Weekly Reading: July 24 – 30 2017

Weekly Reading Tarot Pugs TarotPugs Pug Wild Unknown Arcana Astrology

This week’s reading uses The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans and Arcana of Astrology by Black and the Moon.

A tarot card is drawn for Monday / Tuesday, Wednesday / Thursday and Friday / Saturday / Sunday.

An oracle card is drawn for the summary or lesson of the week.


Let’s see what this week may bring:


5 Cups Wild Unknown Tarot Pugs Pug

Monday / Tuesday

5 of Cups reversed


There may be something that you regret or feel sad about, but you may start to realise that you’ll need to move on from it.

It may mean that there’s nothing more that can be done or said about it, so the only option is to come to terms with it.

You may start to realise that it may not be as bad as originally thought. This may start to look up for you.

Remember to focus on what you still have, not on what you may have lost or missed out on.

We can choose to remain sad and depressed, but we can also choose to work through it.

Everything is not lost.

There’s still more that awaits you.

Keep your head up or you could miss out on more.

Friends may be important to help you through any difficulties and get you through these two days.

A great lesson that comes from loss and sorrow may be learned, which may open up a revelation to help you heal and move past any feelings of sadness, remorse, guilt or despair.

This lesson may help you to assist others who may be going through the same or similar experiences.

Mediumship and Spirit communication may also be stronger during these two days as well, which may offer messages of hope and healing.


HPs High Priestess Wild Unknown Tarot Pugs TarotPugs Pug

Wednesday / Tuesday

The High Priestess reversed


As we continue into the week, we may feel drawn to move inward to listen to what our intuition may be telling us and explore the unconsciousness within ourselves.

However, we may not have the time or energy to do so. We may, on the other hand, not be ready to accept what we learn or discover.

Your intuition may be trying to tell you something.

Spend time each day to get intuitive messages that spirit may be trying to convey.

You may intuitively hear a word, a sound, a sentence or phrase; you may get a feeling of just knowing something. You may clairvoyantly see a symbol in your mind’s eye.

Whatever it is that you may sense or feel, make a note of it and see if it plays out in your day or over these two days or even into the week.

If you practice divination or mediumship, these two days may also be ideal to work on your skills and get messages from loved ones, guides, and Spirit.

Secrets may be revealed or uncovered during these two days as well, whether intentionally or not.

These may be secrets of others or ourselves that may come out in the open.

Many of us may feel a need to withdraw and learn more about ourselves and learn about esoteric mysteries, women’s mysteries, moon mysteries, spirit communication, divination, etc.

There may be a desire, but uncertainty if time can be devoted or trusting what we hear or sense.

We may also want to go deeper in our studies, to go further beyond the veil and explore what remains elusive and hidden from sight and bring these mysteries forward into our lives.


7 Wands Wild Unknown TarotPugs Tarot Pugs Pugs

Friday / Saturday / Sunday

7 of Wands


As we head into the weekend, we may feel as though we can be the light and burn brightly away anyone who may oppose us or stand in our way.

You’ll be up for any challenges that may come your way over this weekend.

You may feel more productive to get things done.

This may require persistence to get a lot done in a short amount of time.

This may mean “burning the midnight oil” working late into the evening or night to finish projects, work or tasks.

However, you won’t let anyone steal your fire or get in the way of your mission.

Some people may be taken aback if you stand up for yourself or defend yourself over the weekend, which you’ll likely show them your fiery side and what you’re passionate about.

This may be released as an outburst, but really it may likely be more of a reaction that is long over due.

This may mean standing up for yourself, setting boundaries, and defending what you say or do, what you believe in and who you are.


Arcana Astrology Earth TarotPugs Tarot Pugs Pug

Weekly Card:

Earth – Grounding


This week’s card/lesson is to remember to stay grounded often throughout the day.

The first four days of the week, we may feel more absorbed in our minds and the spiritual world.

We may feel preoccupied with the inner workings of our mind, that we could easily feel detached from our physical surroundings.

During the weekend, we may feel more fiery and defensive, so we may be quick to react.

We may also have drive and eagerness to do things and feel like challenging anything and anyone who may oppose us.

Grounding ourselves will help to keep us feeling stable.

Try grounding meditations and techniques during the day over the week.

If you like crystals, try grounding crystals such as black obsidian, snowflake obsidian, smokey quartz, hematite and black tourmaline, for example.

Being outdoors can help as well.

Touching the earth, trees or grass can help to ground, stabilize and reconnect.

If we end up too much in our inner world and too defensive in our outer world, we can feel unbalanced and unstable.

Grounding on the solid earth can help us to feel rooted, strong and stable.


Have a wonderful week!


Stacey & the Tarot Pugs


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Title image designed in Canva.
Card images from The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans ©2016 and Arcana of Astrology by Black and the Moon ©2016. All rights reserved.

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