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Tarot is known for enhancing our spiritual connections and exploring our innermost thoughts, feelings, patterns, behaviours and habits.

Tarot can be a spiritual experience where you can connect with the Divine, the Universe, Spirit, spirit guides and loved ones in spirit.

If you read tarot or have had a tarot reading, have you ever felt a spiritual connection with a message that was received or delivered?

Has a reading moved you immensely or evoked an awakening?


Tarot can be a spiritual tool that can deal with anything from every day matters to the esoteric.


It doesn’t have to be a spiritual experience to make it valid, but adding spirituality to tarot can allow for deeper meanings to enter the mind.


Tarot & Spirituality

When I read tarot, I often attune to spirit guides to assist me with finding the messages that I need to hear or deliver, especially when doing readings for others.

Tarot has created a foundation or basis for me to center myself, and really has become a part of who I am.


So, how can tarot enhance or deepen spirituality?


The first question to ask perhaps is, “how do you define spirituality for yourself?

Is spirituality something that you incorporate into your daily life?

Do you have beliefs that relate or adhere to a specific religion or is it more an eclectic mix that is suited more personally for yourself?

If you’ve defined your spirituality as either religious or something bigger than religion itself, tarot can help to narrow it down as to what you’re seeking in spirituality.

You may have questions about what you should study in spirituality, what you should learn that may enhance it, which deities you should work with or even how a ritual or spell may work out.


Beyond the Basics

If you’ve studied spirituality and/or religion for a few years, you may feel that you’ve read just about every book on the market. (I went for years without reading new material as there were few books that weren’t intended for beginners.)

The internet can a valuable resource, especially now in the 2010s, as times have definitely changed from my novice days 20 years ago.

Yet, finding valuable and reliable information online can be tricky in and of itself, as sources and information can be conflicting.

New books that are geared towards more experienced practitioners aren’t easy to come by and the wisdom isn’t often shared readily unless you find a trusted mentor or tutor.


So, how do you go beyond the basics?


This is where trusting your intuition becomes the most valuable.

Spirit speaks through intuition.

When you get a nagging feeling about something or someone, then check on it or someone and find out you where right, that’s Spirit letting you know.

Spirit can be loved ones in spirit who have crossed over, angels or archangels, spirit guides, faeries, the God/Goddess, a deity.

Spirit is always there to help and wants to maintain that connection with us.


Tarot helps to link our cognitive mind with the unconscious and subconscious, which is where Spirit speaks to us.


Simply asking the tarot how you can deepen or enhance your spirituality can open new possibilities that you may not have considered.

It may not necessarily mean studying, learning or practicing something.

Spirit could suggest letting go of something that is blocking you or holding you back, preventing you from hearing Spirit or moving forward in your life to receive what Spirit has to offer you.

Tarot can be an amazing spiritual tool to go beyond the daily card of the day, week or month, which are still good to have for preparing us for what may happen in the physical world.

(Don’t get me wrong about that one; I still love to draw daily/weekly/monthly cards!)

Yet, tarot can help us connect to the Divine and feel connected to Spirit and deepen our spiritual practice that can go beyond the basics, even when we can’t find a tutor, mentor or advanced book.

Spirit is always there to guide us in ways to further our spiritual development; we just have to listen.


Interested in a Spiritual Tarot Reading?

No matter if you’re new age, follow the old ways or define spirituality on your own terms, a Spiritual Tarot Reading is designed to help you connect to the Divine and how Spirit seeks to connect with you.

Find details and request a Spiritual Tarot Reading (also available on Etsy here) to discover and deepen your own spiritual practice.


Blessings & #PugLove,
Stacey & the Tarot Pugs

Title image designed in Canva.



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