Tarotscopes – December 2017

December 2017 Tarot Forecast for your sun, moon and rising astrology signs.


So much has happened during this year, some good, some bad, but we have one more month to go before we can put it all behind us and look ahead to 2018.


Thank you to everyone who has read, commented, liked and shared these tarotscopes and the other posts here on TarotPugs.

All of you have made this year (2017) a memorable year for the pugs and myself and we thank you for it! We look forward to being with you and sharing this journey in 2018. ♥

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This month’s tarotscopes is done with two cards The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans for each astrological sign.

These tarotscopes can be read for your sun, moon and/or rising sign.

If you’re unsure about your sun, moon and/or rising sign, you can get a free natal chart done at astro.com to find the details for your signs and planets.


Tarotscopes – December 2017




Daughter of Wands + The Tower reversed


Something may catch you off guard or make shake your very foundation.

You may have to pick up the pieces after a small incident, but you may feel inspired, reborn or creative, having a new perspective after the dust is settled.

What may seem to be awful, scary or upsetting at first could turn out t be a catalyst that’s needed at this time.

Everything won’t be lost; you’ll still have something to hold onto and it may just be the ticket needed to get you to where you want to be and the direction that you want to go in 2018.

Creativity, inspiration and hope can be born out of what may be a situation that leaves you at a loss, shock or feeling overwhelmed.

A new direction may be taken as you leave behind the ashes of what once was.




10 of Wands reversed + 7 of Wands


You’ll begin to realize what’s important and what’s not, dropping anything that’s not worth your time and/or money. You’ll focus on what fuels your passion and what you stand for.

Before you get to that point, you may have to weed a few things (or people) out of your life to narrow down on what you really want to do.

By doing this, you’ll be able to focus and channel your energy into projects that will help and inspire others.

Lessen your burdens to get ready for 2018 and prepare for what you hope to achieve in the new year.

It’s good to be busy, responsible and productive, but not just focusing on “busywork” that produces little in return.

Challenges can be overcome and anyone who comes up against you will have to submit or surrender as you’ll light a fire of pure will and determination to overcome any obstacles or opponents that may be in your way.




Daughter of Cups + Temperance


You may feel calmer this month than you have been lately. Your emotions, however, will still run deeply. However, be sure to not let any of these emotions boil over within you. Keep control over your emotions and be sure to soften your tone.

Avoid being too blunt with others who may misinterpret your words. Something said could come back to haunt you if taken the wrong way.

Allow yourself to feel all of your emotions that may arise, yet keep yourself calm and balanced from within.

Share your feelings with loved ones and those close to you, perhaps even make time for romantic gestures.

Balance your emotions and feelings; try not to neglect anyone or anything. Make time for yourself, friends, loved ones and even rekindle love.

Keep everything in moderation during this month and focus on the “Middle Way”, avoiding excess. This includes food, drink and spending which all can stem from emotional needs and fulfillment.




10 of Cups + 3 of Swords


There may be disappointment or heartache at home, with family or in a relationship. Healing will need to happen to repair what’s missing, lost or broken.

At times, you may feel you’re giving to everyone else, trying to be everywhere, but it may leave you feeling as though the effort isn’t reciprocated.

If you’re in a relationship, is your heart in it? Do you feel your partner’s heart is in it as well? Do you feel loved in return? Do you love so much that it hurts?

If there are any pain points or triggers of heartache, work may need to be done to mend your hearts.

If there are any problems at home, with family or in a relationship, now may be the time to have a heart-to-heart talk and see what direction you want to go in 2018.

Try to resolve issues at home as best as possible (or make a clean slate) to start the new year on a positive note.




The Devil reversed + 4 of Wands


If you’ve felt limited at home, whether where you live or even in a relationship, you may begin to realise you have more freedom that you realise.

Negative influences and behaviours may be released and you may begin to break free from anyone holding you back.

If you’ve been wanting to do something, but believed that you couldn’t, you may now be determined to put any excuses behind you. A happy home life may be within reach.

The weeks leading up to the holidays are usually materialistic with gift-giving and spending, but you may feel less inclined to define your happiness by money and material items.

Your motto for the month of December may be “money (or things) can’t buy happiness.”

Some minor shadow work may be done this month. Try asking “how am I preventing or getting in the way of my own happiness?” or “how can I help myself achieve more stability?” and journaling your thoughts.




Ace of Wands + 3 of Pentacles reversed


You may have a great new idea or a lead on a new opportunity, maybe even a new adventure ahead of you.

But, it will require more groundwork to get it started. Be thorough and avoid cutting corners or shortcuts at all costs.

What may be an idea to save you time and/or money may end up costing you more in the end.

When making plans or going after your idea, seek a second pair of eyes to look it over to be sure that nothing is missed or overlooked to be on the safe side.

Be sure to pay attention to details and be open to criticism from others who may point out any errors or mistakes. Think of it as preventing future mistakes.

As the year is starting to wind down, you’re getting ready for new plans, adventures and possibilities to end the year and start now ahead of 2018.

Enthusiasm is high during the month of December, so if there’s anything you’d like to go for, this is the time to go get it.




Mother of Swords + Father of Wands reversed


You may not feel like yourself during the month of December, which may be due to the stress of the holiday season.

If you’re left to be in charge of handling everything and delegating, you may feel as though you’re in “overdrive” and may come across as demanding.

The focus and energy to have everything exact may leave you more stressed.

This could cause a feeling of being overwhelmed, but you may have to allow yourself to step back and ease up on yourself and others.

It may be stressful to be the one who has to do take charge of everything, but you can be the “boss” and be more laid back at the same time (which can save your sanity and blood pressure!)

Be firm, but roll with the punches or whatever comes your way.

Try to relax a bit over the holiday season.




Judgement + 7 of Cups


What is your true calling? You may have some options or possibilities that have come up recently or will during this month.

If you could do anything without judgement from anyone, what would you do? Who would you become?

You may also be narrowing down options or plans about something; use your judgement to make a choice.

Take time to ponder over what may be in front of you and allow yourself to have your own awakening.

What calls to you? Where do you want to go? Spend time thinking about the direction you want to go in 2018.

Try some soul searching to find your purpose and calling or how you can work on your current path to put your dreams into a reality.




9 of Wands reversed + 2 of Wands


If you’ve been feeling worn down and/or defeated by others, or what may happen next, this may be your chance to set your sights on a new horizon.

Channel your energy and focus on a direction that you want to go in to get yourself out of the situation that you’re in now.

However, don’t jump in all at once. Keep one foot firmly planted as you begin to branch outward. Make sure you have some sort of “safety net” to keep you from falling.

Something has to change in order to bring new opportunities for you in 2018.

Lately, there may have been more difficulties and challenges, which you’ll need to try something direct in order to get away from those difficulties.

What do you aspire for in 2018? Where do you want to go in the new year? How can you climb your way back up?




6 of Wands reversed + The Sun reversed


Every cloud has a silver lining. Praise may not come easily during this month, but you’ll still have much to be proud of.

There may be more challenges, but when they’re over, you may look back and think that they weren’t as bad as you originally thought.

The Sun card here lessens the severity of any challenges faced during December, so remember to stay optimistic.

Try not to compare your work and success to others; do work that you can be proud of – that’s what matters most.

Good news may also arrive during this month, however it may not be exactly what you’re hoping for, yet nonetheless good. Take any good news that you get and celebrate small victories.

There may be small progress made in your work, there may be some recognition, but again, maybe not exactly what you were wanting or expecting. Don’t be discouraged though; keep up your good work and let your work speak for itself.




5 of Wands reversed + Father of Swords


Conflicts and disagreements may happen when it comes to work and organizing groups, committee, projects or events and you may have to be the one to take charge and put an end to internal problems.

Your logic and precision will see the point of any problem and be able to narrow everything down to what needs to be done and what needs to happen.

If there’s any disagreement, you will have the final say and even be able to put your foot down.

You won’t have time for back and forth issues or drama – allow others to state their case/problem and you’ll come up with the solution.

If you are planning or organizing projects, plans or directing other people, be sure to be clear so others can follow your ideas and thinking.

Be patient with others so everyone can get on the same page. Not everyone will think along the same lines as you do so take time to be precise with your directions, explanations and details to allow others to catch up.




8 of Wands + Wheel of Fortune reversed


December may start well for you, but you may hit some delays. You may make some progress then stall for a bit, only to pick up moment again then stall again.

The swiftness of the 8 of Wands is impeded by the Wheel of Fortune reversed. If you’re traveling by air this month, be prepared for delays that may have you guessing if you’ll be able to leave for your destination or not. Be prepared to be possibly on standby.

The stop and go pattern of the month will be a test in patience. Allow yourself plenty of time to get projects done, make travel arrangements, etc.

If something normally takes an hour, plan for 2 hours. Give yourself extra time for everything.

You may be able to get things started this month, but expect delays when trying to finish or complete them. Power outages may be a problem as well, so be prepared for back up power if you can.



Want to see what’s ahead for 2018?

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Blessings for the New Year,

Stacey & the Tarot Pugs


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December 2017 Tarot Forecast for your sun, moon and rising signs.


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