How to use Salt in Witchcraft

How to use Salt in Witchcraft

Salt has been used for magickal purposes for millennia, that of which mostly for protection, cleansing and healing.

There are different variations of salt; some for cooking/consumption while other types are meant only for ritual work.

Magickal work can be done with any kind of salt.

If you’re in a “pinch” you can easily substitute one for the other if you don’t have a particular type of salt on hand.

Some types of salt may be better suited for certain magickal purposes based on what they may be mixed with.

However, I’m the type to substitute if I can’t find or don’t have something readily available.

Salt is literally “engrained” in customs, traditions and our daily lives.

Salt for magickal purposes comes naturally to use this natural element of the earth.

Types of Salt for Magickal Workings

Here’s a quick list of salts that can be used in magick and are readily available:

White Salt

White salt can come as kosher, coarse and table salt, which these you can readily get at your supermarket or stores like Wal-Mart, etc.

These are usually pretty affordable and you can sometimes get them on sale or get value packs of them, especially if you shop at Costco.

For me, white salt is like an “all purpose” salt that you can add to spells, ritual workings and even cooking, especially if you’re a kitchen witch.

White salt can be used for absorbing negativity, banishing, protection, and healing.

Black Salt

There’s different types of black salt, but of two main categories: non-consumption and for consumption.

Not to be confused with black lava salt which can be used for cooking.

Black salt for magickal workings can be typically comprised of cauldron scrapings, charcoal and salt.

Black salt has that extra added energy to break jinxes/hexes, banish unwanted people, remove negativity and for protection.

If you’re looking for a little bit of black salt for yourself, try online at The Witchery. (Highly recommended.)

Himalayan Salt

Pink Himalayan salt is a rock salt from the Punjab region in Pakistan.

It’s most commonly used in cooking, as cooking slabs for preparing meats/vegetables and as rock salt lamps.

This type of salt is high in iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and chloride.

Some professionals have disputed the health benefits of Himalayan salt stating that it’s only a matter of pseudoscience and no better than regular salt.

For magickal purposes, this salt can be used like any other salt such as for cleansing and healing, particularly as it’s infused with its pink colour.

Sea Salt

Sea salt can be used for spells and magick involving water, the oceans, rivers, lakes, marine life/mermaids/dolphins, etc., in addition to all other magickal and cooking purposes.

Purposes of Salt for Magick & Spells

There’s several methods that can be used when working with salt.

The primary concern is if you have animals and/or pets around your home and working area if you’re using salt.

Protecting Your Home

Many spell books write to place salt around your home boundaries, your yard and in corners of your home.

If you have pets that like to eat everything on the floor, then putting salt around your home might not be a good idea.

A simple solution to this is to place salt in a small glass (a shot glass will do).

Place it near the front door, back door, an adjoining wall to a troublesome neighbour or a windowsill.

Placing the glass on a shelf can keep it out of reach from curious pets.

Be sure to secure it safely to prevent from being knocked over such as by a curious cat.

The salt will work its magick to absorb negativity like one of those “odour eater” containers that supposedly filter smoke out of the air.

Remember to replace the salt every moon cycle (or around that time) and dispose of it away from your property.

This can be done by throwing the remaining salt into running water or back to the earth, but away from your home.

Keeping People Away

If you have troublesome neighbours that you want to stay away, keep their distance or if they’re just making your life miserable, throwing some salt their way may help.

This can be helpful for keeping other people away such as aquaintences, bothersome coworkers, etc.

Throw salt (table, coarse or black) at their front doorstep then turn away without looking back to keep troublesome neighbours at bay.

If you can’t get to their front doorstep, outline your property or the part of your property that is next to or faces your neighbour’s property.

Throw salt in someone’s footsteps can help prevent them from returning.

Altar & Ritual Magick

Salt represents earth, so placing salt on your altar brings the element of earth to your magickal workings.

By mixing salt and water, you can consecrate your ritual and sacred space before magickal workings.

Walk clockwise around your sacred space to begin the ritual or magickal working and sprinkle the water with your fingertips on the floor.

Spell work

Infusing salt into spell work can give an added boost and emphasis.

Use salt with herbs and other ingredients for spell bottles to carry with you, add to your altar or in your home, or even bury them near your entrances and/or on your property.

These are just a few examples of using salt in a magickal practice. Even adding salt to a meal can be magick.

Feel free to be creative about how you want to use magick in your workings, rituals and spell work.

Explore the further possibilities of adding and using salt in your magickal workings.

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16 thoughts on “How to use Salt in Witchcraft

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  3. Lovely article, really has cleared things up for me, I kept seeing salt everywhere without knowing what for XD However, important note, do NOT put salt on soil, it basically poison it and nothing can grow on it! ☠️🥀🌱


    • Personally, I wouldn’t recommend reusing salt from a spell as the salt has used up it’s purpose and energy or is placed for the intention (often for protection.) I haven’t come across any sources that have indicated reusing it. Salt would likely fall into the same category as herbs and plants for it’s single use or purpose and is often organic and compostable. However, candle wax can be reused if melted again and for the same or similar purpose/spell (e.g. love, money, business, protection, etc.) This is also seen as re-melted candle wax for healing is done in Eastern Europe as long as the wax is used for the same ailment.


  4. hiya! I can’t find any resources that answer this question, and I was wondering if some salts can substitute as other salts, for ex; using pink himalayan salt for a spell instead of black salt, as long as they have the same energy and properties, thanks, blessed be 🕯️


    • Pink usually has qualities that are associated with love, friendship, romance and affection. Personally, I wouldn’t use or recommend pink Himalayan salt as a substitute for black salt which technically contains charcoal and ashes (this is different than black salt that is used for cooking) as charcoal is used to eliminate (e.g. in medicine charcoal tablets can remove excess gas and can be used in toothpaste.) Salt is a cleansing ans purifying substance. Regular granulated salt could be used as a substitute for black salt and vice versa. Pink salt has it’s own purifying qualities but would be aimed to cleansing and purifying relationships, friendships, etc., such as to create a “clean slate” and remove obstacles or challenges in relationships. If banishing, removing toxic relationships or situations, Pink salt could not be recommended unless you wish to keep the person or relationship and only remove the challenge or obstacle. For house cleansing, regular salt and black salt can be recommended for cleansing and protection, but pink salt would be less banishing and more to smooth over and clear up relationship issues that may be happening in the home or residence. Hope that helps! 🔮🐾


    • Black salt may be good for this as I’ve done that before to keep negativity or people away from me at the office. Sprinkling some around your work area on the floor can be done and is usually not noticeable to others (especially if the flooring is dark or grey.) However if the floor is white and/or you think people may complain about the black salt on the floor, regular salt can also work as a substitute.

      If you think your coworkers need to behave, Krampus can be called upon to get the place in good order and everyone on their best behaviour.

      Here is a post about Krampus and ways to work with Krampus leading up to the holiday season which can be adapted to get the workplace in good order and on good behaviour:


  5. Wow, recently added salt to my spell bottles and it really packs a punch. White table salt works really well when I combine it with cinnamon, black pepper and lemon peel for a protection spell in a pinch.

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