Weekly Reading: May 14-20 2017

Tarot Pugs TarotPugs Rider Waite Smith RWS Weekly Reading Star Page Wands Swords

We may feel more optimistic this week, having more ideas, but may fear letting go of something in order to move forward.

This may be a belief or thought about something, perhaps even self-doubt, that may prevent from going after what we want.

We may want to rekindle our passions and find something to channel our energy into and let go of any fears or doubts.

A part of us may think and feel “this is great!” while another part of us may think, “who am I to think someone like me can do something like that?

This is where it’s necessary to let go of these negative thoughts that hold us back from moving forward.

These thoughts prevent us from progressing and advancing in life.

Everyone’s a novice at some point in their life; everyone who’s become an expert or a master in their field was once a beginner; everyone who’s become successful started at the beginning somewhere.

It’s OK to start at the beginning and acknowledge if you don’t have the experience at the present time.

We all learn and become more skilled and experienced in time.

Be ready to slay your own dragons of your mind, the self-doubt and fear that hold you back from going after your dreams.

Brilliant thoughts may arise, so keep notepads, paper, pens or your smartphone or tablet ready to jot down any insights or ideas.

TarotPugs Tarot Pugs RWS Rider Waite Smith Weekly Reading

Be prepared to let go of anything (or anyone) that seems to hold you back from what you want to do.

You may have self-doubt, but at the same time there’s optimism. Additional doubt from anything or anyone else won’t be needed.

You may have to put something or someone to the side until you get yourself established enough and make some progress.

There may be setbacks this week or even rejection, but keep your eyes on the prize and the stars.

It may just mean that now isn’t the time for that.

Instead let go of it and be ready for the next opportunity that will come.

The key to this week is optimism; even the three other cards in the reading face and turn to The Star card to look for hope.

All the cards face to the left as a reflection on the past, so although the past may have been difficult, it’s now time to move beyond that, look to the future with optimism and hope and be ready for what may come next.

Recap for this week:

  • Stay positive, hopeful and optimistic
  • Stay sharp, think clearly, articulate what you want
  • Learn to let go, don’t get stuck in the past
  • It’s OK to not have all the answers or experience at this time; it will come from the more that you do.


As a final note, Happy Mother’s Day (May 14) to all mums and mother figures, whether still with us or in Spirit.

As much as this can be a special day for many people, it’s understandable that not everyone has a positive relationship with their mum and this day can stir up certain emotions or feelings.

In the spirit of the holiday, we want to wish a special day for everyone who embodies the essence of The Empress who nurtures others and themselves and gives “birth” to new creations, whether children or projects.

Remember to show some TLC to the mums in your life: sisters, friends, relatives and many more inclusively.

We’d also like to extend happy wishes to all the “pet mums” in the world who care for and love their pets. Some have paws, tails, wings, claws, fins, just to name a few, we love them just the same and just as much as children of our own.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead.


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Blessings and #PugLove,
Stacey & the Tarot Pugs


Title image designed in Canva.
Card images from Rider Waite Tarot by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. ©1971.

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