What is Road Opener & How to use Road Opener

Find out how to open paths to success, money, love and more with road opener spells and ingredients in your witchcraft practice.


Ever feel stuck or blocked in some way that no matter what you do, you don’t see progress?

That no matter how many spells you do you don’t see the results you want?

Sometimes we can be blocked in ways that we don’t realise and we have to open the roads to allow what we want to come our way.

Finding a way to open pathways and allow what we desire to come can also be done in spell work.


What is Road Opener?


Road Opener (also called Road Opening – used interchangeably) is a conjure formula that’s created from a shrub-like bush/herb called Abre Camino [Eupatorium villosum] meaning “road opener” or “opening road”.

Abre Camino is commonly found in the Caribbean and in tropical climates such as southern Florida.


Road Opener is commonly created as an oil or dust and can also be used in ritual baths and must contain Abre Camino to have optimal desired effect to be true “Road Opener.”

Road Opener is a commonly found in hoodoo that helps to open paths and roads so that what you want can be achieved.

This can help to bring you success, good fortune, abundance, good health, money, love, promotions, etc.

If you find that you’ve been working spells and magick for weeks or even months and not seeing the results that you desire or if you feel stuck in your life, Road Opener can help with that.


How to Use Road Opener


Road Opener oil is commonly used to dress candles in candle magick which can be used in combination with petition magick (writing names or wishes on paper.)

Anointing yourself (hands, wrists, behind ears, forehead) can be another way to use Road Opener oil during ritual or throughout the day.

Road Opener dust is another method to use road opener, commonly for dusting hands, clothing and other items (especially items that may get ruined with oil, so dusting is a safer option.)


Dusting can also be used in ritual or daily as part of a routine to consciously open roads as you go about your day.

Road opening can also be made in a wash (powder that’s added to water) to wash yourself.

Wash from toe to head (upwards) to bring positive things towards you; wash head to toe (downwards) to draw things away from you.


Road opening ritual baths can be done with some road opening and herbs, often sold online and in metaphysical shops that carry hoodoo/rootwork supplies and herbs.

Some of the bathwater is saved from the ritual bath and later thrown in the four directions of a four-way crossroad (that’s in the shape of a Plus [+] sign.)

In hoodoo, psalms are commonly recited while performing spells including for road opening work.

If interested to know more, check out Psalms Associated with Road Opening Spells.


Road Opener & Crossroads


Road opening and crossroads often go together, which road opening spells sometimes include disposing of items, water or petitions at crossroads or visiting crossroads to perform the work.

Road opening dust can be mixed with crossroads dirt for use in spell to bring what you desire towards you and remove blockages.

Mix crossroads dirt with road opening dust (2 parts crossroads dirt to 1-part road opening dust), sprinkle the dirt at your entrances, back doors, side doors, driveways and gates leading to your home and/or business.

Repeat the process every few days and after rain and/or snowfall as desired.

For more about using the crossroads in magick and how to get crossroads dirt, check out Crossroads Magick.


Where to Get Road Opener Products


Depending on where you live and your budget, there are several hoodoo supply shops that make and sell Road Opener oils, dust, incense, mojo bags and ritual bath herbs.

Each place has their own unique recipe to make Road Opener, so there can be some variation between different blends, however the ingredients are generally the same.


Here are a couple of places to get started to find Road Opener products:


The Witchery – Road Opening Oil (Canada)

The Witchery – Road Opening Dust (Canada)

The Witchery – Road Opening Incense (Canada)  – for burning on charcoal.

The Witchery – Road Opening Wash (Canada)

*The Witchery ships within and outside of Canada.


Conjure Doctor – Road Opener Oil (USA)

Conjure Doctor – Road Opener Sachet Powder (USA)

Conjure Doctor – Road Opener Ritual Herb Bath (USA)

*A note about Conjure Doctor: They don’t ship outside of USA / Canada / Europe.


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Find out how to open pathways to success, money, love and more with road opener spells and ingredients to use in your witchcraft / magick practice.




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4 thoughts on “What is Road Opener & How to use Road Opener

    • I believe I can benefit from a Road opener. A lot has been going on in.my life as of late. Too bad I’m not in the USA or CANADA


      • If you’re looking for some road opener supplies, some shops my be able to ship to you from USA or Canada, but it may take much longer and depends on import customs especially when it comes to importing herbs or oils. http://www.thewitchery.ca may be able to so it might not hurt to send her an email to inquire – if you can’t get oils imported or herbs either, she has a new road opener incense that’s handmade; mojolife.ca also has some good stuff too from Toronto, Canada. Both these shops I’ve had good experiences with and they may be able to ship worldwide. Plus the Canadian dollar is less than the US so it’s often cheaper to buy from Canada than the US by comparison depending on your country’s currency exchange rate to US or CA dollars. There may be some shops on Etsy that sell similar products that may be closer to your part of the world. I’m sure the right product and shop will be found for what you need. 😊💜🐾


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