Tarotscopes – February 2018

Tarotscopes February 2018 - Tarot forecast for February 2018 for astrology sun,, moon and rising signs.

Welcome to Tarotscopes – February 2018!

This month’s tarotscopes is done with The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans; two cards are drawn for each astrological sign for this month.

These tarotscopes can be read for your sun, moon and rising/ascendant signs. If you’re unsure what your signs are, you can get a free chart done at astro.com.


Let’s see what February 2018 may bring:



Tarotscopes – February 2018




Son of Cups reversed + The Emperor


You may have to take the lead or be in charge, but you may not be up for it.

You may reluctantly take on responsibilities and/or leadership roles having to step up in some way, even though you may rather not want to do so.

This may fuel or trigger some inner resentment or moodiness, but most likely you’ll have to keep it hidden or behind closed doors.

Try not to let your personal issues (related or unrelated to the task or work) get in the way of progress or potential success.

When it comes to making any executive decisions or decisions that may be important or may affect others, take extra time to think things over.

You may be quick to pull the plug or pull the trigger when it comes to making a decision, but you may feel differently after your mood settles or changes.

If you’re feeling upset over anything or feel you’re in a foul mood, don’t make any decisions that you may regret later.

Take the time to hold off for the time being.

This could also represent someone that you know, if this isn’t your mood or feeling during the month of February.

If this is the case, try not to let someone else’s moodiness affect what you need to do or are trying to do.

You may have to stand tall and not let their words or actions cut you down.




Daughter of Cups reversed + 5 of Swords


If there are disagreements, your instincts could be to internalize your feelings or to fight back.

It could be one way or the other (hold back or let loose), or perhaps you may wish to do one, but decide to do the other.

Think carefully before confronting anyone as arguments may not end well.

Try to work out your feelings and emotions to find a way to best express how you feel.

Spend some time journaling to work things out on how to best manage your feelings.

This could be a process of working out something internally.

When it comes to relationships, try not to take everything personally.

You may feel more sensitive, especially if people around you are arguing or not getting along.

You may end up internalizing these emotions, which may cause you to lash out or retreat and not have any part of it.

You may feel more vulnerable or insecure, so actions and words made by others may seem like a personal slight or attack.

Before taking any action in response to others, ask yourself “why do I feel this way?” and see what may have been triggered.




Son of Pentacles reversed + The Star reversed


Try not to feel pessimistic going into February, especially if you feel that January and the new year hadn’t been off to a great start as you may have hoped for.

Instead of feeling down, this may mean it’s time to be proactive and make something happen.

If you don’t like how something is turning out, now may be the chance to turn things around in a new direction.

Don’t let yourself become complacent especially if you’re not seeing the results or opportunities that you have hoped for.

If you haven’t set goals for this year or if you have, review what you want out of this year.

Try not to let yourself become disappointed or feel hopeless that you can never get ahead or make the progress that you want.

The key will to turn yourself around and look up again instead of down.

What you begin to sow this month will take time and work, so don’t become discouraged at how long it will take.

Enjoy the process and take small steps to work on what you want to achieve without focusing too much on what hasn’t materialized.

Pay extra attention to eating right and getting adequate physical activity (as suitable for you.)

Taking steps to become healthier may help you to feel happier, vibrant, positive and energetic.




The High Priestess + The Hierophant reversed


You’ll have a rebellious streak and be guided by your intuition to lead you to where you need to be.

You may hear an inner voice, a calling, something that speaks to your soul and this will likely mean going against tradition or following a new tradition.

Everything that you thought you knew will be put to the test and questioned.

Your faith will be tested also – what you believe in – and who you trust will be questioned.

You will have to rely on your own intuition to guide you and there may be something new for you to put your faith into.

This could be someone or something that may be more unorthodox, uncommon or not followed by the “masses.”

This may be a month of soul searching and inner work and growth to create something new in your life.

What you may have felt to have been the answer in your life may not be the right one anymore.

This may leave you searching for something new to put your faith into, which your intuition and higher self may have the answers you’re looking for.

If you’re seeking education or higher learning, teachings may come from an unlikely source, instructor or teacher.

The methods may be unconventional and different, but there may be a lot to gain and learn from these teachings which may become valuable to you.




8 of Wands reversed + Judgement


Projects may be ongoing and there may be much more that still needs to be done.

There could be some technical difficulties or problems with communication, especially with emails and voicemails.

You may end up having to do call backs and arrange appointments or teleconferences.

Plan for delays and miscommunication especially when dealing with time zones or communicating the time of appointments.

There could be delays or packages may go missing, be sure to keep track of details and communication to follow up if necessary.

Judgement may be an issue, whether it’s being judged or passing judgement about others.

People may be quick to judge others, so a spiritual lesson may be to rise above judgement.

The old Christian saying, “Judge not lest ye be judged” may apply here.

Focus on your higher purpose and calling instead of what other people may or may not be doing.

Focus on raising your vibration during this month with patience, tolerance and understanding.

Continue your work that needs to be done and align your goals with your spirit’s purpose.




Son of Wands reversed + 3 of Wands reversed


Where do you want to go next?

You may have a desire to go somewhere or return someplace, but the risk of burnout is real.

Slow down and take stock of what you have and what needs to be done first.

You may have a desire to stay put where you are for now out of fatigue or frustration.

It’s time to recalibrate and reset your compass and the direction that you want to go in for the next few months and for the rest of this year.

If you’ve been on the verge of burnout, take time to focus your energies closer to home which may require less energy and/or running around.

It may be time to make new plans this year if you feel something doesn’t fuel your passions or fire you up anymore.

Your attention may be drawn to different things that you want to do and places that you want to go, but you may lose interest just as quickly or plans may fizzle out.

Try to conserve your energy instead of going full tilt ahead with a plan or idea.

Pace yourself to work on projects over a few days instead of trying to condense work and effort in a short amount of time.

When it comes to business or even life plans, it may require going back to square one or the drawing board to start over, re-evaluate or make reconsiderations.




8 of Cups reversed + Daughter of Wands


There’s quite a bit of work still to be done that may be unfinished or still in the beginning stages.

There’s a determination to see something through to the very end.

You may have plans or a project in the works or you may go back to a project, job or task that may have been left on the backburner.

Now you may have more enthusiasm to tackle problems that you may have been avoiding, looking to get to the bottom of something or resolve something.

In terms of relationships and/or partnerships (business, romantic or platonic), there may be issues or discussions that may need attention.

This could be a second chance or to get closure.

If you feel you’re finished with something and ready to move on, you may need to make sure all loose ends are tied and nothing is left unfinished before leaving.

This may be an opportunity to give something all you got before finishing or walking away.

You may have more energy and interest in things such as a projects, sports, hobbies and creative pursuits.

If you’re looking for something new to try, a new adventure or project, brainstorm and explore some ideas this month on ways to express yourself passionately and creatively.

This may be an ideal month to get back into something that you previously worked on, something creative that you had interest in.




7 of Swords reversed + Father of Swords reversed


Everything may soon become more in the open and you may see how someone truly is.

This could be how they feel about you, something or someone else and what their actions mean.

If there’s treachery, cheating or stealing, it may become obvious who it is and why it is as information may come out in the open.

Be cautious about your words and how you communicate to others, especially when it comes to your expressions and judgement.

You may find it difficult to hide how you really feel even if you try to hide it from others.

Your thoughts and feelings may end up as an open book.

Keep in mind, if you feel that this isn’t you during this month, it may be someone close to you who feels this way and how they express themselves.

Try not to take their actions and words personally and try not to return the favour with sharp words or judgement, it’ll only make you feel worse.

Live as openly as you feel comfortable as it won’t be really possible to keep things hidden from other people.

Many people may see right through you which could make you feel somewhat cold, bitter and grudgingly, especially if you consider yourself a private person.

If you remain truthful and honest with nothing to hide, then it should be OK.




Temperance reversed + The Empress


You may feel out of balance and you may feel unsteady within yourself or your environment.

You could feel the extremes of a spectrum: too tired or too much energy, brainfog to overactive mind, happiness to sadness, calmness to irritability, just to name a few.

This may suggest that you need to focus on yourself and caring for yourself during this month, especially focusing on your health.

If you’ve been neglecting any aspect of your health or have had health problems that haven’t been looked at or properly managed, this may be the time to book appointments and/or seek proper care.

Getting enough sleep, eating well, relaxation, stress management, balancing work/school/home life will be important themes to help keep your inner equilibrium.

You may feel as if something feels “off” and whatever it is may be causing more problems physically, mentally or emotionally.

Focus on caring for yourself and taking the time to get yourself in good working order.

If there have been health issues, this may also mean checking in with your health teams.

This can mean checking to see if current health plans, regiments, medications and treatments are working at a therapeutic level.

This may also include checking or monitoring thyroid, sugars, brain mood chemicals (serotonin/dopamine/norepinephrine) and hormones are at healthy levels.




4 of Pentacles reversed + Father of Cups


What do you feel you need to do to lessen your grip on something?

Do you feel you’re too in control of your emotions, too conservative or attached to status, work or material things?

This may be a sign to loosen up a bit and lessen your grip and hold on something.

The more that you let go and let (whatever) into your life or let happen, the more you’ll get in return.

There may be something involving networking or connecting with others, which in the middle of it all, you may feel like an outsider and not fitting in.

And that’s OK. Whatever makes you feel uncomfortable, you’ll learn to adapt and let it go.

When you allow yourself to give more and release attachment, the more you will feel freer.

By releasing your hold on something, you may realise that your security and sense of self isn’t dependent on what you have or who you have.

You may feel emotional sentiment and generosity towards certain people and groups, but on the outside, you’ll try to remain emotionally unattached.

This may be a good time to make a donation to Salvation Army or Goodwill anything that you don’t need in your home anymore.

This may also suggest needing to part reluctantly with an item, but knowing it’s for the right reasons.




The Fool + 5 of Cups


This may mark the beginning of a new chapter, but it may come with a bittersweet overtone.

Sadly, this can mean saying goodbye to something or someone as you make your way on to something new.

Time to pick up the remaining pieces after having sometime to come to terms or realisation.

This may mark a new phase in your life, but first you’ll have to mourn a bit for the life that was.

You will have to figure out where exactly you want to go from here.

You may have an idea of where you want to go and what you want to do next, but the full details likely won’t be known just yet.

It’s time to be the dreamer and think about your next adventure or chapter in your life.

There may be regrets that you didn’t get to achieve what you wanted or perhaps a previous dream didn’t work out as you had hoped.

Now can be an opportunity to go in a new direction and perhaps check on more thing off your wish list or even bucket list.

Whatever you set your sights on will likely take some time to make everything happen.

Remember: Rome wasn’t built in a day.




4 of Wands reversed + 10 of Cups reversed


What gives you joy?

Who makes you truly happy?

Life and relationships shouldn’t have to be complicated nor do they need to be.

There may be conflict or disagreements on the home front which could leave you wanting to get away from home, family or familiar places that you frequent.

Talking about feelings may be difficult whether it’s just uncomfortable to express yourself or feeling misunderstood by others.

You could end up trying to avoid your family or your chosen family and rather not deal with certain issues or difficulties.

This may come down to what really makes you happy and feeling comfortable and accepted.

Define for yourself what would make you happy and what you need to be happy and content.

Try not to spread yourself too thin trying to be everything to everyone.

Make sure that you get an equal amount of time, energy, love and appreciation in return for what you give to others.

Everything may come down to what makes you truly happy apart from relationships and people.


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