Weekly Reading: September 25 – October 1 2017

Tarot TarotPugs Pugs Weekly Reading

This week’s reading uses The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans and Arcana of Astrology by Black and the Moon.

A tarot card is drawn for Monday / Tuesday, Wednesday / Thursday and Friday / Saturday / Sunday.

An oracle card is drawn for the week as a lesson or something to keep in mind for the week.

Weekly Reading:
September 25 – October 1 2017


Tarot Pugs TarotPugs Wild Unknown Two 2 Pentacles Pug Weekly Reading

Monday / Tuesday

2 of Pentacles


Where are you focusing your time and energy?

Do you feel you’re in two places at once? Your body in one place, but your mind in another?

This can suggest that you may have to give equal time, attention and effort to two or more aspects or areas of your life, even to people or things that may need the right amount of attention.

During these two days, you may feel as if you’re juggling something or different areas of your life and trying to keep everything up in the air.

This could be struggling your personal and work life, family and friends, responsibilities and leisure activities.

This will also mark a transitional time while you’re maintaining or juggling with different aspects or areas within your life, which may mean changes may have to happen if you feel you can’t keep up with the lifestyle.


TarotPugs Tarot Pugs Temperance TWU

Wednesday / Thursday

Temperance reversed


Cooler heads will prevail. It may seem too easy to get worked up about something, but there’s no need to fan the flames of irritability or anger.

You or someone else may have a temper that could flare, so keep in mind to try to calm everyone and not to add fuel to the fire.

This will require keeping your own energy in balance and calm under pressure.

Here Temperance has a flame, while many other cards in the tarot have water to symbolize the card.

Tensions may be high, tempers flaring, so trying to keep calm, cool and collected may be important in order to make any progress.


Eight 8 Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot TarotPugs Pugs Weekly Reading

Friday / Saturday / Sunday

8 of Pentacles reversed


There’s more work to be done, but you may not feel like getting much done.

Work and study may seem boring and tedious especially after a long week.

However, this can be an opportune time to get some extra work done and go over fine details and projects that may need revision.

Keep in mind of your goals and what you hope to achieve in your studies and work.

Try to use it as motivation to keep you going.

Boredom may set in over the weekend, so try to make life more interesting and switch things up to get out of a rut.

Explore a new place, get a new book to read, visit a museum or learn a new skill or hobby to get active while learning something new.


Aquarius Arcana of Astrology TarotPugs Tarot Pugs Pug Weekly Reading August 2017

Weekly Card

Aquarius – Invent


Aquarius is ruled by Uranus which is associated with The Fool in the tarot. Aquarius / Uranus are the “odd, peculiar” sign and planet of the zodiac, as I affectionately call them.

“Necessity is the mother of all invention.”

This saying rings true when it comes to how Aquarians think.

What can you think of or do that would make your life easier?

All great inventions were once thought as strange, unusual or peculiar.

Many inventions, people thought that no one would use them or buy them and even some great thinkers thought of them as pointless. (Think of the home personal computer as an example.)

How can you be more innovative in your life?

This card suggests thinking outside the box to come up with solutions to problems in your life.

Be as innovative as you can to make a difference in your life and those around you.

Don’t be afraid to stand out and be different.



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Have a wonderful week!

Stacey & the Tarot Pugs


Images designed/stock image in Canva.
GIF from Giphy.

Card images from The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans and Arcana of Astrology by Black and the Moon.

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