Tarotscopes – August 2017

Tarot Tarotscopes August 2017 Pug Pugs

This month’s tarot forecast is done with the Tarot of the Cat People by Karen Kuykendall (U.S. Games Systems, Inc.)

These monthly forecasts can be read for your sun, moon and rising signs. Read one or all three of your signs to see if they apply to you this month.

If you’re unsure about your sun, moon and rising signs, you can get a free natal chart at astro.com.

This month, we’re using two tarot cards for each astrological sign.


Let’s see what August may bring for us:



Tarotscopes – August 2017



6 of Cups + The Devil


August may bring up memories from the past, which could be good or bad.

There may be a dark chapter in your past that may need healing during this time. This could also suggest something from the past may still have a hold on you.

This may not necessarily be a person or place, but could suggest a way of thinking or a habit that may be hindering you from moving forward or advancing in your life.

If you’re ready and feel that you’d like to resolve issues from the past, this may be the month to safely explore them and bring healing to you and your younger self.



The Magician reversed +
The High Priestess reversed


You may feel blocked in some way that prevents you from doing what you hope to achieve or to get where you want to be.

This could be a mental or physical block that stands in your way.

You may begin to doubt what your intuition is telling you about this blockage (or blockages). You may be more preoccupied with trying to think of ways to overcome them without listening to what your intuition is trying to tell you.

Sit with yourself and ask your higher self how to overcome what’s in your way, that may be preventing you from doing what you want or need to do.

The solution will come more easily when you let go and let the universe come to you.



Page of Pentacles +
The Tower


A learning curve may be ahead. All that you’ve been preparing for and learning about may be put to the test. Now’s the time to put what you know into action.

This may also be a revelation that there may be a lot more that you don’t know yet.

It’s OK to be humbled now and then and to admit to being a beginner. Remember to keep your “beginner’s mind”.

Be ready to learn more and more; new knowledge is explored and gained every year as the next generation puts their understanding and mark on it. Prepare for a revelation or shake-up in your studies and daily workings.



The Lovers + Strength


Love is strongest of all. Family, friends and significant others will play an important role this month.

Couples may find their love is strengthened during August and may likely feel a deeper connection. This may be partially due to external struggles that may put extra strain on personal lives and the relationship.

Communication may also be tested to see how strongly connected people are. This may bring a sense of unity between couples, family, friends, even co-workers.

Relationships founded on love may find that their endurance may be tested as well as their strength and determination against all odds.



3 of Swords + Ace of Pentacles reversed


Disappointment or heartache over something that didn’t work out as hoped for or as expected may happen.

If you’ve been expecting money, work or employment, it may not arrive as planned or when expected. If that’s the case, prepare to have a back-up plan.

Although there may be disappointment, there can still be something done about it.

It may seem as if one opportunity has slipped through your fingers, but there are more out there. Try not to focus on what has been lost, but what else there remains to be potentially gained. It’s a big world out there, and there’s plenty of other opportunities that await.



Temperance + Queen of Wands reversed


Peace and tranquility will be needed to calm the fires within that burn too much.

You may feel more irritable during August, especially at minor things and annoyances, particularly at home or in business. You may have a vision about how something should go or work, which can be frustrating if it doesn’t go as planned.

Take time to calm yourself and try to reach a meditative state to calm your mind.

You may feel more fired up than usual, so more water traits will be need to cool these flames from within. Try swimming, showers, bath, time by rivers, lakes or the ocean, relaxing aromatherapy scents, which may help to calm the mind and soul.



Ace of Swords +
4 of Wands


You may find that your written and spoken words may flow more eloquently during August.

Your focus on creating a harmonious environment at home and work with coworkers, friends and family may be priority.

If you spend time away from home or outdoors, you may find it easier to sort your thoughts and ideas, and perhaps journaling or writing creatively may help.

Spending time with your thoughts may be enlightening, tranquil and just what’s needed to get though this month to sort out everything that’s going on in your mind.



Justice reversed +
8 of Pentacles


You may feel that your share of the workload may be unfair or that burdens of your work may be more than what it should be at this time.

Your responsibilities may be many, which may make you feel a little out of balance or feeling that something is unfair in your work, studies or projects during August as we head into the last month of the summer season and soon end Leo season.

Although it may seem unfair now, the more work and practice done, it may help you prepare for what may come later.

What may seem difficult now will soon get easier with time and may even pay off in the end.



The World reversed +
5 of Cups reversed


Whatever you may be going through now may not be over just yet. If you feel that you’ve heard or received the final answer or verdict about something, it may not be over. There may be a continuation about something.

If something wasn’t in your favour, you may hear differently now. Something isn’t finished just yet, which may have been difficult at the beginning, but the worst of it may be over though.

Now will be about finding the conclusion and closing this chapter eventually.

You may be over what has happened, which now you can likely think more clearly about it. Now you can tend to take care of matters and see this through to the end.




8 of Cups + 6 of Swords


You may feel ready to move past and away from something, but part of you will continue to carry it with you.

This baggage may stay with you for a while until you’re ready to release it.

Many of us learn to move on, but we carry the troubles of the past written on our hearts, minds and souls.

Sometimes we know we must leave a place, person or situation but find it difficult to cut all the cords attached to them or it.

This may take more inner soul searching to come to terms and learn how to move on in a healthy way.




2 of Pentacles reversed + Page of Cups reversed


Balancing responsibilities and what you want may be a challenge during the month of August.

Bills that need to be paid aren’t as tempting as the new ticket item that you may have your eyes set on.

You may feel confused and torn between what you know you should do and what you’d rather be doing.

Take caution to only spend what you can really afford, and not rely on promises or expectations or supplementary funds to be available.

There could be delays, so play it safe with money during this month.



The Chariot reversed + 2 of Swords


You may be faced with two choices and a decision to make this month. These could be external choices or parts of yourself that wants two different things.

The trouble is most likely you can’t have both. This won’t be a situation where you can have your cake and eat it too.

There could be an internal struggle trying to decide what to choose. Look within yourself and ask what you feel is right to you.

Try not to analyse too much.

Feel what each choice feels like to you and then decide.


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