Weekly Reading: July 17 – 23 2017

Weekly Reading Tarot Pugs TarotPugs Wild Unknown Tarot Compendium Constellations Astrology TarotPugs

This week’s reading was done with The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans and Compendium of Constellations by Black and the Moon.

Three tarot cards are drawn to show what we may expect for Monday / Tuesday, Wednesday / Thursday and Friday / Saturday / Sunday.

An oracle card is drawn as a summary of the week or lesson to keep in mind.

Let’s see what this week may have for us:


Four 4 Cups Wild Unknown Tarot TarotPugs Tarot Pugs Pug Weekly Reading

Monday / Tuesday

4 of Cups reversed


You may have had time on your own feeling withdrawn or perhaps in a slump. Activities that are normally enjoyed may have lost all interest or fun.

Now you may feel as though you’re coming around and want to join in again.

This may be a kind of reintroduction to your daily routine after feeling detached and/or despondent for a while.

Try to ease back into your normal activities and routine instead of jumping in and starting where you last left off.

The first two days of the week may be an adjustment period to get back to “normal”, especially if you haven’t felt like your usual self.

Life carries on with or without us; family, work, responsibilities and more won’t wait, so we know that eventually we have to get back to our demanding schedules and lives.

However, we can control the pace.

This is like a re-emergence after a period of melancholy, despondency, apathy or just feel distant.

Sometimes we have to go through these cyclic lows and detach ourselves as part of our natural rhythms.

For some people this can happen monthly or yearly, for others it may be years in between.

Yet, there’s always the possibility to re-emerge and get back to where we left off before we started to feel distant.

This week will be about the desire to have a come-back.


Daughter of Swords TarotPugs Tarot Pugs Pug Wild Unknown Tarot Weekly Reading

Wednesday / Thursday

Daughter of Swords reversed


It may be a slow process to get back into a normal routine.

Memory recall may be tricky these two days, so setting reminders and notes may help.

As you re-emerge back into everything, you may not feel well prepared for anything new that comes your way.

Honesty may be your best policy to be upfront with others to let them know you’re not at 100% and that you’re working on it.

This won’t exactly mean you won’t be able to handle all your responsibilities, but asking for patience and some leniency may take off some extra stress or worry.

When it comes to writing, technology or working with computers and data, make sure to check and recheck for any potential errors before moving onto the next task or project.

If you write blogs or other forms of journalism, extra precaution should be made to typos and research. Take extra time to write, research and proofread.

There could be delays or technical difficulties when it comes to writing, so better to extend deadlines if you’re able and feel the need to, rather than rush your work and compromise on quality.


The Emperor TarotPugs Tarot Pugs Pug Wild Unknown Tarot Weekly Reading

Friday / Saturday / Sunday

The Emperor


It may have taken a few days, but you may start to now feel more in command of yourself and your life as we approach the weekend.

It can be frustrating that this only starts to feel comfortable again at the end of the week instead of near the beginning.

A tree doesn’t grow tall overnight; it takes a while before it can even stand up on its own until its roots take hold and support itself.

The days leading up to the weekend were about gaining your footing and roots so that you can be tall and strong again.

You’ll start to feel more in charge of your personal life, work/career and responsibilities.

You may even find better ways to structure and organize your life and work, to find ways the prove to be more productive and efficient.

Think of what you’ve had to go through recently (all that sh*t) which now acts as the fertilizer for you (the tree) to help you grow and mature.

What you’ve been through has taught you lessons, has helped shape you to be who you are today and helped you to grow.

Now you can be a leading example for others.


Tarot Pugs TarotPugs Astrology Compendium of Constellations Serpens Weekly Reading Resurrect

Weekly Card

Serpens – Resurrect


You may feel that this week is like a resurrection of sorts.

You may have felt distant or disconnected, melancholic or even “dead to the outside world.”

As you may have felt you were slipping away from everything that was a part of you and who you were/are, you may have felt a desire to get back to who you are and what you love – to not give up so easily.

So, like coming back from the dead, you re-emerge into what you love to do, what you want to do and what you desire and to become yourself again in a new and better way.

In order to resurrect, a part of something has to die so to speak.

For some people, it happens annually, for others it may be every few years or more frequently such as monthly with the moon phases.

Cyclically, we go through “deaths” of ourselves, only to be revived again and again.

We sometimes need to go through the process to clean our slate, release the old and build up ourselves again and come back renewed.

We’re often fragile like a newborn after going through these “deaths” and after the process, but eventually we gain our footing again under our feet again.

This week may be a kind of resurrection of yourself to revive and rekindle within yourself, to be figuratively brought back from the “dead.”


Stacey & the Tarot Pugs


Designed in Canva.
Card images from The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans ©2016 and Compendium of Constellations by Black and the Moon ©2017.

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