Tarotscopes – January 2018

Tarotscopes - January 2018. Tarot + Astrology: See what may be ahead for your sun, moon and rising signs for January 2018 with the guidance of tarot.


It’s a new year!

There’s so much hope, possibilities, potential, promise and more that awaits us with a new year.

We get a chance to start over, to do things that we haven’t had a chance to do, to make improvements and get one step closer to our goals and dreams, to build on what we accomplished in the year before and strive for more in the year ahead.

These tarot/horoscopes (tarotscopes) will look at this month (January 2018) and see what may be ahead for your sun, moon and/or rising signs.

Feel free to read and look up the ‘scope for your sun, moon and rising signs to see what may be in store for you during this month and which seems to relate and connect with you best.

If you’re unsure about your sun, moon and/or rising signs, you can get a free natal chart at astro.com when you enter your birth date details.


This month’s Tarotscopes are done with The Starchild Tarot by Danielle Noel.

For those unfamiliar with this deck (but familiar with traditional tarot), there is a slight difference with the Pentacles suit which is known as “Crystals” in the Starchild Tarot.

In The Starchild Tarot, The World card is known as the Universe; The Fool is known as Starseed; Judgement is known as Awakening; and there’s an additional card (making it a 79 card deck) called Akashic Records.

For those who may not know or be familiar with the Akashic Records, I have a blog post about the Akashic Records and how you can access it to gain intuitive/psychic information for yourself and others.


Let’s get started with this month to begin the new year, 2018:



Tarotscopes – January 2018




Ace of Crystals + 5 of Swords reversed + 4 of Cups


An opportunity may be presented to you, however, you may not be very interested or realise the potential for this opportunity.

This could be something that may help your career/business, a new job opportunity or something that could earn you more money.

Yet, there may be doubts and hesitation whether you should go in this direction.

There maybe added stress or competition; perhaps more would be required of you.

It could be that you might not like the people involved or who you may have to work with.

There could be issues around the situation that may taint the potential for this opportunity.

This could suggest that there’s doubt from within yourself if you could live up to this opportunity and face the challenge or you may feel pressure from others who may think that you can’t do this.

Try not to pass up an opportunity that could help you, based on what you think others may be saying or thinking and look within yourself.

However, just because an opportunity comes up doesn’t mean we have to accept every one of them.

You may feel it’s not the right time.

Remember to look within yourself and take into consideration if you feel ready for any struggles or challenges it may bring.

Whether you take on this opportunity or not, try to keep channels of communication open between now and then for future opportunities.

People from your past or in your networking circle may have upcoming opportunities that may be of interest this year.




3 of Cups + The Chariot reversed + Page of Wands


More determination may be needed to realize your goals, but you’ll be able to likely have a good time while you do so.

Balance will be required to keep everything under control which may make you feel busier than usual and at times as if you’re trying to keep your head above water as you continue to swim.

You may need to find an outlet of some kind to help you unwind from having a busy work, personal and possibly social life, keeping them in balance as you move forward.

You may have more energy than usual or you may find that you have to “dig deep” to give yourself that added energy to get everything on your To-Do list done.

Take extra care about travel during the month of January, especially when traveling by car, train or even public transportation (buses, subways, etc.)

There could be delays or mechanical issues, so be prepared for the unexpected and maybe give yourself some extra time to leave early to get somewhere.

If you have a car, keep on hand an emergency number like roadside assistance or someone that can give you a boost or help out.

If you’re traveling by bus, car or train, keep in mind alternative routes or transportation if you really have to get somewhere and your primary ride doesn’t work out. Friends may be helpful in this regard.

If you have a project, job or plan in the works, there may be delays or difficulties getting it started or putting it all together.

If you work with others, brainstorming ideas and strategies could help to get things off the ground.

If you work on your own, seek advice from friends and colleagues to help you out.

Stay enthusiastic all month long to see the potential that awaits you leading into February.

This month, you’ll be on the go with places to see and much to do.




Queen of Wands + Temperance + 6 of Cups


You may have great potential to create what you want in life and the work that you want to do, but balance will be important throughout this month.

Memories of the past may come up frequently, whether it’s thinking of the recent past, last year or even from long ago.

Someone from your past may even contact you and/or pay a visit, which could be someone warm, energetic and lively, or even just being around them may bring out your talkative as you catch up.

You may have some great ideas for work/business which you may look to past successes and jobs that you’ve done in the past and try to bring that to the table.

Why mess with success?

If it worked in the past, it could work again now, but minor adjustments will need to be made to adapt it to current circumstances and situations.

If you have children, work with children or have children in your life (babysitting, relatives), they may play an important role for you during the month of January.

You may have to balance caring for children, providing for them and being a strong, caring, nurturing leadership role.

If you don’t have children in your life, this may suggest a reflection on your own upbringing and any childhood dreams that you may want to fulfil and see if they are possible to become a reality this year.

You may end up providing advice and counsel to someone younger than you or you may seek advice from someone else who is older than you.

This advice will be solid and reaffirming.

This may be a month for internal healing.

Take time to heal parts of yourself that you may feel have been incompatible, even parts of your life that seem separate may soon come together.

This may take some work to come up with a good mixture that creates balance instead of separate aspects and parts of your life.




The Star reversed + 2 of Swords reversed + Ace of Swords reversed


January may be a difficult month where some tough choices or decisions will need to be made.

If you’ve been hesitating or sitting on the fence about something, you’ll have to make a final decision soon.

There may not be an easy answer or choice to be made that would make you feel positive about it.

You’ll likely feel or know what needs to be done, even if it won’t make you feel better about it.

There could be doubt or disappointment as you wonder if you’re doing the right thing, making the right decision/choice, but making any decision will be better than not doing anything at all.

This could cause some confusion, conversations that may likely go back and forth, but you may just have to close you eyes, choose and go for it.

Don’t let pessimism to cause you to freeze up from doing what needs to be done.

Put one foot in front of the other to move ahead with your plans and decisions, stick to you plan and strategy.

There may be something in your life that you have to give up.

Something (or even someone) in your life may not be compatible with the path you will choose or have chosen.

There may be ties that have to be severed, cords that have to be cut and to move on after making a clean break.

There could be something that is incongruent with something else, whether a habit, a relationship, a behaviour, something that if you do or have one is incompatible with the other.

There’ll need to be a choice and decision to go with one or the other.

Try to remain hopeful and positive, even if it seems that the odds or possibilities are stacking up against you, even if you’re feeling that no matter what you choose, it isn’t the best choice.

Something will have to give, but remember, it will work out for the best.

Look within yourself to find what gives you hope, follow your dreams and goals.




3 of Crystals + 10 of Wands + The Universe reversed


There’ll be quite a bit of work to be done at the beginning of the year, which in January, will be the best time to lay down your new foundations and groundwork on what you want to build and work on this year.

You may be busier than usual in terms of work, a lot may be unfinished from the year before, which as January starts, you may be picking up where you previously left off.

This may create a feeling that you work is never done.

As you finish one project or task, there’s another right there or you may have multiple projects on the go at different stages of completion.

Along these terms, you may have some unfinished business from the previous year that you may need to attend to this year.

Try to have it completed before the end of this month if possible or at the very least, before the end of 2018, so that you can finally have it done and over.

Time to use your skills and expertise to show people what you know and what you’re made of. You may have to work with others, collaborate, and get plans and details.

If you experience any criticism on the job, take what you hear as constructive (minus the tone or mannerism) and use it to build and improve yourself to rise up to the challenges and what’s asked of you.

If you need help at work, don’t be afraid to ask for it if your work load is too much, but be prepared to offer strategies on how to improve the system and workflow.

If you’re thinking of remodeling, crafting or building something, this may be a time to thoroughly research contractors or get in touch with your contractor to go over plans.

As you continue to work this month, you may feel that you could take on more than your fair share when it comes to delegated work or projects that you take on.

People may trust your skills, knowledge and expertise and therefore leave it to you to come up with the end results.

Pay attention to messages from the Universe which you may not be hearing clearly enough.

When it comes to work, responsibilities and projects, ask your guides, Spirit and the Universe when unsure of what direction you should take.

The Universe is ready to guide you in terms of work and career to help you refine your skills and technique.




The Sun reversed + 3 of Wands reversed + 10 of Swords


A new year, time to turn over a new leaf!

You may feel that you’ve reached a dead end or have come to the end of a situation or chapter in your life.

However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing as the Sun here (although reversed) shows that it may just be something different, but just as good.

This could mean that instead of searching outwardly and expanding yourself and your reach or environment, you may decide to turn closer to home or even in a new direction.

If you’ve been waiting for your ship to come in or waiting for an answer to appear, it may mean that it’s already in front of you right now and this month, it may become more obvious.

There may be a weight that has been weighing heavily on you.

Fatigue may have started to set in so now is a time to do something different to change that.

There may be something in your life that has come to an end, whether it’s a relationship, situation, way of life, that may feel like you’re starting to beat a “dead horse” or “been there, done that” and something has finally put the final nail in the coffin so to speak.

Don’t fear going in a new direction.

It will likely be just as rewarding, exciting and positive in a different adventure and way.

If you’re waiting on news to arrive, there could be delays.

Patience will be needed, but it won’t likely hurt to follow up if much longer than reasonably expected.

You may likely get some kind of good news, even if it’s not exactly what you were hoping for.

Remember the saying, “every cloud has a silver lining.”

Something may be interpreted as “not now” instead of “no”, so don’t feel that it’s a permanent “no” at this time.

This could be as simple as inclement weather on your holiday vacation when you’re hoping for sunny days, even though a good time can still be had.

Even if not travelling, you may find days cloudier than usual (literally or metaphorically speaking), but you can still have a ray of sunshine during your days this month.




King of Swords reversed + Page of Cups reversed + 9 of Crystals


You may be determined to reach your goals and maintain your keep and earnings, but don’t let your emotions get the better of you.

Instead of being cool, calm and empathetic, you could become more distant, quick to judge, and let feelings sway from loving to cold.

The happiest place for you may be at home where you can unwind and be on your own, shielding yourself from the energy of everyone else.

You may have more difficulty being around other people, especially if you have empathic abilities.

You may pick up the energy of others more easily which could make you feel on edge more than usual.

This could also suggest getting the “winter blues”, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) in which you may feel more moody than usual.

Moods may be affected especially after the holidays and everyone is expected to be back to business as usual.

Time for yourself will be especially important during the month of January.

Try to make your home comfortable as possible, use techniques for aura and psychic shielding, cleanse your home on a regular basis (with sage, crystals and good ol’ fashion cleaning), and create an atmosphere that makes you feel at peace.

Your energy will likely be affected by others, so even if you aren’t prone to seasonal affective disorder, you may pick up moods and feelings from others than may make you feel off balanced.

This may make you quick to comment, respond without thinking about the impact of your words.

Although the daylight in the northern hemisphere is slowly increasing, it’s still some time before we can see significant daylight hours.

Try to become more aware of your moods, attitudes and behaviour to help prevent yourself from getting in a rut or habit of any negative feelings that you may feel you can’t let go of or “snap out of”.

Do what makes you happy and focus on hobbies, activities and things that you enjoy. Solitude in a comfortable environment can revitalize mind, body and spirit.




Awakenings reversed + 3 of Swords + 9 of Wands


There may be pain or something that may have caused disappointment, such as a situation, relationship or circumstance that has caused you some difficulty lately or some time during the month of January.

If you’ve been trying to avoid the pain, hurt or feelings of disappointment (or even heartache) or avoiding to deal with someone or a situation, you may not be able to do so much longer.

There may be something that causes you pain, whether a relationship or situation in which you may not be ready to admit to yourself or anyone else the reality of it or see it for what it is.

As you start the new year, there may be something that requires your attention, but you may not have really noticed it or realized it for what it was.

Something may have been holding you back and resisting to push forward; you may have felt bruised and pained by it and wondering where to go from here.

Now may be the time to deal with something long overdue.

There’s no use going another year having to deal with something on your conscious that continually causes strife.

Look within to see what needs to be fixed, changed or dealt with finally.

Look around you to see what may need to be changed, whether it’s circumstances, a situation, a living condition, a relationship or something else.

Know that something has to change and be fixed so that you don’t have to carry this pain with you any longer.

You may have had wake up calls in the past or may receive a wake up call this month, try not to ignore it.

You may not believe the source it’s coming from, but try to take it into consideration.

It may offer you a chance to heal and change something.

Think about where you want to be at the end of 2018 and where you want to be at this time next year in 2018.

Think of the healing and happiness that you deserve, that you want.

It may be time to answer the call to change and heal, the one that you may have been afraid to acknowledge.

Sometimes the truth is raw and painful, but we need to hear it nonetheless.




2 of Crystals + 4 of Swords + 10 of Cups reversed


What will truly make you happy? Lately, you may be going in many directions especially while we were in Sagittarius season previously.

Now’s the time to focus on balance and rest in order to create harmony at home, with your family and in personal relationships.

There may be a disconnection with family or between family members, so keep in mind to see both sides of the coin or try to bridge the gap between you and other family members if necessary.

Think carefully before stepping in between two people and their issues or matters.

If there’s distance between you and family due to lack of time or physical distance, it may be a good month to reconnect or spend some personal time one on one.

This may mean balancing your social or work life with time for family.

Be sure to schedule time for yourself as well to balance your extra curricular activities and work/career or even school.

If you have a physical condition, healing from a procedure or illness, this may be the month to look after your health and take the time you need to rest and recover.

Any chronic ailments may need special attention and you may need to make time for taking care of yourself.

Make sure to try to make ends meet this month, especially after the holidays.

There may be a need to move money around or money may quickly come in one hand and out the other to pay bills and expenses from the holiday season.

Try to keep everything in balance and finding your “Zen moments” in between.

It may be a month in which you have one “loss”, but find that you “gain” just as quickly so everything balances out.

This month may also suggest taking a break or hiatus from something such as a usual activity to give yourself the much needed rest.

You may need to think something over that was done or said and how it plays into your ideal home life or relationship.




Akashic Records + The Moon reversed + Starseed reversed


As January is primarily your month to shine as the sun transits your sun sign until January 20, this month may bring a lo to the surface as you have/had your solar return* at some point between December 21 and January 19.

(* solar return is when the sun reaches the same point in your astrological chart during its transit at the same degree as your natal chart.)

You may get subtle or even obvious messages from the Universe – all you have to do is really put your thoughts and questions out there to the Universe.

There may be something that was hidden or unknown, but perhaps it will come to light at some point during January and will be known.

Once you see what it is (or who it is), you’ll likely have hesitations to move forward with specific plans or going along with something.

You may feel the need to put the brakes on something, which may be especially important until you get all the details known and sorted out.

Trust your intuition above all else.

Ask your guides for information and/or use meditation to “download” information from the Akashic Records to see your own record/book of life which you can access anytime (learn how to do so here.)

Now may not be the month to jump head first into anything new until you have all the info needed (again trust your intuition.)

Even so, it may not turn out to be the best situation to jump into, so you may have to be cautious and wary. Take time to consider and reconsider carefully.

Be sure to think things carefully and rely on your guides to give you information that is needed.

Some of it may be clouded and cause confusion, so if you’re uncertain, it may be best to hold off for now.




Strength reversed + 9 of Cups + The Lovers


You may be quite happy, content and having your needs met during the month of January with wishes coming true.

The sun transits into your sign on January 19, so you get to end the month with the sun highlighting your traits and aspects.

If you’re in a relationship, you may actually be quite happy and/or feeling more romantic.

If you’re single, you may be in the mood for love and/or have someone in mind or just feeling more loving and happy.

Love may actually make you feel weak this month, giving you that “weak in the knees” kind of feeling.

If you’re not usually lovey-dovey, you may feel a bit more like that.

Love can come in all forms, so it could even come from an unexpected source, person or place.

Expect to have your needs met and if that’s not the case, you may decide or have to go out and try to have your needs met to make your wishes come true.

Good food, dining and special events may be on the agenda during this month to start of the year.

In a sense, you may feel weaker than usual, but this may be due to letting your softer side show.

Because of this, some people may see you as a “softy” and try to take advantage of your kindness.

However, since you may be in a good place physically and emotionally, you may not mind that entirely.

Be willing to give into others, but in the back of your mind you may keep track and tabs on what’s really going on – which you won’t forget.

If you feel inclined to help others out of kindness of your heart and out of love, feel free to do so but remember that everyone has limits.

Try not to let others reach your limits.




Page of Crystals + 7 of Crystals + 4 of Wands


This is just the beginning of your path and journey as the year starts.

There may be work and plans that you want to implement close to home or that will have an impact on you personally.

This may mean studying, researching, training or pursuing/continuing your education during the month of January or planning this month.

The payoff from time and work invested in studying, training or education will take some time before you can fully benefit from it.

For now, it’s about having fun, excitement and joy to learn something new; best described as “Beginner’s Mind” by Soto Zen monk Shunryu Suzuki:

“In the beginner’s mind, there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s mind, there are few.”

If you aren’t currently training, studying in school or a course, this may suggest that you can benefit from learning something new that interests you or something that you have always wanted to try or learn.

This could be something that you can learn on your own at home or through a course/program close to home.

Whatever you choose to learn will take time and likely a bit of investment as well, such as materials, books, etc.

However, don’t feel the need to rush out and get everything at once or spend lots of money on top dollar materials or supplies.

As a beginner, start small and affordably to get the basics.

Enjoy the process of learning something new, the time it will take to learn a new skill or technique.

Get involved more with your studies, making your home environment a comfortable and joyful space to encourage learning and study.

To top off the month, there could be a get-together as well, such as a ceremony, baby or bridal shower, wedding, engagement, anniversary in which people come together to celebrate and rejoice.

This may be planned during this month, an invitation sent/received or the event taking place during the month of January.


Enjoyed this Tarotscopes for January 2018?
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Tarotscopes - January 2018. Tarot + Astrology: See what January 2018 will be like for your sun, moon and rising signs with the help of Tarot.



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