Tarotscopes – September 2017

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This month’s tarotscopes is done with The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans and Compendium of Constellations by Black and the Moon.

For September, we’ll draw two tarot cards and an oracle card for each astrological sign.

These tarotscopes can be read for sun, moon and rising signs.

Not sure about all your signs? A free natal chart can be done at astro.com, just enter your birth details to find out the signs for your sun, moon and rising placements.

Let’s see what September may bring:

Tarotscopes – September 2017



Daughter of Wands + 2 of Wands + Cetus (“Hate”)


What is it that you “hate”? What would you change if you could? Is there a new direction that you want to go in?

What do you feel needs to change in your life? At work? In your community? In the world?

Hate shows us what we don’t like and drives us to take action to change it. Will you change things for the better for yourself and others?

Hate is powerful. It can be destructive, but it can be motivating if for the right cause and purpose.

What direction do you want to go in this month? Where do you feel your drive, passion and enthusiasm will take you?

The choice is yours where you want to go this month.



Judgement + Death + Fornax (“Anger”)


This month brings further transformation, awakenings and rebirth. However, in the wake of these changes, anger can arise.

You may feel upset, cheated, forsaken or treated unfairly due to changes that may happen this month. You may not feel ready or may feel that what’s happening is unfair.

How you respond to these changes will make the difference and guide you about how to adapt.

There may be others who are upset or angry around you because of changes that are happening around you or changes that you are making.

Change can frighten people who feel that they may be left out or left behind.

You may hear your true calling, but in response may need to leave someone or something behind.

This may create angered feelings within or from someone else due to these changing circumstances.



9 of Cups + 5 of Cups + Hydrus (“Renew”)


Sometimes getting what you want isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Sometimes you have to lose one thing in order to gain something else that you want.

If you gain or acquire something, it may come from a goodbye or a loss.

You may get something this month, but it may come at a cost or price. However, this may all lead up to a renewal or new beginning.

This may mark a new chapter that may revitalize your spirit.

This may be a bitter-sweet month that although you have all that you want and desire, there may be sadness and sorrow that comes with it or that still lingers.

A sense of renewal may happen during the month, which may be very different than it has been in the past and may mark a new journey towards the future.



10 of Wands + The Fool reversed + Dorado (“Enlighten”)


If you have a lot of responsibilities this month, you may find new ways to manage and cope.

You may think or realise that you’ve been going about something the wrong or hard way, and now like a light bulb going on, you’ll see a better way.

Take time to plan, structure, review and organize. Mercury retrograde may play a part, so best to slow down and think more carefully about how to go about your work.

Don’t take shortcuts, even if it’ll save you time and/or money.

You may start to see things more clearly, wondering why you didn’t realise it in the first place.

Now’s your chance to do better and work smarter, not harder.



The Chariot reversed + The Empress reversed + Microscopium (“Analyze”)


If you feel like you’re barely keeping your head above water, take a step back and focus on yourself.

This calls for analyzing your life and situation carefully. If you’ve been going through the motions of daily life, taking it day by day, now may be the time to see if any adjustments or improvements can be made.

Take stock of what’s happening around you and focus on your physical wellbeing.

You may feel pulled in different directions which may start to wear you thin.

Write in a journal or on a piece of paper and break everything down to see what you can improve.

Something has to change before it breaks.



Ace of Pentacles reversed + Mother of Pentacles reversed + Cygnus (“Love”)


For an earth sign, you may feel disconnected and ungrounded this month if you’re out of your natural and home environment.

You may not feel “at home” which may make you feel stressed, anxious or unbalanced.

Spending money may be an issue, whether it’s shopping, paying bills or unexpected expenses.

Love will be the remedy.

Do what you love to do and be with those that you love.

Love can make any place a home and more enjoyable, especially if you’re not feeling at home or are in unfamiliar surroundings.

Focus on love and what love means to you.

Remember to do all things with love.



5 of Swords reversed + Father of Swords + Corona Borealis (“Honour”)


Where does your honour stand? Is every argument worth fighting?

Knowing when to say your piece and leaving it at that can be important instead of going in for the “last word” or in for the “kill”.

Sometimes you have to know when to sit back and not engage.

People will make mistakes, say and do wrong things, but you have to know if your words will be constructive, just and honourable, or if they will just be provoking and create more hostility.

It may be difficult to sit back and bit your tongue, but it may be needed to avoid added drama, stress and arguments.



3 of Pentacles + Daughter of Cups + Pavo (“Awaken”)


You may feel an awakening in your feelings and connection to your work, job or project.

In work or on the job, you may feel intuitively guided as you’ll be able to see two, three or even four steps ahead.

You may feel a deeper connection to your purpose at work.

If you presently don’t feel this connection, something may trigger this awakening to what your soul purpose is which could create a new career change or perfecting your current work.

A boss or colleague may become more aware of your work and efforts which could lead to praise, compliments and feeling valued for your work and contributions.



Daughter of Pentacles + 9 of Wands reversed + Corona Australis (“Rescue”)


If you feel beaten up or anxious about what may come next concerning every day matters and stress, you may wonder when help will arrive.

A helping hand may soon come in some form this month to help alleviate mental worry and fatigue that has likely been building up.

Be open to receive help in any way, especially if it may come from an unexpected source or person.

However, if you do need help, remember to ask for it. Try not to sit and wait to be rescued; reach out if you can.

If you ask for assistance and are specific in what you need help with, most people are willing to lend a hand or point you in the right direction to someone or someplace that can assist you.



Strength reversed + Son of Pentacles reversed + Puppis (“Travel”)


You may have to move quickly this month, taking action and steps forward even if you’re unsure or don’t feel confident enough.

This may partially be due to impatience or a looming deadline, which you may feel uncertain or weak in some regard towards it.

Have confidence in yourself and your abilities. Know that the steps you’re taking are to advance and increase your growth.

Travel may be on the agenda this month, which could be short or long distance. Plans may be hastened or put together with short notice.

Be sure to make a list while preparing for any travel so nothing is missed or forgotten.



9 of Swords reversed + 8 of Swords + Vela (“Power”)


Fears and worries may trap you or immobilize you in your mind. Even if your fears have been put to rest, you may have hesitation to move forward.

Know that your power resides within you and you have the power to overcome any obstacles and fears that may stand in your way.

You may realise that a fear of yours in irrational or unfounded, but you may feel as though you’re unable to overcome it completely.

You have the power to manage or overcome these fears and worries, to do something about them if you truly want and need to.

Remember that you are powerful, not powerless.



Mother of Swords + The High Priestess + Lynx (“Observe”)


The power and skill of observation will help you to sort and find out what’s happening around you.

Your intuition will be heightened and you’ll be able to tell truth from fiction and see through everything with a keen and discerning eye.

This will call for being observant, not taking action right away.

Let something unfold as it may to see what other people do and say first. When the time is right, you’ll know if you need to step in, re-direct or interfere with something.

From standing on the sidelines, you’ll be able to plan a course of action and step in at the right time to direct and guide as needed.


Stacey & the Tarot Pugs


Title image designed in Canva.

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