Check here for more about Road Opener.


Best day to use: Saturday


Van Van oil


Van Van oil is an “all purpose” hoodoo oil that can work to bring prosperity, success, luck, protection, increase the power of amulets and talismans.

Van Van oil commonly has lemongrass in it. (Lemongrass isn’t my favourite scent, but it works well, so I’ve learned to tolerate the scent. I try to just use less of it.)


Best day to use: Any day – depends on your intent. (Check further in this post for days of the week)


Fast Luck oil


This oil is ideal for gamblers and those who make bets. If you want luck on your side and to have everything go just right, this oil works well.


Best day to use: Thursday – but any day is OK whenever you need it suddenly


More about hoodoo oils:

Since there are just so many more to name, you can check out more how to use the oils at Lucky Mojo Curio Co.*

They have more about all the different types of hoodoo oils and offer their own line of products and how to use them.



If you’re in Canada or just want to take advantage of our low Canadian dollar exchange rate, be sure to check out The Witchery and their selection of oils.*

*(These links not sponsored – or endorsed – just amazing stuff by amazing folks.)


How to Use Magickal Oils


There’s a few different ways you can use magickal oils in witchcraft.

For some hoodoo oils, there are sometimes specific instructions that are recommended to get the most out of the oil’s use and purpose.

Those instructions can sometimes be found online by searching the oil’s name and browsing online through different stores and blogs.

Take a look around the web and see what feels right to you and what you feel capable of doing.


For most oils, try these methods in your witchcraft practice:


Candles and Candle Magick


Anointing/dressing candles is one of the simplest ways to work with oils in witchcraft.

There are two ways to anoint/dress a candle depending on what your intention is.


To draw something towards you:

Dab some of the oil on your finger and place some oil at the top of your taper or votive candle.

Making a stroke motion, push the oil with your finger from the top of the candle towards the middle of the candle.

Continue this motion (adding more oil if necessary) all around the candle to the top half potion only.

Then start at the bottom of the candle.

Dab some oil at the bottom half of the candle and making a stroke motion, push the oil from the bottom of the candle towards the middle of the candle.

Continue this motion from bottom to middle all around the candle towards the bottom of the candle only.

Your candle is now anointed.



To banish something from you:

Dab some of the oil on your finger and place some oil at the middle of your taper or votive candle.

Making a stroke motion, push the oil with your finger from the middle candle towards the top half of the candle.

Continue this motion (adding more oil if necessary) all around the candle to the top potion only.

Then start again at the middle.

Dab some oil at the middle of the candle and making a stroke motion, push the oil from the middle of the candle towards the bottom of the candle.

Continue this motion from middle to bottom all around the candle towards the bottom of the candle only.

Your candle is now anointed.


Remember to only use a small amount of oil and not to soak the candle with too much oil.

You don’t want the candle to completely combust in flames!


Amulets or Talismans


You can anoint amulets or talismans with a specific oil and keep it with you wherever you go.

You can gift an amulet or talisman with some oil to someone else as a present.

Amulets and talismans can be “recharged” and their intent renewed each time you anoint them with a specific oil.


Clothing and Objects


You can put some oil on clothing or objects that you use every day or keep around you at home or at work.

Caution should be made when using oils on fabrics to guard against accidentally staining a garment, object or fabric.

Be sure to test it in a small, unnoticeable area on the fabric to see if it will stain or not.

When I put oil on any clothing or fabrics, I place a little bit on my hands then rub my hands together.

Then I rub my hands on the clothing or fabric to get some of the scent and oil on it.


Anoint Yourself


Anointing yourself and wearing a specific oil can be beneficial and many oils have great scents also.

You can anoint yourself in the morning before going to work, school or about your day.

You may decide to anoint yourself before meditation, daily devotions or prayers, before spell work or rituals.

Picking a specific oil for a purpose can help set your intention for the day.

You can even anoint yourself with an oil created in honour of a deity can help you to align yourself to that god or goddess.


Caution should be made when using oils on skin.

If you’re unaware of any potential allergies or if you have known allergies, you may want to test only a small amount on your arm (the inside) and wait to see if there’s any reaction.

Most oils don’t have a list of ingredients provided, so it’s best to err on the side of caution when using oils on skin.


However, most small shops and companies that make their own oils may be able to let you know if a certain ingredient is in their oil if you have concern or a known allergy.


Always be sure to dry or wash your hands after using any type of magickal oil.

Oils could accidentally get in your eyes or on clothing if not careful enough.



Making Your Own Magickal Oils


Purchasing magickal oils from other shops is a fun and can be enticing to try different oils made by different practitioners.


But what if you want to try it on your own?


First you’ll need to decide what the purpose of your oil will be.

You can find online recipes for magickal oils and make them yourself or you can mix and match to work your own creation.

After you decide what oil you want to make and what it’s purpose will be, you’ll need to decide a carrier oil to dilute the other ingredients and make it better to use.

Olive oil and almond oil are common carrier oils.


Herbs can be added the oil which you can decide if you want to grind the herbs into a powder or have them in larger or smaller sized portions to get the essence.

Find herbs that match your intent and/purpose and add them to your oil.

(Remember to be cautious about using poisonous plants.)


You may decide to use essential oils as well.

After you’ve decided what you want to use in your oil as a herb, you’ll then need to know when to make your oil.


This can be done in different methods such as by the moon phase, astrological time of year, season of the year, day of the week or planetary hour.


The methods below can be used for making a ritual or magickal oil or for anything that you’re creating such a spell, amulet or talisman.


A few correspondences for spells and magickal workings:


Moon Phases for Magickal Workings


New Moon to Waxing Moon:

For anything to bring towards you, success, prosperity, money, new job, new work, new projects, luck, good fortune.


Full Moon:

For anything needing a powerful boost to your oil or working such as bringing something towards you or banishing something altogether.

Workings done at the full moon may see results within a full moon cycle if drawing towards you or half a moon cycle if banishing away from you (until the new moon).

If you want something to come to full completion and its full potential, the full moon can assist with that.

Working from the new moon leading up to the full moon can be slow, but can powerfully build up to the climactic fulfillment of the full moon’s power.



Full Moon to Waning Moon:

For anything to banish from you, letting go of, getting rid of something or someone, jinxing, hexing, cursing, breaking hexes, breaking curses, jinx killing, stopping something, putting an end to something.


Dark Moon:

The dark moon is the best time for banishing, cursing, hexing and jinxing or to break curses, hexes or jinxes.

To find out more about the dark moon, check out Working with the Dark Moon.


Days of the Week for Magickal Workings


Sunday (Sun):

Success, Career, Recognition, Reward, Strength, Protection


Monday (Moon):

Psychic awareness, clairvoyance, moon magick and workings, women’s health and healing


Tuesday (Mars):

Passion, ambition, courage, protection, defense, work


Wednesday (Mercury):

Healing, communication, study, travel, wisdom


Thursday (Jupiter):

Finances, money, prosperity, luck, fortune


Friday (Venus):

Love, friendship, relationships, self-care, beauty


Saturday (Saturn):

Focus on the home, banishing, endings, clearing, removing or putting up limitations and boundaries, stopping something


Planetary Hours for Magickal Workings


Planetary hours can be a little complicated.

They’re calculated starting at the time when the sun rises until the sun sets (or sunset to sunrise) and the planets are assigned an hour of the day (within the 24-hour period) to rule over that hour.

If you’re interested in learning more about planetary hours, you might want to check this out planetary hour calculator for dates.



That’s that for now!


Have a favourite magickal, hoodoo, deity oil you’d like to share?

Feel free to comment.


Stacey and the Tarot Pugs


(*edited 10/10/18 – correction made that Rosarium Blends is made in USA and ships from USA)



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