What You Need to Know about Mercury Retrograde

Here's what you need to know about Mercury retrograde: witchcraft, the god Mercury, natal charts, astrology and keeping your cool.


Mercury retrograde happens three to four times a year, so if you’ve heard about Mercury retrograde before, you likely already know what you’re in for.


Here’s a few things of what you need to know about Mercury Retrograde and how you can use witchcraft, stay zen and keep yourself from going insane:


If you’ve been following the dates of Mercury retrograde in the past and remember a few of them, you may notice that some retrogrades aren’t so bad, while other retrogrades seem to kick you down and have you pulling your hair out.


Not every retrograde for every planet will be the same.


Mercury retrograde will take on certain attributes and energy of the sign that it’s transiting during the retrograde.

Most often, Mercury retrograde (and same for any other planet that retrogrades) will start in one sign, then move backwards into the previous sign before turning direct and going back into the sign and to the degree which the retrograde first started.


Mercury Retrograde and Your Natal Chart


The sign that Mercury retrogrades in can greatly affect how you feel the retrograde.

Depending on your sun, moon and/or rising sign and how compatible (or incompatible) it is to the sign that Mercury retrograde is happening in, it can also affect how you feel the retrograde that’s happening.


To find out what area of your life Mercury will affect the most during its retrograde, you’ll need to have your natal chart nearby.

You can get a free natal chart done at Astro.com – you’ll just need your birth date, time and place to get an accurate chart.

If you search online or have an Ephemeris, you can see when Mercury (or any planet) will turn retrograde and the degree and astrological sign it will start at.


Just find that degree and astrological in your natal chart and you’ll see what house (or houses) will be affected during transiting Mercury retrograde.

For example, if Mercury retrograde is scheduled to happen in your 4th house, you may find you’ll have more problems at home such as appliances, plumbing, things breaking at home.

But, that’s not all.

Every transiting planet will make an aspect to a planet in your natal chart; this includes pesky Mercury retrograde.


For example, if Mercury retrograde is conjunct (that means at the same or very near degree as another planet in your natal chart – usually an orb between 2 degrees and 6 degrees, it varies among astrologers), then the two planets are having quite the conversation!


You may be more affected in that area in that house and with the natal planet combined with Mercury retrograde.


Want to know a bit more about what to expect when it comes to Mercury retrograde in the houses and aspects?

Check out The Dark Pixie Astrology – Mercury, Venus and Mars Retrogrades in houses and aspects to natal planets.


Stay Zen & Don’t Go ^&#*ing Crazy During Mercury Retrograde


If you have little patience for technology not working (like me), then Mercury retrograde is probably the optimal time to have that brain aneurysm. (But, seriously. Don’t.)




Mercury retrograde is the time when we really realize how dependent we are on technology.

But, in the blink of an eye, we could lose it ALL. (Remember the Northeast blackout from 2003?)

A lot of people believed we were close to losing everything due to the Y2K bug (but the problem was fixed.)

The more technology increases and grows, the more we become dependent on it.


And the gods have a twisted sense of humour, as does Mercury.


Mercury, the God


Mercury is the Roman god of communication and messages, commerce, financial gain, merchants and thieves.

Oh, and trickery.


You can find more about Mercury at Witchipedia.


So, is it any surprise that Mercury likes to toy with our communications and electronics?


When Mercury is up to his old tricks and makes everything mayhem that even your IT department has no idea why a bizarre error message has popped up, you can take a few steps to keep your sanity:


Unplug for a while

Take some time to get away from electronics and gadets. In fact, give some of your technology a break since they work so hard all the time as do you also!

If all else fails, step away, read a book, have a bath or shower, get away from it all for a few moments.

If your computer won’t work or everything is all messed up, no point in freaking out (it won’t make it any better and you’ll just feel worse.)


Get outside more

Most of us need to detox from our technology and Mercury retrograde is a reminder that even though technology can be a blessing, it can also be a curse at the same time.

During the retrograde make sure to devote extra time to being outside more to get fresh air and enjoy nature around you (even if you live in the middle of a city or urban area.)


Ground often (mentally, physically, spiritually, psychically)

Find techniques to ground yourself often throughout the day. You can try these 4 techniques for grounding or use what works for you.

The stress of Mercury retrograde or any type of stress can raise energy levels and create an imbalance. (I end up burning out light bulbs frequently just by walking near them or turning on lights, which happens when my energy is out of balance or too high.)

Ground even if you feel your energy isn’t really high; it can help you stay level and calm especially if your laptop later decides to act up.

If your energy is out of wack, it can also affect electronics and if Mercury is in retrograde, that can just add fuel to the fire.


Chill out more

Read a book, have a coffee, hang out with friends in an informal way. Just be yourself.

Don’t be afraid to get your words all jumbled around close friends who will understand and laugh it off with you.

It can be stressful doing professional work during Mercury retrograde especially if you have to speak with bosses, clients, coworkers and send carefully polished emails that always have the potential for a dreadful typo or a personal email that gets sent to ALL. (Yikes.)

After a long day of watching what you say and do, carefully going every detail, you need to be able to kick back in a comfortable environment.


But, please, still watch out for what’s said.

Not all things can nor should be blamed on Mercury retrograde! Ha! 🙂


Mercury Retrograde & Witchcraft


You don’t have to be helpless.

That’s what witchcraft is for.




Going back to the god Mercury, he’s the communication trickster god that we all love to blame, talk about three to four times a year, and forget the rest of the year.

(Yes, the retrograde is the planet – but the planet was named after the god after all! 🙂 )


Mercury plays an important role, more than just getting cussed at three to four times a year – now we can understand perhaps why he likes to toy with us!


Witchcraft and magick can help process and navigate through Mercury retrograde.


However, caution needs to be made about what kind of magick is done in regards to the retrograde.

Magick can be done to help deter technology problems or help make sure you have clarity and clear cognitive abilities throughout the retrograde.

For example, if you have an issue that you want to put on hold during the retrograde until you can figure out a solution or are more clear headed, write the name of the person or problem on a piece of paper, place in an bowl or ice cube tray, fill with water and place in your freezer.

Leave it there in your freezer until you’re ready to deal with it then thaw it. Dry the paper out and you can work with it in another spell if desired or burn the paper.


Honouring Mercury

Appeasing and honouring Mercury can also be done to get on his good side.

Let’s face it, he gets a bad rap for all the trickery he does during the retrograde.


Show Mercury some love!


This self-igniting Mercury Retrograde Incense by Rosarium Blends comes with a small scoll copy of the Orphic Hymn to Hermes (Mercury’s Greek name).

Light the incense and recite the Hymn to appease Mercury during the retrograde. It’s said to lessen the affects of the retrograde.


And if you’re really wanting some extra protection from Mercury retrograde to add to spells, candles or anoint yourself or electronics, try F*** Off Mercury Retrograde oil from The Witchery.

The oil is handcrafted by The Witch during a Mercury retrograde to help ward off the affects of the retrograde.


Crystals for Mercury Retrograde


And last, but not least, crystals can always help with just about anything including Mercury retrograde.

Depending on what you need the crystal to do to help you with a specific issue or problem during the retrograde, you can find a crystal to help you with that.

Communication can be one of the biggest problems with Mercury retrograde, so try rose quartz to help soften your tone and approach.


Mercury retrograde can often leave us just blurting things out with the wrong words because we simply can’t find the right (or tactful) words needed.

Celestite can also help to clear the mind and bring fluent communication.

Check out more about crystals for Mercury retrograde from Bustle: 10 Crystals for Mercury Retrograde That Can Help Protect You.


Don’t Put Your Life on Hold for Mercury Retrograde


Mercury retrograde is inevitable, just like every other planet that goes retrograde.

We just feel Mercury retrograde a bit more acutely because it’s the fastest moving planet closest to the sun and we’re so dependent on communication and technology.

Most astrologers say don’t start anything new, don’t sign contracts, etc., which is sound advice.


Sometimes you just can’t put your life on hold.


The rest of the modern world doesn’t stop when Mercury turns retrograde.


So what do you do?


Slow down, read the fine print, get second and third opinions, sleep on it if you can, review and revise if you can.

Mercury retrograde doesn’t have to mean the worst will happen.

Sometimes some things are unavoidable.

We learn and move on.

If you can put something off and you feel that you should, then follow your intuition and instincts.

If something can’t wait and the show must go on, then just prepare for delays, hiccups, snags, etc.

Speaking as a natal Mercury retrograde myself, I constantly revise, start new projects and don’t wait for Mercury retrograde to be over.

(I’m kind of used to technical stuff not working around me anyway, it just happens a lot more during Mercury retrograde! But, now I use the Mercury Retrograde Incense and Mercury Retrograde oil!)

So, don’t feed Mercury your fears – he only laughs at them.

To Mercury, it’s all just a practical joke and in 3 weeks when the retrograde is over, it’ll all sort of be back to normal (until the next one.)


So, keep your sense of humour during Mercury retrograde and laugh at how bizarre it can be.

There’s some crazy ^&%$ that only happens during Mercury retrograde! 🙂


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