Mercury Retrograde Tarot Spread

A Mercury Retrograde Tarot Spread to get clarity, review, revisit and slow down.


Mercury retrograde is the astrological retrogrades that everyone talks about.

It’s the one retrograde that happens three to four times a year that seems to cause the most problems (or panic), but whether you know about Mercury retrograde or not, we all seem to get through it no matter what.

(Sometimes just barely!)

Personally, as much as I usually curse at my electronics for going on the fritz more frequently during Mercury retrograde (my laptop even froze while I was writing this post – even though it was working for 8 hours straight earlier in the day), it’s often the time that I start new projects or redesign things – even though that’s generally not recommended by many astrologers.

My motto: you can’t put everything on hold.

I have Mercury retrograde in my natal chart and usually Mercury retrograde is the time when I process a lot of stuff from within, making it a perfect time to listen and attune to my inner thoughts.

When Mercury goes into retrograde, we often experience technology problems (just like I had to do a hard reset on my laptop) and miscommunication.

When that happens, it’s time to unplug, switch off, retreat, re-group ourselves and go within for a while to really focus on what we’re trying to do or say.

Instead of getting frustrated about not making progress in communication or with technology, it’s better to disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with the inner self and your own internal communication and really figure it out.


Mercury Retrograde Tarot Spread


This Mercury Retrograde tarot spread is designed to help gain clarity and focus, find solutions to problems and review what’s going on, so that you can make sense of it all.

For this tarot spread, arrange the cards in any way that you prefer.

The cards are laid out in pairs such as 1 & 2, 3 & 4, 5 & 6, 7 & 8.


  1. Confusion: What will become confusing for me during this Mercury retrograde?
  2. Clarity: How can I gain clarity from this confusion?
  3. Problem: What problem(s) may I experience during this Mercury retrograde?
  4. Solution: What will the solution(s) be to this (these) problem(s)?
  5. Revisit: What do I need to revisit during this Mercury retrograde?
  6. Review: What do I need to review in my life or work?
  7. Slow down: In what area(s) of my life do I especially need to slow down during this Mercury retrograde?
  8. Reconsider: What do I need to reconsider in my life or work at this time?



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