Weekly Reading: June 19 – 25 2017

TarotPugs Tarot Pugs Weekly Reading The Wild Unknown Arcana of Astrology

This week is the summer solstice (or winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere) on June 21 marking the longest (or shortest) day of the year.

The past six months have been working up to this day, which afterwards we’ll slowly turn towards longer nights (or longer days).

Cards for this week are from The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans and Arcana of Astrology by Black and the Moon.


TarotPugs Tarot Pugs The Wild Unknown Magician Weekly Reading

Monday / Tuesday:
The Magician


As we start the week, we may have all the tools necessary to do what we need or want to do.

If you’ve been learning something new lately or rehearsing something, now may be the time to put what you know into practice.

These two days in the beginning of the week will be about taking action, not sitting idly by.

If you know what you need to do or what you should do, then now will be the time to do something about it.

Show others what you can do.

Certain procedures may come into questioning, whether a new policy or procedure can be put into effect that may be more proficient or cost-effective.

If you can find ways to improve something at home or work, now may be the time to step up and give your input and insight.

We may build upon what we already know and expand our knowledge about what we’re able to do.

We may need to stretch our knowledge and abilities and apply to them to a different practice or expertise, but logic and linear thinking may help us in that aspect.

You may have enough background knowledge in one area to apply it to a different field, or simply using common knowledge or sense to work out a dilemma or problem during these two days.

Let’s make some magic happen.


TarotPugs Tarot Pugs Temperance TWU

Wednesday / Thursday:
Temperance Reversed


During the middle of the week, we may feel a bit “out of balance,” especially if we feel that we may have a short fuse when it comes to dealing with certain people and/or situations.

Caution should be made to not let tempers get out of hand, whether yours or someone else’s.

We can only really take control of our own actions and responses, so trying to stay calm, collected and in control of ourselves can make the difference.

Do what you need to do in order to give yourself enough time for yourself.

Breaks, relaxation, retreats, etc., to cool any tension within yourself or in connection with others.

A comment from someone could be taken the wrong way, so it may be better to step back and away for a while before responding.

Go for a coffee or tea break during the day (as often as you can if possible) or go for a walk to find your inner Zen moments.


Tarot Pugs TarotPugs Nine Wands The Wild Unknown Weekly Reading

Friday / Saturday / Sunday:
9 Wands Reversed


After a long week that may have used up a lot of mental energy and strength, we may feel a little worn down and beaten from it.

The beginning of the week had “can do” energy, while the middle of the week was trying to calm those tempers and fires within ourselves.

Now that the weekend is here, we can take time to rest and recover from the week.

However, try not to let this turn into feeling defeated from the week. Do something that will make you happy this weekend as a reward.

If there’s a problem that persists from the weekend, but nothing can be done about it over the weekend, try to leave it until you can do something about it.

Stress and anxiety will only weigh heavily on your mind, depleting you of your energy and stamina for what you need to do over the weekend.

Recover yourself from any mental stress or burdens that were from the week and allow yourself to recharge before Monday comes again.

Take time for yourself this weekend to do what you want and need to do.


Tarot Pugs TarotPugs Arcana Astrology Scorpio

Weekly Card:


The theme for this week is to transform ourselves.

From having determination at the beginning to the week to feeling overwhelmed by everything around us and imbalances within ourselves, we may have to think how we can transform ourselves, our lives, our environment to something that will work better for us, now and in the future.

We can always bounce back and start over again with a new day and a new week.

Scorpio is associated with “death” among many things, which everyone goes through metaphorical “deaths” all the time.

Death is a transformation of itself, from one form to another.

Even the laws of physics state that energy can’t be destroyed or created, it can only be transformed or changed.

To point out further, humans and animals, all living and non-living things, are comprised of energy. We go under transformations all the time, some voluntarily and others mandatory.

This week, we may need to see what and how we can transform, what we need to shed or get rid of in order to transform into something else, to transform ourselves or our lives, and to see what we hope to achieve from it.



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Title image designed in Canva.
Card images from The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans and Arcana of Astrology by Black and the Moon.

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