Weekly Reading: September 18 – 24 2017

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This week’s reading is done with Black Cats Tarot by Maria Kurara (Lo Scarabeo) and Compendium of Constellations by Black and the Moon.

A tarot card is drawn for Monday / Tuesday, Wednesday / Thursday and the weekend, Friday / Saturday / Sunday.

An oracle card is drawn for the week as something to keep in mind for the next 7 days.

Let’s see what the energy may be like for us in this next week:

Black Cats Tarot TarotPugs Wheel of Fortune


Monday / Tuesday

The Wheel of Fortune


Changes are happening and it may feel as though the wheel is finally turning. But are you in control of it or do you feel it’s just happening on its own?

If you’ve felt that things haven’t been going your way lately, you may feel a shift in a new direction which may mark the beginning of a new cycle or even an upswing.

Things may begin to improve and look up for the better.

Fate may have a part in it, yet fate is tricky.

Fate can be described sometimes as the “right moment” or “being in the right place at the right time.”

This may be the energy for these two days.

However, just because things may start to improve doesn’t mean that you should just sit back and do nothing.

It’s quite the opposite that if things are starting to improve, it may mean you’re on the right track and you need to keep going and keep the momentum.

Just like going uphill in a car or on a bicycle, you can let up your speed as you climb up the hill.

When driving a car uphill, you have to apply more pressure to the accelerator, but not too much or else you’ll go over the speed limit.

It takes the right amount of force to maintain a steady speed while going uphill.

As things begin to improve, it may be time to stay the course and keep the momentum going as you begin to start a new cycle and while the wheel is starting to turn to more fortunate outcomes.


Page of Wands Black Cats Tarot TarotPugs Pugs

Wednesday / Thursday

Page of Wands reversed


News may come your way over these two days that may not be what’s wanted or hoped for, but may be necessary to hear.

This may be a rejection or something that is declined, so best to be prepared if something might not turn out as hoped.

Energy may also be scattered over these two days in which it may be higher and uncontrollable or lower and depleted than usual.

Focus and attention to specific details may not be as sharp and such that enthusiasm may also be low causing a disinterest in anything that doesn’t hold your attention for long.

If you don’t have interest in something, you likely won’t want to do it or stick around.

To get through the next two days, try to keep reminders and stay on task as much as possible even though you might rather be doing anything else than what you have to do.

Take time for breaks to give your mind, body and spirit the excitement and interest it craves.

Reward yourself for every job and task done to make errands and responsibilities more fun.


10 of Swords Black Cats Tarot TarotPugs


Friday / Saturday / Sunday

10 of Swords reversed


After this week and maybe some disappointment or restlessness in the middle of the week, you may feel that you’re not quite ready to give up on something just yet.

There may still be more work to do in regards to something, perhaps a task, a project or even a relationship.

If you’ve been thinking about quitting, ending or giving up on something, this may mean that something is still left undone and it’s best to take another look at it.

Perhaps it may mean tying up any loose ends, going over details again and making sure everything is in order and settled before making your exit.

This could mean giving something one last try or attempt and that something isn’t finished or over just yet.

If you feel that you’re at the end of your rope, keep in mind that you’re not there just yet.

If you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom, again you might not be there just yet and there’s a possibility to turn things around.

A situation may not be over or done with so it may be time over the weekend to review and revisit something to see if there’s something worth saving, working on or re-doing.

So take time this weekend to attend to what needs to be done before moving on if need be.


Astrology Compendium of Constellations TarotPugs Tarot Pugs

Weekly Card

Volans – Ascend


This week’s theme is about ascending over our difficulties and problems.

We can learn to rise above our difficulties and daily struggles and reach new levels.

This can be done through meditation, reaffirming spiritual beliefs and practices or having the mental willpower to ascend and rise above what tries to bring us down.

This may also mark a spiritual shift.

If you’ve been focusing on spirituality, working with spirit guides, spirits, crystals, attuning and improving your psychic abilities, you may feel a shift in your perception and feel more connected and heightened spiritually and connected to “source” energy.

This will take a continuous effort to maintain this connect and determination to continue on the path to ascension and rising above the lower energies that weigh you down.

As we approach Samhain, the veil between the worlds is thinning and we may feel more attuned to the spirit world around us.

In order to receive messages more clearly, we must ascend our energy and raise higher to meet and maintain that connection.

Working on meditation during the week may help to ascend and rise above daily struggles and problems that you may face this week and help establish a good practice as the year progresses, which may eventually become a good habit.


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Title stock image and images designed in Canva.
Card images from Black Cats Tarot by Maria Kurara (Lo Scarabeo) and Compendium of Constellations by Black and the Moon.

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