Tarotscopes – July 2017

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This month’s tarot forecast is done with the Black Cats Tarot by Maria Kurara (U.S. Games Systems, Inc.)

These monthly forecasts can be read for your sun, moon and rising signs. Read one or all three of your signs to see if they apply to you this month.

If you’re unsure about your sun, moon and rising signs, you can get a free natal chart at astro.com.

This month, we’re using three tarot cards for each astrological sign.


Let’s see what July may bring for us:



4 of Swords + 7 of Wands reversed + Ace of Cups reversed


You may be wanting to retreat after having to deal with an uphill battle.

Your attention may turn inward to rest, meditate and contemplate about what’s really going on.

Trust what your intuition is telling you, although you may second-guess yourself often.

You may face challenges that may put you to the test, which you’ll have to rely on your intuition to guide you about what to do and when to do it.

You may feel like withdrawing from a relationship or friendship, if you feel tested, challenged or confronted, which you may wonder where their emotions and heart rests.

Try not to take anything personally or react harshly to anything said or done by a friend or partner, and take some time to think about it.

Determine first how you’ll interpret what was said or done or what the context or meaning was before making any final response, action or decision.

Try to avoid becoming too defensive or on the offense in response. Don’t let your love run dry for those around you.



Queen of Cups + 9 of Wands reversed + Knight of Swords


Trust your intuition when it comes to certain people who may have a hidden motive or agenda.

Someone may feel that they’re right about something, fighting the “good fight”, but this may leave you wondering if there’s more to it.

Try not to let this person’s motives fuel any unnecessary suspicion or paranoia, but trust yourself if you feel there’s more to a “story.”

Your intuition may tell you more about others, which you may pick up about these impressions through your emotions and feelings.

If you “feel” a certain way about someone, something or someplace, trust your instincts and don’t back down from them.

Be sure to take care of your health when dealing with others, which if you are sensitive to the energies of other people, can manifest as certain health ailments, such as fatigue or headaches.

Pay special attention to subtle details and any information that comes your way. Someone may drop hints here and there, hoping that they won’t be noticed.

Stay reasonable and fair in your interactions, be quick to correct any discrepancies or misconceptions that may arise. Soon it may be time to set the record straight.



6 Swords reversed + Knight of Cups reversed + 2 of Coins


There’s always a choice to be made: stay in the past with memories and feelings that hold you back, are relived over and over again or see what else may be waiting for you when you lessen and let go of the baggage that weighs you down.

This may mean allowing yourself to forgive what happened, releasing yourself from the burden of it; however, it doesn’t have to mean that what was done was OK or acceptable.

It can mean forgiving yourself for holding on to it for so long, that you give yourself permission to move past it.

There is a choice to balance these two parts in life, to hold on or to move on.

You may feel that you’re keeping an aspect of your life in balance, possibly between work and personal life, making sure everything is maintained and taken care of.

It may be a new option or possibility to allow yourself to move beyond the feeling of the past and see what may be ahead.

How long can you juggle these feelings and the past before something needs to be let go?



Page of Swords + 7 of Swords + The Fool


Caution should be made of anyone who may be deceptive or who seems to be “sneaky”. There could be secrecy or a secret rendezvous between other people.

Someone may be looking out for their own interests to get what they need from others.

Be careful to keep certain information private or details of important matters to yourself to avoid being copied, stolen or revealed. Perhaps update security measures or passwords if necessary.

Take caution about whom you put your trust into, especially when it comes to sensitive or private information, people online, and other people that you may not be well-acquainted with.

Try not to take unnecessary chances or risks. Someone that you may be hoping to rely on may bail or cancel at the last minute.

Despite all this, try to stay upbeat and march to the beat of your own drum.

Try to be aware of what’s going on around you at all times. Rely on yourself this month to guarantee the best results and outcome possible.



5 of Cups + King of Swords + King of Wands reversed


If you’re feeling saddened about a loss or missing something in your life, soon you’ll want to take action about it.

Everyone goes through the different stages of grief or sadness when it comes to any kind of loss; some go through them more quickly than others.

You may start to analyze what has happened, which may turn into any outward expression of intense emotions or feelings.

A need or call to do something about it, but perhaps without any concrete direction.

You may be feeling more vocal or expressive about how you feel or what you’re thinking, so take time to think about what you want to say or do first.

Allow yourself to go through the phases of sadness or grief to come to terms in your own time whenever you feel ready to move forward.

You may be thinking one way, but want to act another. The loss experienced may be understood on an intellectual level, while at the same time allow yourself the room to channel your expressive side effectively and safely.

Take some time to analyze your emotions and the actions you want to take next.



The Sun + The Moon + 2 of Wands reversed


There may be an internal contrast of the light and dark, the conscious and subconscious within yourself.

Each illuminates the other, you may feel as though you’re full of contradictions this month and unsure which direction you want to go in.

Your intuition and even your dreams may be vivid, which you may desire to stay indoors more often during this month.

You may choose to explore yourself more intensely, to do self-journeying, learn more about yourself, the ego and shadow sides of yourself.

You may feel that you can trust your instincts more now, which may make you acutely more sensitive to the outside world.

You may choose to remove yourself from being out in crowds and public places due to the high energy around heavily populated areas.

However, being alone may be your happiest part of the day.

The full moon and new moon may be particularly intense for you this month, which may have a specific impact on you.

An unexpected surprise or visitor may arrive this month possibly coinciding with the full or new moon phases.



Ace of Coins reversed + 4 of Cups reversed + 6 of Coins


Money matters may be less secure than they have been lately.

This may mean that in order to get ahead and earn/receive more, it can take more work or asking for assistance.

However, often it takes money to make money, but make sure you can really afford to spend a certain amount before doing so.

If you can afford it, consider donations to a cause close to your heart to help create some good karma for yourself.

Try not to think of money in terms of what you lack or not having enough.

Some people are always unhappy with no matter how much money they have in their accounts, even if it’s sufficient and in the surplus.

There can be more opportunities to have more money in the future, however, make sure to be happy with what you already have aside from money.

Money may come and go easily, but think of what you have that money can’t buy. Think about what you already own before looking to add to your stuff and collections.

Be generous with your time, resources and money if you are able to. The more we give, the more we get in return.



The Empress + 7 of Coins reversed + Ace of Swords


Something that you’ve been working on, nurturing or creating may soon reach the point to be revealed.

You may have been waiting for the right moment to go ahead with something or to make an announcement, so this month may be the right time to do so.

However, you may still feel that the timing isn’t “perfect” just yet. Keep in mind, that sometimes there isn’t a perfect moment to go ahead with something and you have to just go for it when you feel you can’t wait any longer.

There could be an announcement of a pregnancy, adoption, birth, project, collaboration or something being curated or created.

You may have been waiting a while to get to this moment in time, but this has been part of the Divine/Universe’s timing.

Sometimes we may feel we’re not quite ready for something, even though we know it’s the right time.

Sometimes we won’t know until that time comes and puts us to the test.

However, you have the ability to use your knowledge, natural instincts and creative ingenuity to see it through.



7 of Cups + 3 of Wands + The Star reversed


Where will your daydreams and fantasies take you?

Ideas and dreams for new ventures, business plans, projects and plans to undertake may take up a bit of your time and focus for this month.

However, there may be doubt whether these can become a reality or come to fruition.

These dreams don’t need to be just an escape from reality and everyday life; with some concrete planning and strategy, these plans and visions can become a reality.

Even the greatest entrepreneurs and visionaries began with dreams that some people thought were “crazy” or “impossible”, but they worked to see their dreams come to life.

Dare to dream and reach new heights; set your sights on the horizon to expand your boundaries.

Do you hope to travel somewhere new? Launch a new business or a new idea? Don’t become discouraged if it seems too big to take on.

All new projects, plans, businesses and ideas start as a dream or a vision.

Let your imagination roam and be free. Narrow it down to steps and plans on how you can reach it. Think about the first steps you’ll have to take.

Don’t let your hope fade or become discouraged from it. When you feel like quitting, think about why you started.



Temperance + Ace of Wands + 10 of Wands


Balance work and play evenly to avoid working too much or taking on too many responsibilities.

You may have lots of new ideas and projects that you want to take on, creativity may be heightened and you’re ready to charge ahead with new tasks.

Caution should be made to avoid letting all these projects and responsibilities becoming too much to handle.

You may inadvertently take on more than you can manage, leaving you working from morning until night.

You may feel that you’ve found a good rhythm and purpose for taking on these tasks, but remember to balance yourself with rest and play, while taking good care of your mental and physical health.

If you work at an even and steady pace, while avoiding to burn the midnight oil, you may manage to get quite a lot done this month.

Stay in the moment while working or creating, but be careful to not lose track of time when you have multiple projects on the go.

This could lead to having too much time spent on one project and not enough on the others, especially if trying to manage time appropriately or if you’re billing time spent on certain tasks or jobs.



Judgement reversed + King of Coins + The Lovers reversed


Tough financial decisions may need to be made, perhaps in regards to budgeting, investments, savings or spending.

You may have to make some decisions that may not be popular with a partner or colleagues, however these decisions may even be difficult for yourself to adhere to as well.

There may be pressure to abandon the course of direction that you’ve taken in terms of finances, but keep in mind what your goals are.

Self-control and restraint will be needed to achieve these financial goals, particularly to maintain the kind of lifestyle you want and/or are accustomed to.

This may also be in regards to financial goals or plans for next month or the upcoming few months.

There may be difficulty adhering to your own budgeting plans, especially if a potential purchase looks tempting or difficult to pass on.

Be prepared if you make a purchase outside of a planned budget with a partner or colleague, that there could be a disagreement of sorts.

Negotiations may be challenging with colleagues.

There may also be a need to resettle terms and conditions for contracts, which may need to be revisited or revised, that may cause disagreements or not being able to come to a mutual agreement on the first or second try.



The Devil + King of Cups reversed + 8 of Wands


There may be a negative situation or a relationship in which now may be the time in which it comes to a conclusion or ending.

This may be the time to part ways from a situation, place or person in which emotions, feelings and the environment may have been negative, moody, constrictive or hurtful.

A message, text or email may give the final word or point that seals the deal and becomes the breaking point to end a negative situation or relationship.

This may be what’s needed to finally move on and try to get out.

This may also relate to a message from or about someone who may be negative, controlling or may just be a “bad influence.”

This could be someone that is in a relationship or has a personal connection, that certain information may come to light about this person.

If you feel that you’re in a situation that is a toxic environment, you may feel that you’ll be able to reach out to someone in some way and pass details or information to someone in confidence.

Remember the chains of the Devil (as shown in the Rider Waite) can easily slip off if you choose to free yourself from them.

The chains that hold you back can be casted off if you desire and have the will to do so.

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