Tarotscopes – June 2017

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A new month, a new tarot forecast for the month ahead!

Summer has almost officially arrived or winter if you’re in the southern hemisphere and we’re about halfway through 2017.

This year has gone by so quickly, yet at the same time, so much has happened on the world stage that it’s hard to believe so much has happened in this short amount of time.

These forecasts for this month can be read for your sun, moon and rising signs. Feel free to read your forecast for each of them.

If you’re unsure about your signs, you can get a free natal chart at astro.com (just enter your birth data details).

Cards for this month are from The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans.

(A quick note: Although these cards were thoroughly shuffled, a majority of them appeared as reversed. This may indicate that we may experience more obstacles, blockages or challenges in our way for this month.)

Let’s see what June may bring.


Tarotscopes – June 2017


Aries – Temperance + 9 of Pentacles

You may be in a comfortable place in your life at this time, feeling balanced and may even be experiencing some personal healing. You may be blending aspects of yourself or your life together to create a harmonious environment and life.

If you’re planning a vacation (or staycation) this month, this may help to balance you even more and to keep yourself feeling balanced.

This may even be a trip that mixes business with pleasure, or just a getaway someplace that you can relax while getting some work done.

You may feel that everything is going well this month, that you can enjoy the work that you’ve done so far and can take some time to rest and unwind.

You may have a “laissez faire” attitude during this month as you mix this and that to create a winning combination and develop what works for you best.


Taurus – 6 of Swords Reversed + 8 of Wands

You may feel stuck when it comes to a certain issue or situation and unable to move past or overcome it.

The situation or details may play over and over again, thinking about what was said or done. However, something may change that by the middle to end of the month.

There may be a revelation or news that may come by written communication such as an email or text message that may make a difference.

You may be able to resolve something or be able to move on from it after receiving news about something.

Try not to hold onto personal baggage from this situation as it won’t help to heal and move past it. You may not be able to forget it completely, however, even forgiveness doesn’t mean that it was OK.

Forgiveness allows you to heal yourself, that you’re able to carry on but doesn’t mean that what was done was acceptable. Try not to let harsh feelings get in the way of moving on.


Gemini – Ace of Pentacles Reversed + Father of Pentacles Reversed

What does your relationship with money look like? Do you only see how much you lack or how much you need? Focusing on what you don’t have can create further lack.

If you only see what you don’t have instead of what is possible, it can inadvertently draw that towards you.

A lesson in driving school is “look where you want to go” – keep your eyes in the direction that you want the car to go in.

If you want to avoid hitting something, don’t fixate on that object, or you’ll drive the car right into it! Sounds simple, but if you’ve watched driving instructor shows, it’s actually a common phenomenon/habit.

Change your mindset and focus on what you can get and the abundance that can come towards you.

Money may fluctuate, so don’t become disappointed if it doesn’t live up to your expectations or hopes for what you get this month. Proper planning and patience can create possibilities for more earning potential.


Cancer – Death Reversed + 8 of Pentacles Reversed

Change won’t happen without effort or the work to help make it happen. If there’s something you want to change that you don’t like, don’t just complain about it! Put your words into action.

There may be some resistance if you’ve become accustomed to a situation and there can be fear of change.

A situation, a place to live, a job or relationship may have outlived its purpose and you may feel a sense that it’s time to move on.

Yet there may be denial or unpreparedness to make that change or to accept it. When the time is right and you feel you can’t wait anymore, then you’ll know.

Try not to let complacency overrule your circumstances. Work will be needed to make the changes necessary to bring anything new into your life that may be for the better and bring a sense of relief and renewal.


Leo – Daughter of Pentacles Reversed + The Empress

New projects at home may be on the To-Do list this month, however you may also feel weighed down by other errands, projects and tasks that need to be done.

You may have a long To-Do list of chores and other errands to get done, however don’t let it overwhelm you.

Take time for yourself to nurture yourself as needed while you tend to everyday matters.

If focusing on repairs on the home or other material possessions, be sure to seek the right qualified professionals, check referrals, previous work, etc.

You may focus also on creating an inviting and welcoming atmosphere and environment for your family, children and friends as a token of love, affection and care.

Time for personal study and reading may be last on the list or may be difficult to tend to, possibly due to interruptions or distractions.


Virgo – Daughter of Cups Reversed + 8 of Swords Reversed

You may feel torn about letting others know exactly how you feel.

You may feel restrained most of the time, trying to remain objective, keeping yourself under control and expressing yourself calmly through clear communication.

You may be precise when you speak and straight to the point (a Virgo trait), but something may get to you that you may have difficulty keeping an opinion or feeling to yourself.

You may worry about how others may react or respond, if it might offend or hurt someone’s feelings.

However, you may feel that what you have to say is for the best and needs to be said.

It may feel liberating to let it out and voice your thought, feeling or opinion and let what may come afterwards to just happen.

Don’t ignore your feelings or suppress them; if you feel something is important to say, try to express yourself and how you feel precisely.


Libra – 6 of Pentacles Reversed + Daughter of Swords Reversed

Someone may offer to lend a hand, money or something needed, however caution should be made if there are strings attached.

An offer may seem too good to be true, so weigh your options carefully and do extra research. Someone may not be all they seem to be or have your best interests in mind.

There could be ulterior motives, so ask yourself why this person has offer their assistance and what is required in return.

Not everyone helps and asks for nothing in return, out of the kindness of their own heart. It may seem pessimistic or like paranoia, but it may be needed to protect yourself.

Use your own judgement when it comes to offers, invitations and handouts. If asked to lend money, be prepared that you may not be repaid.

Perhaps give the amount as a gift or donation, if you think you can go without the money; otherwise, it may be best to decline lending or giving anything away that you can’t live without.


Scorpio – 2 of Cups Reversed + 2 of Wands Reversed

In regards to a relationship, do you know where it’s headed and where you want to go?

There may have been unexpected changes that may have changed circumstances and now this may be the time to plan your next phase. This may be centered around career or relationships and taking those to the next level.

There may be events that can make or break a relationship (friendship or romantic) which you may then decide what you want to do next with that relationship.

If you feel that you’re in a dead-end situation, you may find new possibilities to take a new direction and bring the change that you desire.


Sagittarius – Strength + Father of Swords Reversed

There may be difficulties when dealing with someone or something that may be a challenge, which you’ll have to show your inner strength to endure and overcome it.

Someone may be making poor decisions which you may feel that you’re affected by them.

If you’re expecting a decision, it may not go in your favour.

These actions may test your patience and you may wonder how much more you can take. This person may not respond or adhere to logic, may be biased and made up their mind about a decision, which may affect you.

Old injuries, stiff joints and back problems may flare-up, requiring extra strength to get through the month. Take care of your health and do what you can to ease any burden or weight on sore joints and your back.


Capricorn – 7 of Cups Reversed + The Fool Reversed

You may know what needs to be done, however there may be hesitation to take that next leap. If you have a goal, plan or dream ready in mind, you may be waiting for the right moment to make your move.

However, perfect moments rarely happen. We may feel the time is right, yet that may not be “the right moment”. It may depend more on how we feel and how confident we’re feeling.

Try to take small steps to make your dream a reality; break them down into manageable tasks.

No need to wait to jump in with both feet, just slowly wade into the unknown territory. You may feel close to something become a reality, yet that hesitation keeps coming up.

Go over your details, plans, build up your confidence and do a little to get yourself started. You know what needs to be done, the only question is when.


Aquarius –  3 of Pentacles Reversed + The Hierophant Reversed

Be prepared for some criticism, however remember to take it constructively and with a grain of salt.

It’s likely that the source of the criticism doesn’t understand the way you work or your process and work habits.

Your methods may be “untraditional” compared to others, but you manage to get the job done.

You’ll be more focused on the end result, rather than the process to get there.

Someone may want you to comply to a certain method or formula, but you have your own ways and methods, which may lead to some criticism.

There may be differences of opinions with colleagues while trying to collaborate on something. You may not be able to win them over to your methods, but you may get them to see how you work.


Pisces – 5 of Swords + Justice

You may find yourself in the middle of an argument or a disagreement, which you’ll likely not want to become a part of it and it may be best to not get involved.

You’ll be able to see both sides of the argument, which may make it difficult and awkward. You may decide to mediate between them, however it may just add stress.

Sometimes it may be best to walk away from a disagreement, even if you know you’re right.

Disagreements may also be resolved legally or legal matters may pursue due to disputes. The verdict in any legal disputes or lawsuits will be fair and just as an outcome.


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