Weekly Reading: May 29 – June 4 2017

Weekly Reading Tarot Pugs TarotPugs Arcana of Astrology The Wild Unknown Tarot

This is a new format that we’re trying to do the weekly reading for this week.

This reading will be for May 29 – June 4 2017, starting on the Monday through Sunday. This will cover the work week and the weekend in one reading.

Three tarot cards will cover the week, Monday/Tuesday, Wednesday/Thursday and Friday/Saturday/Sunday with an oracle card to summarize the week.

Cards for this week will be from The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans and Arcana of Astrology by Black and the Moon.


Weekly Reading – May 29 – June 4 2017

Tarot Pugs TarotPugs The World Reversed Wild Unknown Tarot

Monday / Tuesday:
The World reversed

The World card seems to be a common theme in our weekly readings that has appeared in the last few readings, which can symbolise that something isn’t over just yet and it is likely to continue.

This is likely a message worth repeating as tarot keeps brining it up for us.

The cycle that we’re currently going through isn’t finished or there’s something that’s left unfinished for now.

It may mean that we have some unfinished business to attend to or something that hasn’t received closure or a conclusion.

We may be in the middle of something, a transition, phase or project or perhaps during these two days of the week, we may have work in progress that is continued from the previous week(s).

Although the week is just getting started, we may be continuing something from last week or from previous weeks.

Most likely this won’t be concluded just yet as more work or collaborations may be needed to see this through to the end.


TarotPugs TarotPugs Father of Pentacles King of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot

Wednesday / Thursday:
Father of Pentacles reversed

As we progress further into the week, we’ll need to be cautious about putting our own needs ahead of others.

In an idyllic world, if everyone cared for each other, then everyone would be taken care of; greed and selfishness would be eliminated as we shared our time and resources.

It’s understandable that we have to look out for ourselves – most often no one else will do it for us.

However, we shouldn’t let this take our full attention from an issue or someone that may need our time, energy and perhaps financial help.

Someone may be in need of some monetary assistance or advice, if we’re able to help them directly or indirectly, it may go a long way.

We shouldn’t let money issues get the best of us as there may be less than hoped for news about finances (stock market, bank accounts, etc.) that may damper moods.

We may feel that money slips through our fingers or in one hand and out the other.

We may get an added bonus or income just as an expense comes up or a bill is due.

Although money makes the world go ‘round (and it is pretty nice to have), it shouldn’t be our only focus and purpose.

Having our true needs met is what matters most as money will always come and go. True happiness shouldn’t depend only on money.


Tarot Pugs TarotPugs Three 3 Wands The Wild Unknown Tarot

Friday / Saturday / Sunday:
3 of Wands reversed

More preparation may be needed for future plans, which in the meantime, we may decide to stay close to home or near familiar territory (whether physically or in knowledge/expertise).

Something that we may be hoping for or waiting for might not be ready just yet.

There could be delays if waiting for someone or depending on transportation, particularly if we’re traveling over the weekend. Be prepared for delays, cancellations or postponements.

Let’s take time to focus and center ourselves and decide which direction we want to go in.

We may need to reassess something in our lives, perhaps even taking stock of something.

The focus may turn more inward about what we want to achieve within ourselves more than what we can achieve in the external world.

This may open up new perspective within ourselves and what we want to accomplish and acquire.

We may need to shift our attention or focus and decide what, how, where and when we want to do which may take us on a different path.

This may be a turning point wondering to stay or go, to follow or not in regards to something that we may have a chance or opportunity.

This may require inner reflection and to decide where we want to go from here.


Astrology New Moon Arcana of Astrology TarotPugs Tarot Pugs

Weekly oracle card:
New Moon

New moons always symbolize new beginnings, which we may feel that we’re currently in a phase of a new beginning. However, we’re not quite finished what we started.

Something new may be emerging from within ourselves while we’re still in the middle of something.

We may feel as though we’re multi-tasking two or more things, and now something new is coming this week.

This can be an awakening, a new way of doing things, a renewal, a rebirth or something tangible that is started this week.

The World reversed at the beginning of the week is still a continuation from the previous week(s) and continues likely through this week, yet we have something new that may arise also during the week and into the weekend.

There may be the beginning of something, that is planted this week that may come to fruition later on.

This could be a lead, a proposal, an offer, an idea or something that could start a new beginning.

Results won’t be immediate this week and will likely take time to manifest, however this may be a good week to plant new beginnings, hopes, dreams and ideas that we want to cultivate soon.


Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead!

Stacey & the Tarot Pugs


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